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Dreaming Of The Future


I have been dreaming of events that in a few days they come true in every little detail word from word action from action. It has started around 10 years ago (well that's as far as I can remember x3) but they have been occurring more often and have become longer in a way. I have become scared, really scared, what if I see something I don't want to? What if I see someone die? What if I see my self die... The events are simple and don't pose any significance but I would like to know what this is and how I could either control it or stop it completely. This is my first time looking into this I just thought that enough is enough and I need to find out what this is. I really don't know how to explain it proper but this is the best I can do. I hope its enough information so maybe someone nice enough can lend me a helping hand in my new found interest in these dreams. I will try to explain how these "events" un fold to me. First I dream it obviously then in a few days or weeks I experience the event as I said they are not significant nor are they dajavu or what ever it is. The other night I dreamed about me sitting down playing gta 5 online and then me looking at my happy face clock looking as the time goes by, with me also doing smaller things like wiping of some stuff on the bed or what ever but as I play out the event I know exactly what's going to happen what's going to be said as I have already explained above. As I said they are insignificant events I'm just worried if they progress into more significant dreams other then regular day to day stuff.

I need and want answers. Someone on this site may have one and will share with me. I have not told anyone before now, except for my school bus driver 7 years ago but no one else. I have looked around in this site looking for others like me and I have seen some stories that are really similar and I have even seen some that I can relate to. If you want to know more about me just go to my profile page.

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