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I've Always Seen, Felt, Heard Things. What Is This?


To start at the beginning, I have always seen or experienced things since I was very young. I would constantly hear or see things and I used to think I was going crazy. After all, I was only 9 when these experiences began intensifying. I'd go to my mother and tell her I didn't want to see or hear these things anymore and she'd pray and use holy water on me and I'd feel better for some time but then, they'd always begin again. I didn't like it because it made me scared.

For example, in our apartment when I was a child, I once saw a woman clearly sitting on a recliner near my bed in a room that I shared with my sister. She was fair with dark hair and wearing all white. She just smiled at me and I could feel she was not there to harm me but, it still scared me. She placed her hands over my eyes and I fell back asleep unknowingly after she did this. When I woke back up, she was gone and there was a small rock in my right ear when I woke up. Years later, I was falling asleep in this room and had a pillow over my head for the light and I really think I saw her again or someone that looked like her although I could only see their bottom half because I didn't take the pillow off my face. I pretended to keep sleeping and I later woke up and nothing was there anymore. She wasn't bad but, it would just scare me to actually see something.

However, on the other spectrum, I refused to sleep in the main bedroom because I just felt a very dark presence there. It's like I could feel and see what this presence looked like in my head but I never actually saw it physically. I just knew based on my feelings. I would describe the presence as a man, somewhat older 30s-40s, light skin, maybe 5'8"-5-10", dark hair, and very angry for some reason. His presence was felt most strongly in the bedroom and would walk up and down the hallway to the living room, following me. I'd always walk quickly down the hallway or turn on the light which seemed to help. I felt as if I could see him without actually seeing him. He would take a threatening stance from the hallway into the living room or bathroom with his arms crossed and just stare at me. At least, that's what I felt happening because I could see this only in my head based on what I was picking up. It's like the images manifest in my head.

When I would take a shower (the wall of the bathroom and shower was shared with that bedroom), I would close my eyes to wash my face and see flashes of things. Once, I saw a flash of a demon. Another time, I saw a flash of a Native American chief. Sometimes, I felt as if something was on the other side of the shower curtain. I'd try to finish my showers quickly. I felt safest in the living room. It's like it couldn't go in there so, I would sleep there most of the time. I'd try to sleep in the bedroom but when I did, an intense fear and anxiety would set in if the lights were off. Like something was trying to grab me so, I'd turn on the lights. That made it a little better but not by much.

Other times, I'd experience sleep paralysis. It began with terrible nightmares but, only when I slept in that bedroom. Usually these recurring nightmares were that I'd wake up (in my dream) and all the lights in the apartment wouldn't turn on and when I'd try to open the door to leave the apartment, the door wouldn't open and something was coming for me. I felt as if I was being attacked in my dreams by that same presence. Then, the dream became that this presence was climbing into bed over me and I couldn't move. It felt so clear and real and like I was awake. It would happen during that half-awake stage when you're waking up which I know such phenomenon happens during those stages of sleep but, I felt like this was beyond that. I couldn't see anything again but, I could feel it climbing into bed over me and begin to choke me. I felt so helpless. I finally told my mother what was happening and she said when it happens again, remember, you are in control and just say a prayer. So, when those dreams happened, it seems I was conscious I was dreaming so I'd remember what my mom would say and I'd say a short prayer and it would just stop and I'd wake up immediately after. It would work each time.

Then, one day while I was doing homework in the living room, I was at the table listening to music with headphones on and with my back to the entrance of the living room. My sister was on the couch behind me near the entrance. I felt someone very heavy-footed and large walk into the room, come up to behind me to my ear and whisper something. I immediately threw my headphones down and stood up. I don't know how I heard a whisper over the music but, I did. I don't know what it said and I didn't want to know. My sister asked what was the matter. I asked her if she saw anything. She asked why? I told her, well tell me what you saw before I tell you anything (so we wouldn't affect our responses). She saw and felt the same thing. Another time, I was at home when I should've been at school. I was sitting on the recliner where I had seen the woman years before. I felt a voice whisper my nickname in my ear. I could feel the breath and warmth of the voice on my ear. It was so real. I was so scared, I just turned the TV up as loudly as I could. It was odd though because only close friends used my nickname (not family) but, no one I knew had passed. I was even on the phone a few days before talking about how only my close friends use that. Maybe whatever this was just wanted me to trust it?

