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Negative Reading From A Psychic What To Do?


I've had some pychic experiences an one which I said I don't want my gift because they're negative and scary. When the guy I dated died and I should have been there for him. I could have prevented or I could have died with him and three other friends of his. I still have some ablility but it's weak I need to work on it. Any books to help me streaghten it please let me know. I usually sense things that can endanger my life. When I saw my reflection in the mirror with the guy I was dating crack and then crumble in front of me (he was showing me the house and he was showing me the bathroom) I freaked out and it I didn't know how, I did know that it meant something bad. A lose of something. About a month later he died in an accident. He asked me to go but it was him and him military buddy's. (boys need to talk around their friends so I told him to call me when he got hom) I never got that call. I got a call later asking me to turn to a tv news with the accident he and his frinds were in. I moved to a new state and started a new life and was successful. I need help resently I had a reading from a psychic and they told me that for the rest of my life is going to be hard financially and I will not be as successful since I moved to another state. That my life was going to be a stuggle. I did not get... "you can get through this, nor this is how you can change this". So I have a silly question. Can I change this or is it written in stone? How do I change it? I'm just stressed out about the negative---- I moved to be closer to family and yet being told I am going to struggle for the rest of my life does not sit well with me. What steps do I take. I know it's silly it's been concerning me for some time. Sorry to take your time I appreciate your help


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katsmeoow (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2013-10-12)
Real Helper I around 70 80 dollars I paid for and I was going through a very stressful time. He told me not to quit a certain job. I did cause I wanted to try something new and now I'm going back to what I did before. Crazy I know but I thought if I didn't like it I could go back. Thanks for the help I appreciated it.
Lscott34956 (2 posts)
10 years ago (2013-09-30)
Unfortunately, sometimes our gifts don't give us specific times and dates or situations to prevent accidents or deaths, they just tease us enough to make it feel like a dream until after the fact. You are not, NOR should you EVER hold yourself responsible for the will of Nature, God, or whatever higher power you believe in for the end of a human life without intentionally causing their death by your own hands. For me, the hardest thing about my gifts is having dreams or visions of someone I love, come to say goodbye and give me messages for other family or friends with specific clues I wouldn't even have knowledge of in a funeral setting. In the past, they died within that week, and now I've come to realize what this message means, so I don't even share this insight or message until after their passing because who the hell wants to be known as the "harbinger of death" in their family or social circle? The best way to avoid negative outcomes is to move on to a positive life. Things happen, for reasons we can never understand and are beyond our understanding and control, but if the roles were reversed, would you want "him" to believe he was cursed and should never be happy simply because a $2.00 Psychic with a neon "open" sign in front of her house said it was so. I have had multiple readings, most I take with a grain of salt and actually was able to debunk their methods as "reading" my verbal and non-verbal responses more than "spiritual connection" with anything supernatural. Most Psychics are con-artists skilled in reading facial and non-verbal cues, and predicting based on your responses to "insightful" statements they throw out there. I honestly believe that fake psychics are like Chiropactors; they find your sweet spots and make you feel good the first visit, but insist better outcomes with 3-4 visits per week at your expense. As a Mental Health therapist, my profesional recommendation is to let this BAD reading go and work with a qualified Mental Health Therapist or join a bereavement group in your area to help you through dealing with the stages of grief and loss, which you are clearly dealing with and to empower you to allow yourself have a happy and positive life that you have every right to enjoy and deserve. Not to offend any "genuine" psychics, because I know there are some good ones out there, but none that would take advantage of someone already hurting and pour salt in the wound as this one apparently did by "cursing" you.
Hobgoblin (2 posts)
10 years ago (2013-09-27)
katsmeoow, I'm glad I could help.

One of the hardest things about thinking positive is to not consider the negative. Like instead of thinking, "I will not live in poverty" - which really kind of focuses on the poverty part - think, "I will live in abundance" - focus now on the abundance. Hope that made sense.

I know you said you're strapped for money just now, but if possible I think you might consider taking a reiki 1 course. I feel you would benefit a great deal from doing reiki on yourself.

The person I learned from charged I think $80 and worked from her home, versus there was a more formal shop in my area that charged $300. There's a whole range, so maybe if you look around you can find your own local work-from-their-house sort of reiki teacher, and if you explain your circumstances maybe they would accept a trade in lieu of cash? If they're running a workshop anyway, it doesn't make much difference to have one more in it. If you're artistic, you could trade handmade pottery or jewelery or a painting. If you're handy, you could paint a room or fix something. Failing all, you could always offer to come in and clean or do fall yard work. 😊

