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Help I Had An Obe


I slept at 10:30 pm last night. Then I woke up again at 2:40 am and felt like I had a complete and satisfying sleep... Like now I need to wake up and I don't need sleep anymore. But then I decided its only 2:40 in the morning I must sleep again... Then I started dreaming that I am arguing with my mom. And then I am making an anniversary card for my fiance as usual, like I used to do for him every 15th December. But not this year bcz we broke up this year 13 may 2013. Then in the dream I fainted like I slept in my dream and when I woke up I found myself in very oldie house. There I tried to remember what happened a few seconds before then I recalled that I died a few seconds before and left my body and saw my mom was crying holding my body and everyone were crying. I tried to hold them and talk to them but nobody responded. Then a very warm and bright light flashed into my eyes and poof! I was there in that oldie house! And I realized how I came to that oldie house. Then there I saw my dead grandpa. I hugged him and I cried that I am dead and no one can hear my voice neither can see me. He said its ok. You should get used to it. Then there was another little boy who too wanted to go back home. So my grandpa took both of us to a white gate and said go safe. And then I felt I am back to my body... And I woke up. That oldie house was like a house of souls and outside that house there was black space and nothing else. No roads no lights everything was so blank over there. I really need to know what kind of dream was it. Did I leave my body for real? And grandpa's soul brought me back to my body.

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clarissajackson (4 stories) (14 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-16)
yes you actually went to the other side of The Veil. You went wondering on the other side and what you saw was a demo of the other side... Thats just the beginning of your beginning there. To me it seem like your soul was on a verge of giving up this life to go back on the other side and you were shown what would happen if you had died here and left your love ones here. You wasn't ready because you wasn't really focus there. I know because I been on the other side plenty of times and I was always in a old looking house too. 😉

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