My mom would smudge and cleanse the house with incense and holy water which helped to make me feel calm and sleep peacefully but, only for about 1-2 weeks at a time. We changed the paint colors and floors of the apartment from the original and everything felt better but, I would still feel and see things. Once, I was in another room and saw a shadow of someone on the wall sitting on the desk chair just spinning on it. I screamed and it stopped and disappeared into nothingness. Because of the other strong male presence I felt, one day I finally decided to ask whatever presences were there to leave. I decided to one day just say, "I don't know who you are but, I cannot help you and you do not belong here. You aren't alive. Please leave us alone and leave this house. We have done nothing to you. I cannot help you. Please leave." I opened the door and left it open. I didn't feel the presence again after this. I began sleeping more peacefully and my nightmares stopped. If only I had known to try this years earlier!

After some time, I decided that even if I saw or heard anything, I'd just ignore it. If I had a gift, I didn't want it because as what had happened with that presence, I could not control what tried to contact me and that was scary for me. When my grandmother passed, I had a weird dream. It was as if we were all at her funeral again (which was in our native country, elsewhere) but, my grandmother was up and about but she wouldn't say a word in the dream. (Odd, because this was suppose to be her funeral and she was not well close to the end and couldn't walk, also she wouldn't speak in this dream). All the family in the dream seemed to not notice this. Finally, my "grandmother" comes up to me and tries to give me a hug, still without saying a word. I said "No, I don't know who you are but you're not my real grandmother! Get away!" and everyone else in the dream turned to see what was going on. My "grandmother" pushed me and ran off on all fours like a rabid animal, demon-like. I felt that because I was ignoring things when I was awake, they'd try to get my attention in my dreams. But, I knew what not to trust and it seemed to bother whatever that thing was but, it would eventually leave me alone. When my grandfather was in a coma, I had a dream when I went to visit him that he was better and we were able to talk. He later passed away but, that was the last time we got to "speak" and I felt as if I got to say good bye to him then. Other times, I would dream of my grandfather at times when I guess he thought he needed to show up.

I didn't know this growing up but, eventually, I came to know I come from a highly intuitive family, especially my mother and sister who I lived with and my maternal grandparents and family had many different experiences as well. I wish I had known that when I was younger so I wouldn't have felt like I didn't know what was happening to me. My mother later told me that she just didn't want to scare me because I was young but I told her I was already scared, that only would've comforted me.

One day, I lied about going over to a friend's house to sleep over and my friend and I decided to go to a party. It was in a dangerous neighborhood but, I didn't know that until we were already there. I had a bad feeling. I didn't want to be at that party and I insisted and convinced my friend that we leave. We did. I don't know what happened at that party later but, we were two young girls alone in a dangerous neighborhood and waiting for the train outside. It was freezing and we weren't dressed appropriately for the cold. We waited for the train for so long that I lost track of time and I was so cold and scared something was going to happen. I kept thinking about my mom and that I just wanted to be back home. The next day, when I went back home, my mom asked me if everything had been all right at the sleepover. I lied and said yes. She told me that the night before, she suddenly felt as if something was wrong with me and felt scared and very cold. She got under a comforter but she was still cold, nothing could warm her up and others who were there could feel how cold she felt. No one else in the house was cold and just found it strange. Years later, I told her what had actually happened that night but basically, she felt what I had been feeling. I don't know if it was because I was thinking of her so hard and wishing I hadn't lied and she could come save me.

My mother, sister, and I are very close. Usually, we know when which one of us is calling or we call the other and that person says I was just thinking of you, etc. If I'd take a test I hadn't studied for, I'd be great at guessing because I just knew what the answer was. I'd "guess" correctly about 95% of the time. For some time, if we would say something, it would come true. So, I'd try not to lie because I was afraid it might come true. This all seems to have been at its strongest when I would acknowledge things but when I began ignoring sights and feelings, it diminished. I wouldn't guess things correctly as often but, at least I felt at peace. However, if I try to guess something without thinking about it, like really do it without trying, I am usually correct. If I try to think about it even for a second or actually consciously guess, I get it wrong. It's like I have to do with without thinking about it and just trust my feelings, and it works.

I don't like talking about things I experienced very much because when I do, things start happening again. It's like when I'm receptive and open, things start and I don't like it. I still sense things whether I want to or not, I just choose not to acknowledge it most of the time so I can feel more at peace. If I go to certain places, it's like I can feel the energies of that home or place. I can feel or see things in my head that happened there without actually seeing it. Sometimes I can sense a lot, sometimes its just one or two things. My mother and sister are similar but, I seem to have the strongest ability. Perhaps because I would acknowledge things I felt or saw for many years whereas they wouldn't. Then, when I started to ignore things, I felt more at peace because when I acknowledge them, I begin to feel paranoid or scared. I still don't like it because I feel like once you open a door, you can't control what comes through that and I'm afraid of having experiences with things that do not have good intentions.

