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Premonitions, Telepathy, Or Something Else?


I did not know which experience site to use so I just thought to throw this one out here.

For many years since I was a child, I have always told my mother or grandmother that I felt very deeply that something will happen. It is a mind boggling experience because when I feel like that something is about to happen, it happens. I hope I make since.

I'm going to share with you all, some of my experiences and perhaps those who are more knowledgeable in the Psychic field can give me some sort of explanation, if there is any.

September, 2001

My mother was preparing for a business trip to New York. She was suppose to have a training for a law office at the World Trade Center. Around this time I had gotten sick with a virus and was admitted into the hospital for several weeks. My mother was suppose to leave to this business trip Sept 10th; her training starting at 9AM the next morning. My mother booked a flight to leave to New York at 5Am September 11th. The night before still in the hospital, I had a dream of burning buildings. Tall buildings. I saw my mother lying on the ground crying out for me. I woke up calling out for my mother. She woke and came to check on what was wrong. All I told her was I dreamed of burning buildings; she decided to cancel her flight last minute to stay with me. Around 9AM my doctor woke her up and turned on the television, and asked her if she still wanted to go to work. Many of mothers co-workers passed away that day.

July, 2012

Around this time for several weeks I had this nagging feeling to get in touch with my best friend Dean. My friend Dean and I had been friends since middle school. Last time I had seen him was around Christmas 2011. Well to continue, on July 17th I was searching through my phone on information about Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando Universal Studios. What made me think of searching for that was the sudden thought of my good friend Dean. Before, he had thought that it would be a good idea to attend Universal Studios for the Halloween event, together again. I had forgotten his number so I called my mother and asked to search through my old phone for his number. She had told me she had just spoken to him on Sunday. He wanted us to go to the beach.

So on that day (July 17th, 2012) around 4PM I decided to put some techno/electric music on and dance. I sometimes find that as a source of entertainment. As well as he. However, that nagging thought about my friend came again. I started thinking to my self a sort of plan on what to talk about with my best friend and how awesome it would be to meet up and go to the beach. To see my best friend again and just catch up; what a great feeling that would be.

I suddenly get this text. It was Deans ex-girlfriend. First, she asked me if I remember her. I asked "Jessica as in my step mother?"

She said no, "I'm Ray's ex-girlfriend."

He had changed his name to Raymond. I sent her a message "Hey! Hows it going! I sure do remember!".

Then sends me a message telling me "I don't if you know this, but Ray died."

Folks, I'm going to tell you that she was joking. So I called her. Her voiced sounded ok. I asked to repeat what she had just told me through text. And so she did. Calmly, I ask her "Your right? Please tell me that you kidding?"

I could her voice fall. She wasn't kidding. Yet denial came in full force. It wasn't until I went to his viewing, did I actually believe that Dean/Ray had actually died.

The night before his viewing I spent the night crying. Trying to come up with explanations on how all of this could night be true. That night I had a dream of him. Although he was 19 years old then, he looked young, fit, handsome. He was also with another young man. I ran to him and gave him the biggest hug I could ever give and cried out "I know it! I know you were alive!" All he did was hug me as hard I did him. And then kiss med. I knew that that he had feelings for me. However, my love for his was only as a sister loves her brother.

The other young man I am assuming is his older brother. His older brother had passed away years ago before him while he was still a teen.

The night before he passed away my mother spoke to him. He had wanted to speak to me. My mother told him that I had moved with my father. And give my new phone number. He said he would call me. My mother told that they spent hours talking. Planning on a beach outing. Around 3AM July 16th my mother said they finished speaking. Later on that day he was found sleeping. And he never woke up.

Late Sept 2012-Present

After trying to cope with lost of my friend and some troubles I was going through work, I began working in this new attraction complex. I was part time at Disney. While working here I had made many friends. But there was in particular. We became good friends. Dating wise, he wasn't my type. To nice and shy. Did I forget to mention to nice? As months progressed I began to think he kind of was attracted to me. I wasn't. At first when were just starting to become cool, I started noticing things he did while I was working; such as doing my job for me. I began to think that he himself thought I did not know how to perform my job, which I was told I did by creditable sources. I started thinking to my self "My gosh he's annoying"

On one particular day while thinking this he just came off and asked me "Are you alright?"

