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Being Born With A Veil Over My Face


My Mom repeatedly told me over the years that I was born a with a veil over my face. I didn't really know what it was at the time so I researched and looked it up. I also found out that a person born with a Veil over there face is also called a Caulbearer.

And then it also said: Caulbearers are often found to have ability in matters of finding underground water supplies, knowing when weather patterns will change, predicting when fish and other food supplies will become plentiful.

Many are great natural healers, which trait may be manifested by the laying on of their hands, or remotely from a distance. Many are considered to have great ability in matters of judgement and ruling nations and often possess insights which are difficult to appreciate by other people.

In many cultures the Caulbearers were considered to be "Kings by right," due to the predictive nature of their births and their leadership abilities. This is one of the reasons why certain Buddhist groups, to this very day seek out Caulbearers to be brought up to become Dalai Lamas.

Throughout history the powers that be have repeatedly attempted to destroy the Caulbearers because they were seen to be messengers sent by a higher force to guide mankind in matters both physical and of a higher spiritual nature. In ancient times they were held in high regard for their knowledge in a wide range of disciplines, and therefore became known as 'priests' which originally simply meant 'teacher'. This was long before the notion of the religious priest was ever conceived.

The Caul or Veil is sometimes also referred to as "The Veil of Tears" due to the tendency of baser types of people to attack or even kill Caulbearers, often for no apparent reason - such as in the Middle Ages, when they were burned as witches and heretics, mainly by the Church of Rome.

Persons of negative character may often react to Caulbearers at a very subconscious level as they sense that there is something different about these people. There are many folk tales about "the curse of the Caul" which appears to come from the fallout of negative actions against a bearer of the Caul.

In many cultures around the world the Caul is more commonly referred to as "The Veil," and the word "Caulbearer" is the usual word in English speaking countries. However it should be pointed out that the word Caulbearer will generally not be found in standard dictionaries due to repeated suppression of the reality of such people as they have often been persecuted by those who wished to become kings by might rather than by birthright.

I found this very to be very interesting. Does anyone here know anything more about being born with a Veil over your face?