However, my mother, sister, and I have always been intuitive of other people we come into contact with. I tend to know what other people are feeling about me or other situations or just general things about people. I tend to keep them to myself but, it helps because I feel if someone has good or bad intentions, if they're lying, and whether to be cautious or not of them. That's how I found out about a cheating ex once. I kept having certain feelings but, I'd ignore them and I shouldn't have because they were right. For example, I am now older and live elsewhere though in the same neighborhood. However, I do not like my landlord. He just seems to emit this negative energy. It's very dark. I don't like seeing him, hearing his voice, or even saying his name. If he stops by for repairs, he leaves this very negative energy lingering and my fiance and I tend to bicker more after such visits. I try to avoid him at all costs. I do cleanses after he leaves and that seems to help. My fiance has also had similar experiences growing up and he feels the same energies from our landlord. It's like we don't like him. His intentions are not good at all. After about a year of this, I really think he has tried to break in to our place. I have seen him going up the fire escape when it wasn't necessary but, he doesn't know I saw him. He misrepresents facts and lies a lot so, I learned to record our conversations with him (within the law) and thus have caught him in his lies and have proof for management. I wouldn't have been extra cautious had I not had those feelings about him.

Just like that, when I met my fiance's brother's latest girlfriend, I could feel something dark about her. It's like a very dark, negative feeling. It's like she's a nice person somewhere deep down but there's something clouding her energy, something dark that's following her or she's carrying. I know not to trust her. It seems to be some things she's done or is doing. I later found out she tried to be a witch for a while but, there are also other things I later learned about her that were negative like she lies a lot, steals, and is a very jealous person among other things so I don't know if she's tried to do dark things and maybe that's what I picked up on.

So, what's going on with me? Am I crazy? Should I ignore things or not? How do I keep from feeling darker energies? How do I control this? Should I even try to? I've always been curious if I should push things further and try to hone these abilities (if I even have any) but, maybe it's best if I just leave things alone... I just don't know.

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MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-04)
Correction on part in previous post...

"You have your energy, and that energy is everyone and everythign else. "

Meant to say "You have your energy, and that shell energy is everyone and everything else."
MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-04)
You don't stop feeling "darker" energy. That's how it is.
Yes, you should try to get a handle on what you are experiencing.
You do this by balancing your emotions... But, especially in your case, shielding.
Balancing emotions works in 90% of cases.
Cleansing is more for repairing... I rarely cleanse a area, but I do cleanse myself.
Whenever I cleanse, I tend to feel heightened spiritually.
Whenever I feel especially heightened, I ground myself.
The thing I think you need to focus the most on is shielding.
Shielding helps with darker energies... You practice it enough, you an get to where you actually redirect the energy away from yourself.
You will still feel it, in a fashion... It has a weight to it, and a musk. Very hard to describe. But, rather than it just comng and engulfing you, you part it away from you.
It will take a lot of practice... It flows, and it finds gaps in your shielding to get to you. That is just the nature of it.
So long as you know AND practice the basics, it doesn't matter too much... By basics, I mean grounding/cleansing/shielding.

As for the choice of wether you should develop or not... Seems you already made the choice.

When you get to the point where, say, you are taking a shower, and you get flashes of demons/ people/ etc... Focus your mind inward. There is a area inside that is you, and there is a shell aroudn that that is all the other stuff.
It's a little difficult at first... But it's not ignoring, and it's not subcoming. It's segregating, and observing. You have your energy, and that energy is everyone and everythign else.
It exists, and it influences you, but that doesn'tmean it has to control you.

A large part of learning to "control" is is truly learning to comprimise with the fact it happens...
For example, women have periods. It can't be stopped, but it can be accomidated for. You find a way to live life with it happening.
It's the same way with psychics... You find a life you can life, and still have peace spiritually.
You ignore it, you get a mess. You stuff too much in to stop it, you get a infection. You sew it shut... Well, you get the picture at this point I imagine.

In any case. If you are serious about stopping it, I suggest focusing on grounding. Alot. See how it goes. And don't self cleanse often, if at all... Only when you need it. Shielding is always a good idea. That should reduce sensitivity.

