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Attack In The Night


Alright, so this happened back in early November. There's a bit of background for this, so I apologize for it being so long. It is all relevant.

In October, I was going through a rough breakup. Both of my partners had left me (if you have any feelings on my lifestyle choices, please keep them to yourselves) and so I had exiled myself to sleeping on the couch instead of sharing the bed. My ex girlfriend, who was the newest to the relationship, had spent a lot of time talking about how she tended to attract darker beings. She had shared with me that she used to have a regular issue where she would wake up from nightmares every night to see an old woman hanging over her bed. This same old woman at one point had actually managed to possess her and attempted to attack others in her household.

Based on this information alone, I felt it was possible that she had brought some dark things into our household. On top of that, once she came to live with us, the spiritual activity kicked up quite a bit. More strange noises. More sightings. Mild poltergeist activity, such as doors opening on their own, or things falling for no reason. An increase and the dark and negative energies in the house.

Also, I have experienced sleep paralysis twice in my life. I think it was possible that these two times, I was about to astral project, but never did. I would just lie there trying to move, to no avail. I couldn't even open my eyes. Keeping all this in mind, I will tell you about the night I wanted to address.

The night in question, I was sleeping on the couch, and I had a dream that I was sitting in a room with two other people, and suddenly a black cloud escapes from the TV and starts crawling around the edges around the edges of the room until it had reached me and started forcing itself into my mouth. In the dream, I became paralyzed and fell back onto the couch and I could feel my actual body start twitching around to try and fight off the attack. In the dream, I managed to prevent the entity from taking over my body by sending out pulses of bright light/energy to banish it. Even in the dream, I knew I was asleep and that I needed to wake up to keep this thing away.

I woke up just as my ex girlfriend was leaving the bathroom and heading back to the bedroom, and begged her to stay up with me for a minute because I was so scared. She obliged, but after a few minutes, I let her go back to sleep, and tried to settle down myself, but there was suddenly a very dark and evil presence emanating from the area of the TV, and I couldn't take my eyes off it, let alone allow myself to sleep. I ended up crawling into bed with my exes because I was so scared and unnerved of whatever it was. Nothing this dark had ever been in my own home.

I finally felt safe. Unfortunately, it wasn't over yet. I felt myself slipping into unconsciousness when suddenly, I felt myself rising and sinking at the same time, and I could sense that I was about to become paralyzed. Due to my past experiences with sleep paralysis, I started jiggling my foot and wiggling my fingers to make sure it didn't happen again. The feeling passed, so I relaxed, but a minute later, it started again, more intense, and I even felt a bit dizzy this time, so I started jiggling my foot again. This continued for a while. If I stopped moving something, it felt like I was, for a lack of a better words, being pushed out of my body.

By this point, I was sure I was being attacked, but didn't know what to do. Both of my exes were sleeping, and even if they weren't they couldn't help me. I had always been the spiritual protector, protecting them from the things that wanted to hurt them. I had to keep fighting off whatever it was for what felt like an hour or two, but it may have only been a few minutes. I don't even remember what happened when it stopped, so I am pretty sure that as soon as it felt safe again, I passed out.

The next day I did a cleansing, but the energy was still pretty heavy. Whatever it was didn't bother me again in the time up until I left (I moved out in late November), but I never did figure out what it was, or what even occurred. I feel that whatever it was was trying to force me to leave my body, and that it was brought there by my ex girlfriend. However, I don't have enough experience in those areas to say for sure. I wanted to get some other opinions from people who may have a better understanding.

What do you think happened to me? What do you think attacked me?

