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Confusing Abilities, What To Do


I never practice my psychic abilities despite knowing that I have it, because when I do, I feel scared and unsafe. Let me give you a summary of how I got to know about my abilities. When I was 12, my best friend and I could predict things by dreams and signs. We even had similar dreams, and we could read each other's minds randomly. At 13, I started using the Ouija board with my friends. During our vacation one day, I used the ouija board ALONE and asked the spirit whether he could talk to me in mind since ouija board was boring. After some days, I started hearing voices in my head, and the most thundering was that my friends got the same! I had a friend named Sabrina who could even SEE the spirits around us. Somehow my friends got rid of them, excluding I. I thought it is fun having them (they are low-life spirits as I realized later and not much powerful). After that I asked the spirits that if Sabrina could see spirits then why couldn't I, but they just laughed it off. After sometime, I think I started FEELING spirits. Like right now, I can feel one sitting close beside me and reading this thing as I am writing it. But this spirit doesn't try to contact me personally. I do not even know who he/she is! Anyways, so some days ago, I tried to contact my spirit guide by automatic writing, but it is really confusing. People tell me I have kind of strong power, but I never feel like it. People tell me to practice, which when I do I feel insecure. I think I would love to lead a normal life, but also the gifts of the third eye fascinates me. I also have random thoughts and dreams coming true. What should I do? How should I practice psychic abilities without feeling threatened? Moreover what am I? And how can I use my abilities? It would be great if you help and clarify the matter, since I am only 15 now. Thanks for reading.

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MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-04)
I know you have been browsing the forums here, and I am a bit slow to get to you, sorry kristen.

In any case, in answer to your question... You are human.

The first thing you should do before you try anything is to make a clear cut choice regarding wether you want to live with/grow your psychic abilities, or try to force them out of your life.

I say it like it is a overnight decision... It's not. It's a choice that can take many years to make, especially if you are 15.

The next thing you should do, regardless of wether you want to continue working with your abilities, or cutting them off, is work on emotion balancing meditations.
If you don't build up control or focus doing that, then, chances are, you will be overwhelmed.

Another thing which is not completely nessecary, but that I would suggest, is deciding on your own clear cut view of the spirit world.

For example, my clear cut view is my faith in God, and that, though there are other powerful spirits out there, in the world that I perceive, God reigns almighty, and His will is for the best.

Wether that is correct, or not, I do not know, but I do know that it brings me peace, andgives me guidlines for practicing psychically without feeling threatened.

The bible does have guidlines for exactly what you should do if you have the power of prophesy. I am sure there are other religious manuals that also state what to do if you have the power of prophesy.

One thing to pay attention to is that spirits tend to have their own motives, and they can push emotions on you to try to get you to be something more to their liking.

Emotion balancing meditations can help counter that, but it will be many difficult first steps if they already have a foothold.

Furthermore, you are 15. You also have to deal with hormones for the time being, which will only confuse matters.

For me, when I had random, uncontrolable bouts of mind reading was one of the most challenging times.

I would be in meetings for work, and I would be hearing two sets of conversations... The one phsyically happening, and the one in everyone's head... Where I would hear half of the physical conversation before it was spoken.

It was overwhelming.

Another thing that ties in with the emotion balancing would be, making sure to be well rested, and getting physical exercise.

The point in my life where I had the most powerful personal psychic experience was a point where I lost sleep for weeks at a time.
I will say this... While it does ramp up your psychic ability, it also GREATLY changes your world view.
It is a very dangerous path to take as a living, breathing human being.

In any case, I hope my experiences help.

Be well, and God bless.
Kristen_Mindfreak (6 stories) (48 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-24)
Thanks Payton Marie for the advices. I will make sure I will follow them:)
PaytonMarie (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-23)
Hello friend!
I am an 18-year-old psychic, and there are a few bits of advice I would like to share with you.
I have found that you can come out of your psychic state when you feel that you need a break. You just have to close your eyes and visualize a spiral staircase. You are at the bottom of the steps, in your level of awareness. Just walk up those stairs and say to yourself that you are leaving your awareness for awhile, to rest. Once you're at the top of the steps, you aren't in the awareness anymore. To go back, just picture the stairs and go down. Eventually all you'll need to do is to just close your eyes to go in or out.

Another thing I want to tell you is to be careful who you allow into your head. You never know what the spirits on a oujia board are. That's why using them is a no-no in my book, but you can do as you wish, just pray for protection from your spirit guides, angels, or God himself (or any deity you believe in, including the universe itself.)

If you have any questions, you can contact me at paytonmariecheer [at]

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