I'm not going to mention suggestions for increasing ability beyond anything I've mentioned.
There are costs with everything. Those are for you to find on your own.

I hope this post brought at least some clarification, and God bless.
JCG (5 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-25)
Hi all!

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Please send your story and info, or a brief introductory video around 60s in length telling us about yourself to jcg [at] We look forward to hearing from you!

Jarrett Creative Group
Kristen_Mindfreak (6 stories) (48 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-24)
Some of your experiences are similar to mine and made me confused about whether your house is haunted or you are a psychic. Well, there are many reasons why these could be happening. You have psychic abilities to some extent as everyone cannot see things the way you do. In some cases I thought that your house is haunted; please make sure if it is. If there are any kinds of paranormal noises that are heard by everyone (not only you) then your house may be haunted. To find out about it, try an EVP session. There are two kinds of EVP session: 1. In a dark room at night, place a digital recorder and casually ask questions. Spirits may reply by knocking or making noises, and the recorder may record it. 2. Place a flashlight in a dark room that can be turned on by twisting the top. Ask the spirit to turn it on, and if it does, then there are obviously spirits living in your house. So anyways, if this thing doesn't work out right, then you are obviously psychic. Always remember that a spirit can also make you feel psychic sometimes even if you are not. So first try to find out if your house is haunted, if it is then leave it or cleanse the house by a priest or any other religious leaders. If it is not, then you are a psychic and welcome to this website. You should try to develop your psychic abilities and if you need help, just ask me or post in this site. If you want to remove the abilities, then you can also ask for help in this site or search in net. Good luck. ❤
madkiller56 (5 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-23)
dont pay attention to my name xD its my standard name for every account I made in the times I played a lot of shooter games. My name is michael from the netherlands.

Anyway there is nothing wrong with you, from what I feel is that your very sensitive and emotional in nature wich makes you very vurneable to the greater good and evil. You also have strong guides with you that help you on your path that is why you feel others emtions and their intentions. Listen to your heart and what your heart says to you. This is when your light guides talk to you. I myself experience these things since the age of 5 at least I can remember almost everything from that age. What I do want to know is is there pain in your life because what iv been reading from you makes me think you are a daydreamer that keeps thinking and thinking, also you are not good at forgetting the negative things, you can be really hurt on emotional level. Most of the times the negative energies go away once you don't keep thinking about it, thinking about the dark forces creates while unknowing it directly fear into your mind wich opens a so called gate to reach out to you. Also when your depressed or there are things that happened in your life that still haunt you and still haven't completely let it go. You can compare it with a spirit that can't move on because they haven't let go of their pain.
I myself have a lot of experiences so if your interested you can read it below

I was afraid in the dark and I still am afraid of the dark at some level and I was plagued by nightmares, it is said the greater evil sees you as a easy target because you are very spiritual in nature. They feed on fear and negative emotions so yeah you shouldnt pay much attention to it because that is what they want and not everything you see or hear has to be bad. The unknown can always be frightening to us because we don't know how to deal with them.

When I was a kid I had two nightmares I will never forget, nightmares can be a tool for them to strengthen your fear and negative thoughts. I was pulled out of my bedroom by a dark shadow all the way down the living room and the second nightmare was a pale white bald man suddenly stood up next to my bed screaming at me while I tried to scream back at him like we were having a screaming battle but there was no sound coming from me. The white man looked to be suffering as I tried to scream as hard as I could and vanished back into the ground, this is a great sign that you can fight back. Some weeks later I woke up all of a sudden in the middle of the night and my door has a window where the lights could shine through making my bedroom clear for my eyes to see because I was scared to even go out of my room in the dark to search for the toilet. I just walked out of my bed when I suddenly see a big pure black head with big white eyes following me behind that windom above my door. It could either fly or it was really big. I tested him out so I walked in circles on the cold floor watching him as his eyes followed me where ever I go. After walking some circles I decided to go back to bed because I did not know what to do about it and I'm glad I did go to bed. I know dark entities are seen by many people as pitchdark beings like theone staring at me. It is also know they like to stare at you but it is the last time iv seen him, but I still feel hes always with me because still today a shadow hovers against my ceiling of my sleeping room. Some say it could be the house that they live in but some follow you.

I moved on to another house in another city and I still encountered events like a girl with dark hair floating next to my bed staring at me but did nothing, voices that call my name wich is always a female voice but in a soft way and I did not feel threathend at all by it. Or that someone is talking loud in my living room and I hear his footsteps come to me. But it was like he talked to me like I was a known person to him so I did also not feel threathend by him. I did got jumpy because I was like whaat? Who is in my house xD Most of the times when I deed see things is always when I'm sleeping or are about to sleep.