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alex08 (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-19)
My mother told me that I had been born with a veil. My grandfather was a merchant seaman and was quite upset when he asked my mother what happened to the veil and she told him that the midwife had thrown it out. He was a firm believer in the "power" of the veil. As a young child he would always send me off to buy his soccer pools lottery ticket as he believed I was lucky. I remember having many experiences of de ja vu in my early years as well as lots of gut feelings about things that were about to happen. One time I was going over to see my mother for her to plait my hair, I picked up a hair band and thought to myslef that I should take another one as she was going to break the one I had, thought don't be stupid, sure enough the hair band snapped. There have been many many instances like this over the years. A couple of things that really stick in my mind, the first time I watched the movie Stand By Me and saw River Phoenix, I thought to myself how sad that he is only going to have a short life, a few weeks later he died of a drug overdose. The day Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed died I had had a dream, I woke at 4am and thought to my self Oh no they have died and saw in my mind a long black shape being lifted out of what I thought was water, I thought they had died in a boating accident as a week or so earlier there was a picture in the newspaper showing them enjoying themseleves on a ski boat and on seeing that I thought to myself that they will be dead soon. Later that day I went to visit the local Avon lady who had her TV on and on the news was the report on the accident that killed Diana and Dodi, shivers ran up my spine, the black shape was actually the car they were in which was being lifted on to a tow truck, the lights shining on the car made it look like it had been in the water. When having these visions I have always told myself not to be stupid and that it is just my imagination.
I have been lucky buying lottery tickets, nothing life changing but I often get a feeling about which shop to buy them from. When I go in to some houses I get a sense of there being spirits there, never anything frightening, just a quiet presence. I was in an old house that my parents had bought and were fixing up, the door to my bedroom didn't have a handle and we used an old chisel to turn the latch, I had closed the door one time and taken the chisel to open another door and suddenly the door to my room opened, I thought to myself Oh he must have wanted to come out of the room! There are a couple of spirits in that house. As I have gotten older my gut feelings have diminished which I is my own doing as I now realise that I had a gift, if I had nutured what I had I would not have lost it but not understanding what I had didn't help. My feelings and intuition were very strong in my younger years and I now wish I had understood what was going on.
amy1965 (1 stories) (9 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-23)
dont the irish call that "fey" when someone is born with the veil over their face and they end up with paranormal gift (s) of some type-they say that the child was fey...
TwilightBorn (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-24)
Glad I found this site. I don't know if I am clairvoyant, but I can sense positive and negative energy. For instance, the only time I was able to see a veil was on my grandfathers face. I was only 12 years old at the time. It scared me because I thought the veil or aura was evil. Now about 38 years later, I have seen it on my doctors face, but it is only shielding his right side of his face. The veil on the doctors right side of his face is greyish/black with a white florescent hue-light behind his right side of head. I have seen this on his face while at the office and while he visited when I was in patient hospitalized. I have seen this more than twice. I refused to see another doctor because I am enamored by the veil over his right side of face. When I look at the veil, it is like I can feel his soul. I sensed a lot of pain coming from him. When he visited me in the hospital, he entered my room, walking slowly and from the moment he entered, I was in a hypnotic-like state. I could not speak, I could not find words to greet him, I was in some psychic state I cannot explain. He has piercing black eyes went straight my chakra in my forehead causing my eyes to roll back into my head... While this was occurring, I could feel his soul trying to validate some sort of agreement with me. I don't know what this is but maybe I need to see a hypnotist to validate what this is that will not leave my mind. I keep thinking of him and that trance state. Could someone advise?
Abigail06 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-02)
I've been surfing the net looking for info on this. I was born with a veil as well, but didn't really think any different of it until I started seeing things or rather knowing things. I'm not a psychic and I can't predict the future, but there are certain things that just come to me. I'm catholic and believe strongly in my faith. When I was 8, my grandmother passed away. Prior to her death, she came to me in my sleep and told me everything would be okay. When I awoke I was very sad and told my mom. She told me not to worry, that we were going to go see her that day. The phone rang a few minutes later saying she had past through the night. Throughout the years I've had some "strange" things happen that I knew would. My husband's father passed away a few years ago and after his death it was "very active." I kept getting messages, basically sounding crazy, but it was if he was standing next to me telling me what to say. Lately I've had little things happen. Yesterday our car wouldn't start and I told my husband that it was a loose wire on the starter. He thought I was crazy since I know zero about cars. Later that day he looked at the starter on the bottom side and saw a loose connection. I have to say I was a little more than freaked. It seems to be getting stronger the older I get. I can't control things and can't predict anyone's future. I really feel that there are some people with special gifts and those gifts are given in order to help others. We can't control these things and I certainly can't. I feel I'm given only what is needed and, hopefully, I'm doing it right!
StrangeLuck2 (guest)
11 years ago (2013-07-07)
Well I don't see spirits but I know when there around me or in a building or house that I walk in. I feel them... I get instant chills goose bumps. Then a slight ringing tone in my ear that would be constant for a while. I know it them, The Spirits trying to talk to me. I just don't know how to tune in.
I also kind of laugh when I turn on light switches and millisecond after turning it on the Light will short circuit! Or when I put on Hematite rings and within minutes they break off my fingers. I usually get upset though cause some of those rings aren't cheap 😕 😢

I have amazing stories about engaging animals. I will write them later.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-01)
A caul is considered to be blessed with good luck and supernatural powers, as ability to see future and communicate with spirits and ghosts.
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-01)
I had an aunt who has long passed away that was born with a veil over her face. The veil is considered sacred and should be handled with great care at all times. Her veil was given to a captain of a ship to safeguard him and his shipmates when they took their journeys into the ocean. As it turns out, that ship was the only one to return from their journey after a big storm took all of the other ships.
And my aunt was a very gifted woman with many psychic abilities. So, I believe anyone born with a veil will have very special abilities as well.
Hope this helps you. Take care.
lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-27)
I agree this is very interesting.
I have heard the term 'born with a veil over my face ' but I didn't know what that meant until now.
Thank you for sharing what it meant and for the history of the caulbearers.

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