As a reply I asked "Yes, why do you ask?" he just shook it off. I didn't think much of it. Just thought it weird that he asked me that. As the months continued onward I began to know him. And I began to fall. But I tried to ignore it. Because I didn't want it to happen.

However something funny began happen. Sometimes when we talked he'd always tell me how he was thinking the same thing. Or would say the very same or similar thing I was or wanted to say. Sometimes when I had worrying thoughts in my mind he'd sometimes surprisingly come and ask me if there was something wrong.

Lately I have noticed something odd. Sometimes I have this overwhelming feeling that he is near me. Its like this raw feeling. Now I'm not going to explain dreams about him or anything like that because that's not what this post is about.

I could be fully awake; day or night; and I feel- I don't if I should call it presence or what. But I feel him there. And I know he's not dead because we're now pen pals and he sends messages. He lives and is from New Zealand.

Now usually when I get these feelings I either try to ignore it or just pray that he's okay. Sometimes this feeling is so strong that it feels as if I was stuck in a small space. And the air feels heavy and tingly. Now, I am in no way or form claustrophobic if that's the case. And I shouldn't be- in an open space. The last time when that exact feel or experience happened like it did a few week ago, something told me to check my phone; and I did. He had sent me a message. Just a small innocent message.

Now in no way or form is this man and I in any kind of relationship. Only a beautiful friendship. But I did went to a Psychic in Kissimmee Florida for other reasons, and he had told me at first, that in place in that time currently worked, I would meet the man that I was meant to marry. I told him that I did not want that.

The Psychic replied me "This is your time. And he is the one." The last I saw him I had asked about that and he replied "He lives a great amount of distance from you. He is a good man. And he is the one I spoke to you of. You are both are both are meant to be together" However, he did ask for his name.

What I would like to understand is what is this experience? Is it some sort of premonition? Or is some kind of telepathy? I am not to educated of these things and I would like to understand it.

Now, I will say this. That there are many other types of these experiences that have happen; as well as other kind of experiences that I have not mentioned in this post. Perhaps you have seen a glimpse of them? But I rather find out about this experience first before going on to post about some other experiences that I have had.

This particular experience has worried me a lot. It doesn't happen so often. But it worries me because sometimes I start thinking that I am going mad. But when I see these things that I feel happens, its as if my mind has exploded and recollected its self again. Like an "Told you."

I can never forget about Sept 11th. More things happened that during that time I haven't mention; and its so weird how it all happened. My best friends death will be something I have had trouble to get off my mind. Lastly, the whole thing about guy that I friend-zoned now feel for; having him think the same things as I or overwhelmingly feeling his presence when he lives in the other side of the planet. The Psychic telling me that he's my true love or soul mate. Or whatever. I kind of have a hard time believing that. Its to good to be true. I just don't understand why these experiences have involved him as well. I've never had this happen before with some else telling me that they were thinking the same thoughts like me. Occasionally.

I hope I have made sense in what I have written. And please feel free to ask questions if you find it difficult to understand me.

Thanks for reading.

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wolfie_nana (1 posts)
8 years ago (2014-05-28)
hi, I read your story, and I have one to share, and could use your help/advice/opinion...btw. I had some deja vu, dreams that become true experiences before, just not like this...

Two weeks ago, it was my bday, and I was out with a friend, and somehow, totally funny story, out of blue and totally coincidence, I met HIM... We clicked immidiately ignored our friends completely, danced in club, chemistry was crazy, when we kissed it was fireworks, we looked at each other, decided we have only two hours and that means no time to waste (we tried to stop kissing but couldn't keep apart) and left the club (our friends were all shocked, wtf? How, when, in a sec? Looked at us like we were crazy-we ignored and left).

I have to mention, I'm not slutty, easy type of girl, I've only slept with 4 other guys in my life (3 boyfriends, and one one night stand so I know how it goes btw.I'm 30-5 guys total is not much nowadays) and, never took anyone who I've just met to my place. Sex was amazing, he guessed things I like, and we had great time, later we cuddled, laughed, talked, exchanged few things to keep a memory of each other-he took mey fav music cd I made for myself, being with him was so natural, easygoing, like I know him for ages.