The most scariest moment I ever had was when I lay on my belly and I felt a strong pressure on my neck like someone whas holding my neck with a tight grip. I got scared and tried to stand up but my vision was greyish like on the tv with a dead channel and my body was heavy, I couldn't stand up. I panicked and tried to crawl to my lightbutton wich was right next to me xD but it felt like I was crawling two times the length of my bed. When the light was finally turned on everything was normal again and I could move like always could. I had this when I was 18 and I haven't slept for two weeks with the lights off. I felt if I was attacked and he wanted to see how strong I was willing to fight for myself.

I also noticed that my mother and my two little brothers also have the same gift as I do so I guess me and my brothers have it from my mother. My mother was sleeping and she screamed. She told somebody screamed so hard into her ear that she constantly heard a bumpin noise or what ever you call it. Its the same when you clap right next to your ears and she saw immeadiatly when she stood up a dark figure outside the street looking into our house and then walked away.

My brother sometimes hears his name calling when he sleeps, could be a dream but he always says, I'm coming and then walks down to the living room and then walks back to bed confused that there is no one that calls him. My brother only hears instead of feeling and seeing. One time he got so scared that he heard countless people in pain screaming for help like he heard hell itself.

My youngest brother is so afraid that he doesn't even dares to go upstairs with the lights on. He has been bullied by a demon at least he described it pretty much as a demon for some years now and uses his blanket to catch the demon when he walks to my little brother. What we all have is that tears fall from our eyes once we see an entity without even crying.

The last year I had some evil symbolic nightmares, as I fell half asleep I was dreaming instantly while being half awake. I am a extreme dreamer and remember my dreams everyday. Anyway has I was half awake half dreaming I saw immeadiatly a half animal half human figure next to me who wanted to reach out to me so I was shocked and became fully awake as I thought it was just a dream I lay down and BAAAM the same person again that was when I thought what the hell? And its not that the figure was evil it was just so unreal for me that being half awake half dreaming and in your dream my room looked the same, the darkness was the same only what was different was the figure next to me so only that knowing someone that shouldnt be there is there frightens me and that was what I was saying not all you hear or see doesn't have to be bad news.

The two nightmares I'm going to tell know was something iv never experienced and I do believe demons where reaching out to me. The first dream I was with my best buddy pim at a weird market/festival. Weird thearershows and people selling stuff. Suddenly pim was gone and I walked into a shop with fish and reptiles how original;p as I walkd through a naked brown turtle suddenly was on my shoulder talking to me, he gave me things and knownledge, eventually the turtle says, do you see that crow symbol on that wall? I said yes I do. Good said the turtle >:) touch the symbol. So I did with my dumb o dummy head and the wall fell down. I walked into the chamber and all I saw where intruments and belongings of a witch, I was like L what is going own o.o. The turtle vanishes and then changes into a small witch with white hair. She laughed and then I had the feeling tons of hands where holding me on every spot of my body and I was unable to move. Everything was dark and I heard demonic voices in a language iv never heard off. Suddenly in the darkness while I was unable to move a golden necklace with a ring attached to it fell before my face and through the hole of the ring was a fire red reptile eye watching me. One eye of the all seen eye, I woke up in shock and this dream was very satanic. The next nightmare was a little similliar, I had a normal dream but suddenly all went purple dark with no other colour in the long endless halls. Someone spoke to me and as I turned around me I saw this big black purple musculour man. And as I turned around I felt I was sucked towards him. I went through him and then I was sucked into the empty halls with high speed seeing dark figures watching me everywhere with the same demonic voices and woke up terrified like the nightmare before.

You don't have to be afraid, its your own fear they use against you. From what I can tell you feel everything about a person and that is a gift, its sad that we don't know eachother because I don't have a friend that is interested or even sees these things that is willing to talk with me about these events. Your special in any way and are having a gift to see what is evil and what not. Wich one you should trust and wich one yhou shouldnt trust. Your having problems to deal with it but don't be afraid when you see something you don't like. Comfort yourself like having the television on and the lights on, watch a movie or listen to some music you go crazy on. Call someone just to talk with or prepare a delicious meal for yourself, singing is also a good distraction because singing gives you positive energy.

You can ask me anything you like, so feel free to do so


Michael van den Heuvel

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