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Something Is In My House, But What Is It?


Lately whenever I lay down, I feel something behind me and breathing in my ear. It's kind of annoying. One time I was laying down, and my dog freaked out, ran out of the room barking, and when I looked over at the cracked door, I saw something small, looking at me. I didn't get a good look as it was only there for a heartbeat. I don't know if it was trying to scare me or what, but it didn't work. I'm more curious than scared. I did see it's eyes though they looked angry, and bloodshot.

Another thing I thought was odd was when I was playing with my iPhone, taking videos of random things then deleting them. In certain places in my room, the video would get really shaky, and jumpy. I also noticed that whenever I go out, and go into a place like Walmart (the kind of places that when you walk in, you can see the screen, the video) the screen in the entrance will go all wonky. Maybe it's not related, but why every place?

While doing automatic writing, something contacts me, but will always make up a new story, to which I'd catch them if they say something that is obviously a lie. I know they are the same ones, because they all write in cursive, a thing I can't do, but I'm able to do it now because of the conversations we've had. I guess I kind of picked it up. They always mention Ulysses, and when I ask them what they mean, they reply "you". I quickly gave up trying to get a straighter answer about that. There are three, but lately the third one has been absent.

A few times they said I was like them, and three times they said "see me, mom". I'm seventeen, and I would remember if I had a child. It's not something I would forget, and if I did have a child I would always see them, so I'm confused about that. One time when I was with my aunt, something controlled me for a little while. The person we were visiting had a bible on the coffee table, and was a religious person, so I'm not sure if that had to do with anything. Whatever was controlling me, yelled at my aunt in a different language, and at one point wrote on paper that she was a bit**. My mom asked what it thought of my aunt, and it said that it didn't like her, or my cousin. It said that my cousin abandoned her family.

My aunt talked to the doctor, and made it sound like I was crazy, and that my grandmother was mental. My grandmother passed away a year ago, and it made me upset that she dared speak of her like that when she only had bipolar - she made it sound like my grandmother was hearing voices, and had multiple personalities.

They mention that something happens in June, but will never tell me what. They say that I'd see. Now I don't know if this is related but I sometimes see ripples in the air. Near the laundry room and kitchen, I see dark shadows at the corner of my eyes, and if I'm there at night, I feel like I'm being watched. It feels suffocating. Yesterday, when I let all four dogs outside, my mother asked who went out. I said all, and she asked, "then who just jumped on you?"

So guys, what is this? I'm not scared of it, but would love to have an answer as to what it is.

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AmandaLinette (guest)
10 years ago (2014-02-15)
It sounds like you have a few spirit visitors in your home! These guides on setting boundaries may assist and guide you:



With love on your journey,

Joni437 (guest)
10 years ago (2014-01-01)
Ulysses? Maybe 'you listening'...just thinking, sometimes we think we are hearing one thing but it is another. Anyways, please keep trying to just be a good nice person but call justice when needed and live truthfully. We don't have the answers on some levels, but live with a level of integrity and seek loving solutions. Hope this helps.

Happy new year 3winds 😊

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