Reiki is really good for energetic healing and releasing blockages and such. It makes much more sense to learn it than to simply pay someone to perform it, because then you have it forever and can continue to help yourself or others with it. I think it would help you a great deal to get past the negativity infecting and affecting your life. And who knows, maybe you could go pro and open a reiki clinic yourself.
Real-Helper (15 posts)
10 years ago (2013-09-27)
The distance does not matter, other state or part of the world.
The psychic you ask is not very strong to help with your problem.
He (she) is medium. He maybe read from info of your aura what is going on, but cannot change anything.
You need to find really good - Real Helper.
Yes I can. That is why this nick name.
If you REALLY need help, contact...
Pavel_kravchukmn [at]
But away how much did you pay to psychic for information?
katsmeoow (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2013-09-27)
Hobgoblin Thank you My friend who died would be kicking my butt if he had the power to. He wants everyone to be happy (a unique soul, I have not met anyone like him) I don't feel guilty anymore. I do feel blessed that I met him. As for my third eye I think its getting better I've had some dreams come true (not that I wanted them to) i.e.: working for a retail company and a few things. My thing I have to focus on the positive and stop fear/negativity. I want to turn any fear or negativity into a positive. I'm trying to figure out the best way to do that. Financially I've been struggling since my move I'm praying it gets better... We shall see. And thank you for helping me. Sincerely Kat 😁
Hobgoblin (2 posts)
10 years ago (2013-09-26)
In regards to whether you could have prevented your boyfriend's accident, the answer seems to be clearly no. Seeing your reflection shatter was a powerful vision, but it gave you no details you could have used to predict or prevent a specific event. It's almost like you picked up on shockwaves rocking back from the future event, but there was nothing you could have done. And you certainly weren't meant to die with him.

About your third eye closing or losing psychic strength after this... I had an occasion once where I saw not what was going to happen, but I just suddenly had the strongest urge to tell someone not to let her husband do something, but I shook it off and didn't, and the husband broke his neck. After that, I stopped having those insights for a long time. Although you could have done nothing to prevent yours, because of that circumstance I sympathize with you. I believe that you have closed your own inner eye because of all the tangled conflicts you feel around your boyfriend's death. Working through that mess, getting yourself emotionally sorted out and coming to a place where you can absolve yourself from this self-blame you're carrying will, I think, be the best thing you can do to reopen your third eye.

As for the psychic with her negative reading... I personally see the future as being like a giant construction yard with only the room we're currently in completed, and the next room being frantically finished just in time for us to open the door. There's a blueprint, sure, but it can always be changed.

I might point out the Law of Attraction here - the idea that what you think of and visualize, you bring to yourself. You seem to be going through a lot of negativity right now as you struggle to come to grips with your boyfriend's death, and it seems kind of like you might want to punish yourself or bring bad things to yourself as a sort of pennance for not dying? You do seem to be carrying a lot of survivor's guilt. I might suggest that working through this might not only strengthen your gifts, but change your mindset about what you deserve to bring better things into your life.

Have you seen a grief counselor at all to resolve your feelings about your boyfriend's death? That seems like it might be a place to start.

I'm sorry for your loss, but even more I offer you best wishes for your future.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
10 years ago (2013-09-25)
There is no "I should have been there for him" to prevent or die with him. If it was your time, you quite simply would have been there to either die or intercept. It was not meant to be. The universe and our higher selves know exactly what and where we should be at all times. There are no accidents.

I myself could have been dead a dozen times but something always stepped in. But when it is finally my time, no matter what I do, it will be my moment to move into the afterlife and something as simply as stepping out of my car could be my time. Do you think you really can control the fate of others? Even before we are born we know who we interact with (we even select our family members) and the basics of how our life will play out and the choices we'll be presented with. Even our death is known on the other side.

Let's bless the life, friends and family we have in the now and trust that our lives are unfolding exactly as it should. In the future, you'll back on this and know it to be true.

As for the psychic, there are no real problems, only lessons disguised and our attitudes about "problems". We ALL have issues to deal with. I don't care what state you live in, you're going to continue evolving as a soul and these 'lessons' come in the form of trials and tribulations. It doesn't take a genius (or any psychic) to tell you this. It's an obvious fact for us all. And who you are and the type of people you attract will continue no matter where you live. We follow ourselves everywhere.

Your success will be more of a mind-set. And what I mean by that is, you personally define what success is. Success could be living very frugally but helping others with their life work; sharing, caring, forgiving, etc. That is true success. If you rely on materialistic things as "success", you will miss the true point of why you are here and what the really important impact you can make in this life and what is true value.

If I tell you that I had a dream and you wore a red dress the next day, can you not instead wear blue? Same thing here. There are parallel realities and every decision we make creates a path. This person could be seeing one of several paths. Make your own choices but again, remember what is truly the most "rich" thing in life and it's how we treat one another. When you do your life review after you've shed your physical shell, you will not be covering what you owned, how you looked, your career or lack thereof, but you'll re-experience the way you made people feel, for better or for worse. And that's because love is the reason why we are here and it's the hope of those waiting for us that we figure that out.

Thanks so much for sharing and condolences on your lost friend.

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