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Feel like I should tell you my age I'm 15 and a half and was born on the 16th of December.

My parents have told me many times that my father's mother is psychic (she has recently passed away in a motor cycle accident) But anyway, my dad and I were talking about his experience in the house he's living in, about his hearing weird things, and all that jazz. Well me and my mom moved out of that house. But when we lived in it I seemed to be the only one who got a creepy feeling.

But she never did.

We moved into this lovely house, but I also had a creepy feeling in it too. I heard stomping around in the attic. And now I'm seeing this weird red black and yellow oval circle thing floating around.

It wasn't something that faded away, all, the colored blended into themselves, I only got to stare at it for a small a mount of time then, it vanished.

Today my dad told me that maybe my grandmothers psychic ability got passed down to me, and that's why she could predict me.

When my dad first met my mom he cheated on her with this woman, and had a baby with her, that's when my grandmother predicted me. And soon I came along about two years after. She predicted a green eyed girl with blonde hair.

But he thinks the reason she predicted me, and not my half brother, was because maybe I was the one to get the psychic ability?

BTW I just saw a black ting swoob under my bed and now I'm scared!:* (I'm also wondering if the orb red and black plus yellow thing I was talking about would mean anything, please help me I'm terrified: (

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MysticalHappenings (1 stories) (10 posts)
9 years ago (2013-06-13)
I forgot one thing!

Orbs can also be something called Devas... Similar to fairies. They can be attracted to your energy and you might even see a face in the middle of the orb or see a variety of colors.

If it is a Deva... They won't want to scare you.
MysticalHappenings (1 stories) (10 posts)
9 years ago (2013-06-13)
Hi! I feel like there are two important things to say. First, it is very possible that you can be psychic or sensitive to spirits. Secondly, you mention seeing the orb but not hearing anything. See if you can talk to it... If you see a spirit/orb as it if it is of the light right now. This is very important, dark entities can be very beautiful and make us curious, or even draw us in. By asking if it is of the light right now... It HAS to answer you truthfully. If it is not of the light and you do not want dark things hanging around, tell it to leave and you don't want it.

Keep an open dialogue with your Dad about his mom's abilities. Perhaps try meditating and seeing if you can talk to your spirit guides.

Also, I feel as though finding like minded or like gifted individuals help us to learn and grow. IF you want the abilities, if you don' have the power to turn them off.
cloudess (2 stories) (35 posts)
9 years ago (2013-06-13)
I don't know much about the orb, but I would like to ask if you got a bad vibe from this orb, if not, then there is nothing to fear, it is probably just curious about you and likes to follow you around, (kinda like a lost dog in that sense). I do believe that you have psychic abilities, and that you got them from your grandma. This is often a common cause for psychic abilities, but not always. I, for instance, have nobody in my family who is psychic. I just popped out of nowhere, but my friend has a history of psychics on her dad's side. Hope this helps!

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