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Manipulation Of Energy


How do I start this? Well, I've always known I was different, if you read my last story you would know I can speak to spirits. I often have doubts if this though. But I knew there was something else I could do that would be even bigger, so I started meditating.

The first time not much happened except that a black figure appeared front the corner of my eye, so I break the trance. The next time I did it in front of a mirror, I have heard mirrors are a bit better, I watched my eyes during this and they turned all black and like cat eyes... There was tints of purple and an outline of gold around the pupil. I broke the trance seeing this. The third time the room seemed to dissolve around me. I felt as if the energy from everything around me was coming back to me.

I looked more in to the idea of energy, I did exercises and could form energy in the palms of my hand, I could make shield around me or other people. But my aiming sucked. I tried to shoot se energy to move a piece of paper but couldn't. I decided to try one more time and instead I knocked over a pile of dirty clothes with out touching them! The last thing I tried is transferring energy to living things around me. I sent out energy from my room and my dog came bursting in, I know seems like a coincidence but the thing is HE BURSTED HIS WAY IN. Like he clawed open the floor and every bring which is unlike him. The weirdest thing is that he hates my room and avoids it at all cost... This brings me to my question

Is there a way to get better at aiming or any other cool things I can try to do? I like being different and to be able to do this is cool. Thanks for reading!

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Noriko1111 (1 stories) (35 posts)
11 years ago (2013-12-22)
Yes there are more things you can learn to do. What are you even looking for. There are a whole categories of different thing you can do. Either write it here or email me. Email:noriko11111 [at]

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