Anything would be helpful.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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ArtelynCross (3 stories) (15 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-16)
GeorgiaMOM, since I last posted, I have learned more about my ex, and it seems that whatever it was in the house, she had INTENTIONALLY brought with her. I found some people who have known her for a long time, and it seems she purposefully left herself open to dark entities, and in fact invited them in. She has one that is so deeply attached to her, that even if she wanted to, she could never be rid of it. I am very sad to say she is not at all who she seemed to be, and am sorry I was fooled by her. Fortunately, I am far away from her now, and am with two new partners who help balance and support me. Thank you very much for your kind and helpful words, and I wish you many blessings as well ❤
GeorgiaMOM (guest)
8 years ago (2014-10-31)
It seems to me that you are a protector and are searching for someone that needs protection. Key word "needs". Instead you should look for someone that co-exists and compliments you. Everyone wants to feel needed, but with my experiences, it becomes exhausting and never ending. You never are able to focus on yourself and your needs. Search for another protector. Empaths find true happiness when they are complemented and supported by their partner.
As far as all that dark stuff is concerned. Leave it alone. Don't search for bad things, because you will definitely find them. And you might be opening doors you can't shut. Giving them a name and acknowledging them empowers them, I think. With what you've already experienced it seems you have more than enough knowledge and wisdom at this time to protect anyone that might come to you in need of help in the future. You are a strong woman to take on such a presents. I pray that you are blessed to find someone that compliments you and in doing so furthers your abilities to help others. Thank you for being the woman you are, we need more like you.
MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
8 years ago (2014-03-07)
Yes, much better safe than sorry.

TBH, the most peaceful way to deal with it, is to avoid it.

You deal with demons, wether serving them, or fighting them, expect to be hurt.

I'm not going to say which is the right way, or the best way, or that something will happen every time.

I am saying that there are powerful spiritual beings, and many are able of doing horrible things to a person.
ArtelynCross (3 stories) (15 posts)
8 years ago (2014-03-06)
Thank you both very much, MrE and LoveandHappiness. You have both given me much to consider. Lots of scary options to look at, though fortunately I think it's safe to say I am now out of harm's way. I am still going to look into these possibilities- better to be safe than sorry!
LoveAndHappiness (guest)
8 years ago (2014-03-05)
Your story was intriguing, I have had similar experiences, and have done readings for others whom also have had experiences as such.
I am a Medium, since I was a child I was able to sense spirit, both of light, and those whom are not. As a child the protection that I received from my Spirit Guides and Angels was very prominent. As I became a teenager my gifts for the most part were "dimmed" It was up until I experienced a life changing event that I slowly started to open up again. Following the first few months my Spirit Guides allowed me to become more sensitive to my surroundings, I was attacked multiple times. All of these attacks I will add were at night, when my being, and guard was at its weakest.
One night, that compares to your experience, will be a night that I will always remember. Later I will tell you what I believe HE was.
It was my first night home from the hospital, I had just given birth to my Son. My labor and delivery was very hard, It took a lot of energy out of me. The entire time in the hospital I felt completely drained physically and Spiritually. That first night home things didn't feel "right" for me, my Son in spite of being a newborn slept through the entire night. (I later on learned he was being strongly protected from what was about to happen.) I was sleeping, in a deep sleep, completely exhausted. I then found myself feeling scared and literally just woke up, I was sleeping on my side. I looked over and seen my husband sleeping next to me, I then was drawn to look at my doorway. In the door way was a black figure, once I realized what I was seeing I became very scared, the fear energy he was penetrating on to me was like no other negative energy I had ever felt, or have felt up to date. Within seconds of seeing him, he moved to the end of my bed and laid himself over me. I could feel a pull through out my entire body. I was unable to move, scream or even close my eyes. I then seen a force of White Light Energy grab him by his abdomen and pull him away, I then was shown clairvoyant images of him being pushed from my being, my home, and my energy. It was as if my Guides pushed him off to another realm. I was given then empathy feelings of protection, my Guides were letting me know things were "okay" now.
I did some research of my own about what had happened, I believe this may of been who you came in contact with. (Don't quote me, there are many negative "things" out there, that are similar to what has happened to you, do some research and see what you think) What I believe attacked me was called "Bangungot" He is said to take many forms, and attacks in many different ways like dreams ect. There is belief that there are more than one of these entities. In Asian culture there has been many documented attacks regarding Bangungot. There also is a scientific explanation of this entity called "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome" Where as, its said that this entity drains ones spiritual and physical energy for its own personal use. It is attracted to those who are weak spiritually, and are surrounded by negativity, but also more so to those whom are spiritually gifted or sensitive. In some cases victims have experienced being suffocated, and possessed. In almost all cases those being attacked experienced sleep paralysis. There have been documented cases of death with certain victims, these were always proven to be caused by suffocation during sleep, thus the scientific explanation "SADS" On a spiritual level there are many different beliefs as to what this is, or may be... As a Medium I always have refused to allow anything negative around me, I also have not yet agreed to do readings for Earth Bound Beings (ghosts) It is something I don't feel "okay" with yet... Always remember to surround yourself in protection, call on God, the Universe or whatever you believe in. Something that has worked for me, for sometime now, which was also taught to me by my Spiritual Teacher is: Picture yourself in a bubble, surrounding this bubble is a beautiful glowing white light, All though you are in a bubble its strength is superior to any negative of the sort, absolutely nothing negative can penetrate this protection. Then call upon your Spirit Guides to assist you. Their assistance will be provided within a matter of seconds. At that time, only what you are comfortable with, will be allowed to contact you, or send you feelings. Our Guides know what we will allow, and what we won't. Always have trust that you have someone watching over, guiding, and protecting you at every moment of every day. It just depends how open we are to excepting this. As a Medium, through out the years I have learned how much just asking for "assistance" really does help.
Goodluck, and have a blessed year.
MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-28)
In my experience with possesion, it feels like a pressure being exerted on your skull, like a skull cap being put on, trying to enter through the temples, and a few other spots in the skull.
I was actually possessed, for about a week. I only remember a day or two of it.
In the case with people with strong energy, it takes a lot of wearing down.

