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Knowing Things Before It Happens


I'm not sure if it is coincidental or not, but I'd like to get some advise on this.

For a few years now, I get feelings about things, like I know somethings going to happen.

A few occasions I can remember vividly:

1. I always knew when I woke up if I was in a relationship, they would end it that day. Previous to that, they usually didn't show any signs of unhappiness.

2. One night, I got a feeling to look at symptoms of chicken pox and read about it. I had a feeling my son would wake up with it. He did. He had no signs of being ill either.

3. I was watching a tv talent show. The girl did not look like a rocker. She looked the girly type. I knew she was going to sing Evanescene - Bring me back to life.

4. Again, with my son, I thought to myself: he's going to wake up poorly in the morning. He did...

These are ones that have stuck with me, they really freaked me out. Is it a coincidence, or something more?

Another thing, my grandad died a couple years ago. It took me a while to end up grieving, when I did I spent a long time doing so. I was very poorly at the time with depression.

I had a dream, we were stood on a street corner and he was cuddling me and said he had to go now, I cried and begged him not to but he said I needed to let him go.

I had another dream a couple months later. He said to me he stays in my dining room where the toy box was. I found this rather strange. A month or two after, we'd rearranged the dining room and the table was there. It had a table cloth on it. The windows and doors were shut, I was sat on the chair pulled away from the table waiting for my food to finish cooking. The table cloth lifted itself up, ever so slightly.

I've had a few more but I can't really remember them enough.

Why is this happening? Was it "just a dream" or something more?

There's another thing, I asked my grandad to find me something to make me happy, a couple weeks later I found my boyfriend who I've been with nearly two years now.

After a while, I had a feeling he was cheating on me. I asked for a sign and the girl who my boyfriend had slept with finally came clean to me. This kind of thing has happened a few times, if I ask for a sign or help from my grandad I get one. Why is this? Coincidence?

Please reply to me if you know anything at all.

If you do think I have a gift, which one? I'd like to research it

Thanks in advance

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Avon1 (26 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-14)
Yes sounds like intuition, but you may be clairvoyant like myself. I get similar feelings about certain situations plus contact from spirits like you do with your grandfather.
allinbetween (56 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-07)
Oh, and guardian angels are with us at all times. They might not materialize, but they're there. They're good energy and want us to reach our full potential. When we ask for their help they are happy, because they can't take action unless we want them to.
allinbetween (56 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-07)
>> Do you know anything about guardian angels? Like, how you know who your guardian angel is (if you even do)

Ideas on angels vary by culture. So what I'll write here isn't my personal experience but general concepts regarding them.

Guardian angels do not have bodies. They are ethereal and nobody knows what type of energy they're made out of. But they have a will and a "mind". To communicate with us, they take different shapes. They can appear in real life like a stranger who helps us.

Some think that we all have one guardian assigned to us, wile others believe we have multiple guardians. And that the spirit of a deceased loved one can choose to attach itself to us as one of our guardians. I accept this idea given that people have seen their deceased loved ones in times of need, acting like a guardian. Their role is to communicate between us and the spiritual world, to serve us, to give protection, to inspire.

They show up when they choose to, we don't know when or why.

There are also spells that summon Angels. So specific angels can be called upon depending on what we need. I read a book like that but didn't try the spells.:D

There are individuals who can see their guardian angel and communicate with it. However the only cases I've heard of, it was people who meditated a lot or were spiritually advanced.

The way angels are depicted in paintings, refers to the Archangels, who make their identity known when they materialize. Guardian Angels often keep their ID hidden and I think they look like regular people, but I'm not sure.

Nonetheless there are lots of stories of people who believe they've seen angels, or were healed or helped by them. Being religious is not a prerequisite for them to show up. The spiritual world is not bound by our earthy beliefs obviously.

I believe in "Ask and you shall receive" though. So if you wish to discover about your guardians, ask for it with your heart and it can happen. Meditation can help.
allinbetween (56 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-07)
Hi, I hope all is well:) I'm glad you shared more about your experience.

I wish to clarify something.:) When a spirit lingers because we are hurt, it does so willingly. Your grandfather for instance is in no hurry to move on for his own sake. His message (the way I understand it anyway) is that you have to let him go so YOU will get better. Like you said you were becoming sick. Depression can cause different health issues long-term so maybe he's seeing this and he's thinking, I have to intervene and tell her what she needs to do. Trusting your perception is the best option here.

"Letting go" of someone does not mean "Bye, we won't have contact in this lifetime anymore". It means letting go of the emotions connected to the loss and striving for good feelings. Your relationship has become transformed, but there is still a relationship. Love is eternal. And your love for him comes through in your messages. It's very strong.

Many of us wish for the spirits to show up in more concrete ways, because we think we'll feel better if we see them again. But in reality an apparition could have negative consequences, like causing us (and others) to doubt our sanity, or scaring us, or filling us with more unnecessary questions. Our loved ones do not wish to scare us. Spiritual law respects our individual limitations.

Visitations in dreams are easier for the psyche to accept.

I'll share some simple dream stories with you off the top of my head, that might be helpful.

A close relative of mine grew up without her mom. Her mother passed away when she was about 3. To make things worse her dad was neglectful and absent, so she had to take care of herself her whole life. She was telling us that she often feels her mother's presence and when she needs something & asks for her mom to help, she receives it. Her father sometimes sees her mom in his dreams and her spirit is usually aggressive towards him. When he wakes up he knows from experience that her visit means there's something wrong with their daughter. She's either sick or has another emergency. So he checks up on her & helps her. It's like her mother sends out an alarm.

