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What Is With My Abilities?


I got this strange ability. When I had this strange tingling feeling, when I was about 10 year old. I still feel it now. According to my own experiences, light bulbs or electrical items flicker or burst when i'm Angry, bored and focused on to something. It don't really happen when I was a child at school, but when I got older, it became much powerful or something. And sometimes, I can feel peoples feeling. There is always strange static noise around me. I could send static to some one unexpectedly. Sometimes annoying. I couldn't control it sometimes. Plus, sometimes I can move a pencil with my will. It was quite fun though. I wanted to prank my teacher, But it din't exactly work. It was quite a bad plan. Pulling a book off it shelves, it hit my teachers head. And oh well, She din't faint. But she really got all of us in detention. It wasn't nice. But things sometimes jerk uncontrollably when I read a book or thinking about something too long. I was really, freaked out at first. But after that I never minded. I knew my abilities, but I din't really know how to use it in the right way. I never liked being in school. And you guys got the same thing right? I did a bunch of pranks but it will never end me up sometimes, cause of my grades. I always feel a bit sensitive to people, I can sort of read people expression. And some times I have dreams or sudden visions of me going out of my body. A type of experienced? You know? It was fun though. I never felt flying but it was fun. Please do tell me anything you have in common.

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