I have also had a few cases of direct attacks leading to sleep paralysis, years before the possession.
The most grueling one went liek this... I woke from a dead sleep, to a guttural voice saying " (insert my name here) your soul belongs to me."
I had woken and jumped up, only to be held down. It then felt and sounded like eletricity entering the top of my head traveling to my heart.

I was not as practiced at the time, so my defense was to will it out.
No clue if it really worked, other than I most definitely did not get possessed at the time, nor did I really get opressed either.
I did see some ghosts whilst in that apartment, but it was benign.
Directly after that attack, me being the person I was, I took a quick assessment, shruged it off, rolled over, and went back to sleep.

But it seems to me like you already have the most important part down: waking up.

Also, in my experience, the best thing that a person can do to help other people, is to teach them how to balance themselves.
As the old saying goes... "give a man a fish, feedhim for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a life time."

Furthermore, if people choose to be mad with spirits and deities on the level of God, the God of the jews... Then they have a lot of rough spots coming in their life.

I believe, in my faith, that God is the most supreme. However, even the bible mentions that there are other gods out there, other spirits with large amount of power.

Er, that's a side note in any case.

It seems more like oppression mentioned in your story, and, given that it's gone, seems that it is tied to your ex.

In any case, I hope my experiences help shed light on the situation.
ArtelynCross (3 stories) (15 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-28)
MrE: Thank you for your input:)

Normally my cleansings consist of using candles, incense and meditation, but in this particular case I was afraid to let my guard down, so I only used candles and incense. I knew that this wasn't a long-term solution, but I was already in the process of moving out, so I just needed to get by. I chose not to meditate during this time because the supernatural activity was bad enough, and meditation heightens my Awareness, and would have led to more issues.

I discovered a long time ago that I subconsciously keep up some heavy duty shields at all times. I have had several accounts related to me about things that have tried to attack me in the night and they couldn't even get within 6 feet of me, no matter how big and nasty they were (or appeared to be). This leads me to believe that the emotional duress I was under from the upheaval was draining a lot of my psychic energy.

At the time, I was feeling pretty victimized by the situation, but once I moved, I no longer felt this way. I felt empowered, even. I don't think the energies were necessarily attached to me, because of this. I just happened to be weakened and drowning in negativity, and was therefore an easy target. I don't see myself at risk of being attacked on a regular basis.

