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Telekensis Following Me


These three events happened within a two month span. The background of my emotional state may or may not be important. But, I was in a profound state of deep depression at this point in my life. A horrible break up amongst other things had left me clinically depressed and numb. I had suicidal thoughts. I was deeply troubled and lost. I had also found myself in a bit of a love triangle and the strange activity seemed to happen when I was around the two men I was involved in a love triangle with.

The first two events occurred in my bedroom. I had just moved into a new place. My (very toxic at the time) ex boyfriend was sitting with me on the floor of my room and we were listening to my radio. I mark my favorite station on my radio with a sharpie so I can easily find it and turn my dial to the right spot. I had the dial turned to my favorite station that day. Suddenly, the radio began to get static sounds and it changed to another station. We both heard it. I walked over to the radio and saw the dialed had moved. I felt a prescence (good). It felt female. I felt like someone wanted to let me know they were watching me.

The second event happened within a month. I was sitting with two friends of mine. A female friend and a male friend who I was recently dating in an attempt to get over my ex (in the previous pararagraph). We were watching a dvd. Suddenly, the DVD starts fast forwarding our movie. The remote was untouched, laying on the bed in the middle of the three of us. I stopped the fast forwarding and shared with my friends the story of the radio but they laughed it off. I knew this wasn't a coincidence.

The third event happened within weeks as well. I was driving to pick up my male friend that I had begun casually dating (who was present at the DVD fast forwarding event) for a night out. I left my cell phone at home so I wouldn't call the toxic ex-boyfriend after too many drinks. I was listening to music on my car's radio when suddenly the music stopped. I looked at my dashboard and my car's radio was scanning through the channels on its own. It finally stopped itself.

A few weeks later I shared with my mother the story of my car radio. She stopped dead in her tracks and told me she has experienced the same phenomena once in her own car within the last month.

I don't have any explanation for this but my mother and I wondered if her was her grandma who she was very close with and who I was named after.

Any insight or shared experiences would help. I am left wondering who, what was going on.

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