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Deja Vu And Other Experiences


I'm going to start this off by saying that ever since I was a little kid the only thing I ever believed in was science. I do not believe in any god or other things science hasn't been able to prove. However there are things I can not explain and as I grow older (mid 20's now) they become more and more common in my life. I have started to consider the possibility that there are things that can't be explained. It would be nice to hear what other people think about my experiences while trying to figure them out myself.

The first "weird" thing that happens to me is like deja vu. When I was little it was the same that everyone gets sometimes; a short moment that feels familiar. But as I've gotten older they've become stronger. Now I often start to first feel dizzy and the world around me kind of becomes a blur and also my hearing weakens. My whole body feels tingly, I can't really explain it. I'm still aware of what is going on around me, but just not so clearly. If this happens for example during a conversation I can hear the whole conversation before it really happens. I can also see people doing things they haven't done yet etc. What really amazed me was that during my practical training for school I got these episodes a lot and learned things my professors hadn't told me yet. I don't know how I could have known some of the things before.

As I've grown older it has also become more and more common to have a feeling that I'm having a deja vu during a deja vu. First I get the deja vu feeling and a second later I realize that it's the same deja vu that I've had before though I can't remember it. Those times the deja vu is usually stronger and clearer.

Lately I've learned to stop the deja vu from happening by using certain breathing techniques and concentrating. I haven't tried to make it happen when I want though.

Another weird thing that happens a lot is that I see shadows. I've seen those occasionally ever since I was a kid but back then I just thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me. Back then I didn't see shadows as often as now. After my grandfather died a few years ago I started to see a shadow almost always when I'm at my parents' farm (my grandfather owned it before and his father before that). I don't know why but it just feels like the shadow is my grandfather. I often work at the farm to help out my parents and that's usually when I see the shadow. I never see the shadow in the new buildings that my parents have built but always in the older buildings. The shadow doesn't seem to be very interested in me, it just always seems to be working and doing stuff around the farm. That's what my grandfather was like too; he liked to do stuff together but didn't really communicate much when doing things.

I'm not the only one that claims to have "seen" my grandfather after he passed away. My grandmother says he has told her he is OK and waiting for her until it's her time to go too. My grandmother says she can feel his presence often. Also my parents' neighbor says she has met my grandfather near the place where he passed away. The place is close to my parents' farm. But as far as I know I'm the only one that keeps seeing the shadow around the farm.

I've never seen any shadows at my own apartment where I spend most of my time.

Those are the most common things that happen to me. There have been some other incidents too, but as they don't happen regularly I'm not going to talk about those right now.

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purpleeyes01 (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-07)
I understand what you mean by a second deja vu. A deja vu for another. Though it has happened many times I still can't understand it. Have you learned anything about it yet? If so could you please share the information?

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