I am more curious what people think it was, or what happened. The consensus seems to be it was a demon trying to possess me, which is definitely a worrisome thing to consider. If this is the case, then I would like to know what I can do to keep my ex boyfriend safe from the demon following my ex girlfriend. He is mentally unstable, and a powerful clairvoyant. However, he is not very good at protecting himself, so I worry that since she seems to feed whatever is following her, that it will try to hurt him. My having faith doesn't do him much good, and he is well... Shall we say, mad at God. (He says he doesn't believe in God, but you can tell he does.) Also keep in mind he is a 2-3 hour drive from where I currently live, and any protective amulets I give him won't stay with him- he already gave one away to my ex girlfriend.
MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-26)
The first question I find myself asking is what method did you use to cleanse?

I have had a few experiences with "Old hag attacks"
I couldn't tell you what it was specifically that was siphoning off energy from me, but I can tell you that it manifested in dreams, where people would latch on to my neck like a vampire and suck.

I dealt with it easily enough, but I don't know that my method would work for you.

What I did was I focus harmful thoughts into a spot right around my solar plexis, then I breathed out, visualizing the harmful thoughts/ intents going out with the breath, and forming a electrical thunder cloud that surrounded my body.
That night, I was awoken from my sleep by what sounded like a balloon getting punctured, and the air rushing out of it.

I have also had things wake me from a dead sleep and say things to me.
I've noticed, in regards to those type of attacks, that they throw a sort of energy field around me... Basically, projecting the feelings they want me to feel into me.
If you can find a way to get calm, you can peel it off like you peel the skin off a orange.

At this point, I don't get attacked. I've been cleansing, grounding, and shielding so much that I do it subconciously... The moment anything feels off, I bring my core energy back to what feels stable for me.
If there are events that are turly affecting and distressing me that aren't jsut projections, meditation does not IMMEDIATELY help me, but it does aid me in clearing my mind, thinking about the situation, and deciding on the best course of action.

If it's something that is being projected on me, meditation tends to clear it up very quickly, and I move on with my life.

One possible problem, such as in the case with your ex... If the spirit decides to hang around you, it could decide to attack others around you, to get at you.
It's a way of wearing you down.

The worst possible thing you can do is have a victim mentality. If there is ANYTHING you feel like you have been victimized about, you need to get over it and let go of it. Otherwise, spirits can and will use it to get at you.

If it does stick around, and if it does start physically manifesting, then you will need help.

It is possible to deal with it on your own... However... I have a experience that might detail how such a thing would go.

I had a possession event occur a few years ago. Something was trying to get into me. It was physically manifesting, but weakly... It couldn't draw enough energy from me, even when it had gotten me to the point where I couldn't sleep for weeks at a time.
Towards the end, I felt it constantly trying to force into my head. At that point, I has in a holding cell, and I was seeing skeletons rise from the middle of the floor, and little men with little cannons, and snakes curled in the corner, and orange elephants going to the toilet. Etc etc etc.
So this thing and I got in a argument in the holding cell, and finally I said "If you think you are so powerful, and that you could do such a good job, then go for it." And I let it in.
It got my face smashed in, and I was put in a jail cell.
There is video of this, from the jail system, but I do not remember any of it.
Furthermore, I didn't feel any pain from it, even though my face got smashed in.
The spirit, on the other hand, felt it. All of it.
There was a point where I was in the little metaphorical spiritual room I was in, saying to myself "I put all myfaith in God, and God alone"
And the spirit was, at first, calling em stupid... Then saying that, if faith in God got it out of their, it would put its' faith in God too.
Then I heard guards burst into the spirits room, and heard it trying to blame anything and everything it could on me... But the guards beat it, and dragged it off.
I started slowly coming back around that point. I had gone to the ER twice while in prison, and they were trying to move me to federal.
They had lied to my mother about where I was, and a few very well places coincendences that were out of my control brought it to her knowledge.
After they dropped the charges for whatever got me in jail, they tried to lock me up in a asylum.
At this point, I simply signed gaurdianship to my mother, and said "mother, this is your choice. It's out of my hands. Sorry to do this to you, but it's not a choice I am allowed to make right now"
Needless to say, I did not go to the aslyum.
I got over the possession, and the spirit never came back.

