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Spirit Or Ghost?


In my last post, I mentioned that I can see ghost. I know because when I was in middle school, my parents lived in this town house apartment in LA, that a family was murdered in. One day, my sister brought home a scary story book, (Scary Stories to read in the dark) and, since I've always loved ghosts/scary/mysteries, I began to read it. My dad left to go pick up my mom from work. It was getting dark in our room, and since my dad doesn't like the light on while he's out, I went to the bathroom to read. While in the bathroom, I heard knocking on the bathroom door. I thought it was my sisters' playing around, so I just yelled to them to stop. I heard knocking again, and after 5 more minutes of reading, I went back to the room and asked them who knocked at the door. They looked puzzled and told me that nobody was knocking. And, I said, c'mon guys, this isn't funny... Someone kept knocking on the door. And, they swore up and down that it wasn't them. And, then, all three of us looked towards the stairs and seen a ghostly figure walking down the stairs. They like to believe it was their imagination, but I know I seen and heard the ghost. Or, maybe it really was just whatever I was reading that was playing tricks on my head.

But, years later, we moved to this house (we live in currently) in a different city. I live in Lancaster, CA now. And, I went to Antelope Valley High. I've heard that the AV hospital is haunted. (And, a few weeks ago, I could feel presence of a ghost, but I wasn't on the haunted floor. I just know, they're there.)

I told you guys my city, just in case you want to do research, but where I live and went to school is literally close to a cemetery. My house is down the street from AV, and AV is next door to a cemetery. Anyway, one night in my room, I was up until about 4 am, it was still sorta dark but light outside. I thought my dad had came into my room, but it wasn't him. A dark figure had swept passed and stood by my window. I wasn't scared, because as I mentioned before, I can feel their presence, and I could sense that he/she didn't mean any harm, or wasn't bad.

In my sophomore year of high school, I went to the bathroom in the middle of biology, to the bathroom that is closest to the cemetery. Everyone hates that bathroom because it's "haunted". Anyway, I went in, and was doing my business, when I heard someone else come in, and go into the stall next to me. Which, was weird, because that stall (to the left of me) doesn't lock. Anyway, I seen her feet, so I knew someone was in there. As I left my stall, I walked pass, and happened to see the girl in the stall. She looked like she was from the 1800's or early 1920s, in those long drappy uniform clothes from the Renascence era or something. I went to wash my hands, and then the door to the bathroom, opened and closed. But, no one had even come out of the bathroom stall. I thought that was really, really, really weird. And, I knew I had seen a ghost. Again. I later found out that AV had a huuuge fire that destroyed the 2nd floor, and that was why the first time it was remodeled. It was even on the Wikipedia. But, recently, the staff started to change the story and say that there wasn't a fire, and the information on the wiki had been edited and changed!

I've seen other ghosts in my room before, and I've felt some as well.

Sometimes, in my sleep, (I have precognition too, btw.)

Once, in particular, my friend was playing around with ouija board, and I wasn't there, but I was on the phone with him, and I am, VERY, VERY afraid of those. That is the one thing that I do not mess around with. I've done spells, and tarot cards, or palm readings, but, not that. Anyway, he told me the next day that a spirit was attacking him and his friend, and he showed me the cuts. I went to sleep that night, of course, very afraid. Guess who visited me in my sleep? The demon. I had several cuts on my neck, and on my arms. And, it was the first time I had ever seen something demonic in my sleep. I told my best friend about it, and we cleansed my dream catcher that I got that was of my late grandmothers. She also had some sage with it, but since it stunk, I threw it away, not know that had a blessing on it, so I had to re pray over my dream catcher to get the demon to go away.

Anyway, this is leading up to the next experience I had recently with my late grandmother. When she died, I never really had closure, and my whole senior year, I'd cry at night, or feel like something was missing. In my first post, I said she came to me in my sleep, and ever since then, I have felt her presence, like I feel her spirit with me, I guess.

Well, at my graduation, I kept wishing that she was there, because I knew, I just knew she wanted to go, and be there, and see me. So, as I'm walking before I take my seat, I couldn't seem to find my family in the stands. I kept looking and I couldn't find them.

Finally, I spotted my grandma, and she waved at me, I waved back, and realized she had taken the empty seat next to my sister, and there was my family waving at me.

At the end of the ceremony, I seen her get down, and looked really happy, and satisfied and walked off, though I didn't really see where she ended up.:c

I told my mom, and like I said, my mom asked me questions. My sister thought I was crazy because I said my nana sat next to her. And she was like, re you sure it wasn't someone else and my mom defended me and said that sometimes certain people are allowed to see things. She asked me if her mom was happy, and what she was wearing, and if she had certain things with her (like, cane, glasses...etc,) I told her no, and she said, that since she was in heaven so long, she was healed and didn't need that anymore.

Well, anyway, I told all my psychic experiences in this post.

I just don't know if what I saw was her spirit, or her ghost?

I don't really know?

I know that I can feel spirits and ghosts though, but I don't know how to tell them apart.

I'm really new to these terms. I've never been able to talk about them to anyone, except my mom because she has premonitions, but my mom doesn't like talking about it because she believes if she talks about a bad vision, she'll have to witness it sooner before it should happen. Like, my mom knew my grandma was going to die she said. She had a vision when she was at her uncles funeral, and she told her mom that her and the uncle looked alike. She later had a dream of her mom getting really sick and frail, and "sensed" the death. She told us that she didn't want to talk about it because, that was her mom, and she knew it was bond to happen, but she didn't want to scare anyone.

I'm sorry for writing so much, but I do want to give as much details and experiences as possible. So maybe it'll help? Idk, but thanks you guys!

Oh, & ps. I'm only 18, and my mom is 36.

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dropd34dbella (2 stories) (6 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-06)
Dear BecksterN6,
No, I was the only one who saw her. My sister did not. 😭

Dear allinbetween,
Thankyou.:] That did help! This whole thing is still very new & confusing to me, but I have pretty much understand what you're saying. Thankyou:]
allinbetween (56 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-04)
The terms vary, depending on who you ask.:) A ghost always refers to someone who is dead, while spirit can define different entities, including non-human ones. In metaphysics we believe that everything has a spirit, even the elements. It's like a fiber that interconnects everything. And that when a person dies, the Spirit part lives on, moving into the next plane of existence.

There are different types of hauntings or ghosts. Sometimes it's just an image projection. So you see or hear something that used to be there long ago, but no actual presence is there anymore. Some spirits don't know they are dead so they get stuck in our dimension, thinking they're still alive. Other spirits know they are dead and choose to haunt a place, either because they linger on, or because they want some type of retribution. Such haunted places can be spotted by those who are experienced. They can sense a ghost's presence. There are also locations that perhaps due to the magnetism of the earth, draw energy. Maybe in such places ghosts are more visible. I can't explain it very well.:p

It doesn't sound like your grandma is haunting. It appears that she has crossed over but wanted to show up and make you happy on this special occasion. Spirits are aware of our needs and hopes so they help whenever they can.

So it's hard to categorize all your experiences as one thing. They're all different. I hope that helped:D
becksterN6 (2 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-04)
a spirit is something that cannot be seen, a ghost is something that can be seen by everyone anyway, did you're sister see your grandma? If not then it must have been a spirit as you only saw her.:)

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