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I Think I Have Psychic Abilities?


It all started like maybe 3 or 4 years ago and basically I will see something, read something, hear something and generally just think of something and it will pop up somehow maybe on tv or someone will say it.

The annoying thing is, I can't control these abilities. I won't think in my mind "someone is going to get hit by a car on thursday" or "that tv show is going to come on tonight", instead I will just look at something or think about it happening without realising and then when it pops up I will be like "hey, I was just thinking that, or I thought about that exact thing the other day". That might sound confusing so this will make it easier to understand.

I think about 4 days ago I was looking at a mowing tractor as I was in the car and that made me think about that movie with reese witherspoon in it and the boy falls off the mowing tractor and gets sucked into the mowing blades and dies. Thats all I thought about, no predictions or anything I just thought about it. So anyway, just this morning my mum gets home from work and says "gosh, look what happened" and she shows me the paper and it reads "'Bubbly' boy killed by council tractor-mower" in capital letters. The boy died the exact same why I was thinking about a few days ago.

Stuff like this happens all the time though like I will be thinkin about a person and then he/she will pop up maybe on facebook or I will see them.

I once though, hmm what if there was an earthquake and there was.

I will think about tv shows and they will come on tv.

I will watch a movie on my laptop then that same movie will get played on tv the next week - this one happens quite frequently.

More often I will think about something bad or negative happening like someone tripping over or something like that and then at school, someone does.

Please don't tell me to "think happy thoughts" or shiat like that because the thing is, I can't control what I think, I'll just think it then it happens. It's all unintentional though, I can't just purposly think, maybe that girl will fall over and then she does, its just whatever I think happens to happen.

Am I Psychic? Is it pure coincidence? How can I learn to control it?

If it means anything I'm pretty sure I saw a ghost once and I always hear quiet things that I don't want to hear like people breathing, that pisses me off like crazy so much that I can't even watch movies with my family anymore. Sometimes I hear my name being called but no one is calling. I once felt someone breath into my ear, this wasn't wind either like it was a really heavy strong breath into my ear.

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hrk (guest)
11 years ago (2013-10-13)
I have experienced similar situations. Meditation helps; to clear your head and ground yourself. Honestly, I have never been able to control it, but you do learn to cope with it and if you're anything like me, use it to your advantage.
nancyxo (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-11)
OMG! I just read the last part of your story and I had the same thing happen to me! I was laying in bed and I felt someone blow right into my ear and it was exactly how you described it I also sometimes hear my name being called out but there is nobody this is weird...

I have the same thing happen to me, I just think of stuff and some how it just happens and I have no control over it... I think I am in denial though because I don't really want to believe that I have some sort of "psychic ability".

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