The ultimate secret to it, from what I can tell, was being selfless.
Selfless to a massive degree... And not having a victim mentality.
And, most importantly, was faith in God... Faith that, if I was harrassed by a demon to such a point that I handed over control, that God would do soemthing.

I feel He did. I won a lot of money from a lawsuit my mom filed against the prison on my behalf. I had no part in her decision to file that lawsuit either.

The point of it is that, if you try to deal with this thing on your own... That is what you might expect to happen. If not worse.

And it's honestly not that big a deal if everyone thinks you're crazy. I mean, everyone is a little crazy. It's better to be healthy and viewed as crazy, than to be crazy and viewed as healthy.

Either which way, good luck. I think you will be just fine.
ArtelynCross (3 stories) (15 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-26)
Madkiller: I don't keep contact with my ex girlfriend really, because she has started going out of her way to try and hurt me whenever she has an opening. A lot of what you say makes sense, however. Taking what you have to say into consideration, I believe that a demon, or other dark entity may be following her because she chooses to indulge in negative behavior. I won't go into a lot of detail, but bottom line, she is not a good person. It wouldn't surprise me if I discovered that she allows the negative entity influence her life so drastically.

Thank you for all your input!

Kristen: Thank you very much dear!
Kristen_Mindfreak (6 stories) (48 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-24)
Could be demons or negative energy. Spiritual cleansing is best for you, pray a lot, visit churches or mosques or pagodas (according to your religion), and wear any religious sign or symbol.:) I hope it helps. You have psychic abilities and try to develop them in order to ward off the evil. But always stay protected. Take God's name when you feel insecure. Good luck
madkiller56 (5 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-23)
i have something similiar but its not a sleep paralyzis. I was about to sleep but as I almost fell asleep I felt a strong grip around my neck like someone was grabbing me. I was terrified so it tried to stand on my bed my vision was like a dead tv channel kind of greyish like. My body was extremely heavy like all the blood was sucked out of my bood. I tried to crawl to my lightbutton but the funny thing is the light was nright next to me but it felt like a was crawling for two times the length of my bed. Finally when I managed to put the light on everything was as normal as it could be, like nothing happend. Just that it went all normal once the lights got back on says enough for me.

If you are spiritual most people think they are better protected but they can be wrong. We all have attachments, this means there are dark entities that are attached to you and wait for the right time to come even closer inside you. Spiritual people are a must have for dark entities. They feed of all the negative emotions that are deep within you and a certain cleansing doesn't always help with a specific demon. Your ex can be the one that brought it with her and the demon could have not liked you because you are a protector for her. That demon could have worked together with your demon since you are able to fight it off. I'm pretty sure it saw you as a threat for having control over her. If its the old woman then she may have done things or seen things that gave her so much pain that the aurashield opens up spots for demons to be able to get through. Depressions, sexaddictions, drugs, fear and other negative but strong emotions are a weapon for them to use. Many people that were abused sexually in their childhood will be addictive to sex and have sex all the time because their selfrespect of their bodies has been damaged by the abusing or will eventually become a rapist themselves when it comes to men. These demons use that abusive pain wich makes her or him lose themselves by giving her body away to any man that wants to go to bed with her or when he abuses others because he got abused himself in the past. Not to mention the diseases you get that can lead to death wich is another soul for them. You may want to talk to her what her past is and if something happened because having a dark and difficult past opens your shield for the wicked enitities. Also when you are paying too much attention to the dark entities makes them stronger because believing in them creates fear

Dont be afraid or worried, this could be a attack of your exes demon or a demon of your own, there are certain degrees of demons but that's too much information to tell it all in one. But every single person has a demon attached to them from little harmfull to very harmfull demons. If it doesn't bother you anymore then it is alright. If I understand you clearly you moved out of the house because the relationship between you and your ex ended am I correct? If so then she has a very agressive demon towards others when they see you as a threat and will do anything to make you uncomfortable and leave. I have seen such a thing before that a girl was haunted by a demon and she had a boyfriend but she changed in personality and they eventually broke up letting the demon win and have her for its own. She became a drug addict and not much was heard from her again.

Srry for the long info but your spiritual in nature and these dark entities feel that, it actually said to you: Go away I don't want you here

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