When my mother wanted to get married she saw her deceased sister in her dream warning her not to marry that man. She still married him and he turned out to be abusive and controlling. A choice she still regrets.

I remember a woman who was a widow and had small children. At a certain point she was in severe financial difficulties. She couldn't pay the rent and thought she'd get evicted. She was crying and asking her dead husband for help. That night he appeared in her dream and told her not to worry help is on the way (I don't remember his exact message). The next day a stranger shows up at her place. He was an old friend of her husband but hadn't heard that he had passed away. Her husband had lent him money (before his marriage) with a deal that the man repay him whenever possible. So now he had brought the money, it was a sum of several thousands and the woman got the help when she needed it. The message in the dream turned out true for her.

These aren't flooring examples but they give you an idea, how communications can occur from our dead loved ones in dreams, even years after they have passed away. So to answer one of your dilemmas, yes asking for their help can really help.

>> I feel bad it delayed him moving on
We have no proof of that actually.:D You're doing the best you can & that's all you can do:D Everything has a right timing, so don't beat yourself up. (Over anything actually. Always keep a positive outlook) Even depression is necessary at times because our system just can't take anymore & needs to rest. These are fast-paced stressful times we live in. ❤

I hope that writing about your experience has been helpful to you. Sometimes writing feelings down can be a good release.
I'll answer your angel question separately because this reply got too long...maybe. 😳
rachel_ (1 stories) (6 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-05)
Hello allinbetween, thanks for your response.

I know, I feel so bad everytime I get down about him, I know he'd want me to be happy. Its just so hard not to, I'd do anything to see him again. I will one day though, I believe that. It makes it a little bit easier but the pain is still very raw even over 2 years later.

I think he may had been allowed to come to me because I was suffering really bad with severe depression and all sorts of other problems, I think he knew I needed him more than ever.

I percieved him telling me I needed to let go was his way of saying, you can't hold on to this forever you need to get yourself better. At first, it didn't work but after a while I do take comfort in it, although if I think to much about it, the dream does still break my heart. I didn't want to let him go. It was real to me. The weirdest thing was the dream wasn't in colour from what I remember, I just remember it being brown everywhere. Sort of like a sepia affect you can take on a picture.

But I will reinstate the fact I do find comfort in him coming when I'm in need. And I hope he will come again, but this time not because I'm in such a bad place.

I do try to follow my gut as much as possible.

Oh no, I was late at grieving, it took me a month or two to actually come to terms with it to actually grieve. I spent all that time trying to hold everybody else together that I ignored my feelings. I feel bad it delayed him moving on, I hope he has now even though I do still have my down days:/.

Thank you, I will research about it.

Do you know anything about guardian angels? Like, how you know who your guardian angel is (if you even do)
I'd like to learn about that:).

Again, thankyou ever so much for your reply ❤
allinbetween (56 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-05)
>> Its been a while since he's visited me in dreams but perhaps that's because I'm slowly getting better and better. Do you think I stopped him moving on because of my grieving?

Grieving can cause for a Spirit to stay stuck. It's also possible that he's not showing up so much, so it would help you to move on in your life:) If he kept showing up every day it would reinforce this relationship & it could be harder for you to attend to your own business. Trust that he is now in a state of higher wisdom, and that he knows what is best.

Also keep in mind that the souls of our loved ones are not divinities. They mediate in our favor but the spiritual realm is full of entities that are benevolent and watchful. Our loved ones can serve as a link that helps us become aware of these invisible worlds.

Spirits are watchful but they're not spying on us LOL They are aware of our feelings and needs on levels beyond our physical existence. It could be helpful to you to read different things concerning spiritual encounters, or angels, because the more you learn the easier it will be to see you're normal and that there is good energy out there that loves you.
allinbetween (56 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-05)
Hello Rachel. You obviously have a strong spiritual bond with your grandfather. It seems he is acting like a guardian who's watching over you.

The way you described your grief over the loss felt intense just reading it. Try opening your self to the idea that Spirits enter a realm of light and love that surpasses any good feelings imaginable. Our grief is difficult for them to witness and they do not have the full rights to manifest in this plane & comfort us. They feel bad that they're putting us through this ordeal, when we could be enjoying our life on Earth, which is finite after all. The way we experience our human life is a personal free choice, Spirits do not have the right to interfere, unless we ask them to & even then they might not be allowed to. Your grandfather was given the right to visit your dream which is a rare gift you received.

He will always act in your favor, even in ways you cannot perceive.

It sounds like you're a very intuitive person, so following your gut will always be beneficial to you. Maybe you have the gift of claircognizance? Good luck:) ❤
rachel_ (1 stories) (6 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-05)
Wow, thankyou. Whenever I told people they'd look at me crazy and agree out of what I believe to be sympathy, or outright tell me it was impossible. But I knew it was him, he always seemed to come when I needed him the most. Its been a while since he's visited me in dreams but perhaps that's because I'm slowly getting better and better. Do you think I stopped him moving on because of my grieving?

I wonder sometimes if he's watching me. I always tell my son he's watching and protecting him, I hope he is.

Thank you, I looked it up and on one of the pages it said something about ESP. I took all the tests on here last night out of interested and I scored high on the ESP one, so you're seemingly right. Thank you for your reply, much appreciated
lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-05)
Yes you do have a gift.
The dream of your grandfather was not a dream, he truly was visiting you in your dream.
He told you to let go because he had to move on which is a good thing.
The feeling of knowing what is going to happen before they happen is most likely your Intuition or your sixth sense depending on how you call it.
You should look up intuition.
I hope this helps.

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