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Visions Where They See Me


I almost don't know where to begin. Let's start off I am fifty years old, I am an empath and I live in a haunted house. I have had two paranormal groups and a Priest out here. I was told by all three that it was more than they can deal with and basically no one can help me. Just to get an insight on this there is a lot of phyisical injuries. Police are out here a lot because it will stop the attacks, we are talking factured bones and cut up with me and my fiance. When the police come out here, they will sent multiple cars but they will tell me "they will not step foot in THAT house" and also "you really don't know what has happened in that house". Of course I ask what, but they won't tell me. By the way, I am the only remaining female in the family that can feel, hear and see. My 82 year old cousin passed away last week that was trying to help me. She was a PhD in nursing and you would never expect that she had this. So I am on my own.

Now what my concern and what is happening I don't understand. I do see vision when I am awake. When I do see them I text someone so it is recorded, it happens three days later. I have seen a small plane crash, and the woman could see me and asked me to let her die, she was so bloody. The school shooting on the east coast I saw, documented. I can see it I don't know where it is going to happen. So I can't stop anything.

Two months ago I was fully awake and I was in Texas, but my body was in Indiana. I came up on a car with two girls which were 7 and 9 I'm guessing. They were being held by a serial killer. They saw me as I went up on the car and they could see me. I got them out of the car (and I did get a partial plate) we ran down a gully and towards a highway. They were saved. I did report the info to the police with the info.

This is what scared me, lastnight I was in Texas again, same guy had another girl I got her to safety. I had her behind me and he punched me so hard in the face. It took four hours to be able to get my jaw in line. I called my best friend (which is my ex-boss) I had a big red mark on my face. I do know that he knows I am in his head and he is in mine. Help this is really bad. Help, this is way over my head. I can't contol my visions, this guy is going to kill me. Any one that wants to give me insight, I can send pictures and more that has gone on.

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jaydonc (37 posts)
9 years ago (2013-06-26)
This dream would be very scary for you. How you got survived.
RevSilverson (103 posts)
9 years ago (2013-06-25)
send your pictures etc to me right away. Revsilvers [at] I have the ability to send out my energy (consciousness travel aka astral projection). When I do this it creates a 2 way street where the energies I find can find me also. The pathway is 2 ways. This is what is happening with you in the extreme. Today- get and burn incense either frankinsence or myrrh or sage leaves and allow the smoke to cover your entire body and the place you live. Then sit and envision a golden light coming down over your head and going down to your toes and beyond into the ground. This will protect you from this entity. But I will need to help you stop him. He is alive and not dead. He is very psychic and will soon know where you live. I can intervene.

Love and light... Always

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