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I Saw White Mist, Orbs, And Hear Voices


Im 24 years old woman I been told I'm gifted but I don't believe since I'm was little I started hearing voices like at night I sometimes heard like people talking like when your in a place that is crowded its always happens when I was the most calm I never heard what it was because I used to jump scared.

My mom also told me when I was little like 5 years old she lost sight of me in a park they closed the park she found me playing in the dirt said I said to her that I was with my friends there was no one there.

I heard the voices always at night I never could figured out what was saying I then got scared I slept with I night light and then I started to sleep at midnight or sometimes past 1 am

Then when I was in college my brother when to sleep early beacuse he wasn't felling well I wake up at 4:00 am I was rolling in bed I dint know why but I got up and I saw my brother room with his light up, I thought it was weird because I knew he where sleeping but I went to the bathroom I heard like boxes I jump from scared then I though well maybe its nothing when I got out o the bath the light was off then I went to bed again I then got up again I saw the light up again I look behind the door there was light coming from there. The other say I ask my brother he said he wasn't awake.

The other times I saw an orb and someone touching my bed like the sound boom boom boom three closed to where pillow where my head was

time also other time something grab my leg.

I got married and moved far away and I seen orbs here too and I saw two time white mist when I was looking in the mirror and here doesn't snow and wssnt a cold day.

I haven't hear voices like about like couple of months

Dont know if I'm gifted or not.

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vhoff38 (1 stories) (37 posts)
11 years ago (2014-01-11)
I like your story and I have had some things happen the same way. So some thing that happened to me was me and my wife was in bed one night and for some reason she heard something in the hallway so she looked at the door and then she looked at me and said did you see the door move I'm like no but I do see a little kid looking in are room so we
Tthought maybe are daughter was looking in are room so I got up and went to her room and she was in bed sleeping, so for me I'm not sure what zi am but I have been told as well that I have a very special gift.

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