And then I drove him back to his hotel, we were very late (he was on work trip visit in my country and town), and my mobile was dead, he said to keep in touch I said ok I will, and later I realized we didn't exchange numbers, everything was so fast... So I was thinking perfect one night stand story, and him to keep in memory and not to stay in touch...

But I couldn't keep calm with no contact, so somehow I managed to find him on fb and sent him friend request-he didn't accept yet (and it's ok), first moment I sent that request, I felt calm and relaxed, thinking what will be will be.

Weird parts are: I was describing to my girlfriends what I want for bday: tall, handsome, blue eyed, beautiful smile, greath teeth, funny, cool guy, from one exact city, and that his name should start with letter M - ALL of those things I described I got in my "bday present"-him, only thing I said wrong is his name, it does start with letter M just other name.

Anyway, on sunday I was in the city centre, and I saw him approaching, looking at me and smiling so happily cause he sees me, and I was the happiest girl alive to see him, thinking, him here? In my city? Again? Omg, how? Soooo great and I smiled back, it was kind of out of time moment, when you feel nothing else is around, then blinked my eyes and saw it was a complete stranger approaching! Not him. I never felt something like this before...

Two days later, yesterday, again same thing, I saw him walking next to me, passing by, looked at me, and smiled charmingly, and I felt the same-happy, shocked that he is here so fast, and out of time moment, and blink-I realized it was someone else again.

Few days ago I was dreaming about talking with someone who is smiling at me, and thinking it was him, and I keep waking up too damn early in the morning (usually I can sleep like dead a lot) and can't fall asleep for few minutes-same time we were awake lying in bed, trying not to oversleep his meeting.

I listened to one song, same song that was on my cd he took, had a feeling, he's thinking about me now, smiled, and continued to work...

Another thing, few months ago I had a deja vu moment, I was coming back from training, and saw a guy (exactly like him) smiling at me and waiting for me, and I knew instantly -that is something that will happen in the future... I wonder will it? Or better when?:D

And I am perfectly happy last few days, feeling great, cheerful, busy, working, going out, having fun... I feel so good, like I didn't feel for a while.btw.I'm not lost into my one night stand guy, I have other crushes:) and when I think of him I just feel like my heart is at peace, it's a good memory, but something deep down feels like it's not over.

I really can't explain how I feel about him, my brain tells me it was just fun, a one night stand, but somehow I feel I know him and that he's perfect for me, exactly what I wanted and at same time I am happy and could touch the sky, cause I have a feeling we'll be together... And scared to think it might not be like that. And wondering does he think about me?

I know it sounds crazy, hope I'm just not going crazy:D cheers:)) )
MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
8 years ago (2014-03-04)
Offhand, I'd say that guy was a bit psychic too.

From my experience, that is a empathic bond. It is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world... IF you let it be.
It is also one of the most horrible feelings in the world... IF you let it be.
Any fear and trepidation you feel in regards to it deal less with him as a person, or the future you two have together, and more with the fact that allowing yourself to explore this bond WILL be a life changing and eye opening event.
It will be challenging, no matter what choice you make.
And, make no mistake, you do have a choice. It boils down to two things: you can run from it, or you can embrace it.

That feeling you have... Do you understand that he most likely felt that too?

The rest is a bit harsh. Gird yourself before you read.

The problem comes down to how a man feels and reacts to it, and how a woman feels and reacts to it.
Your choice to friend zone him was not fair to him. He understood how he felt, and his bond to you, better than you did towards him. He went out of his way to approach you. I don't think you even come close to understanding how hard it was on him.

Now, having said that, I will add this... If he had just gotten a relationship with you automatically, there is no telling how it would have effected his ego. In other words, how it played out, might be the best way for it to have played out, no matter how unfair it seems to any person involved.

There is such as thing as temperment. And it is forged through situations like what you had with that guy.

Now, the question comes to this... What do you want this person to be to you?

Not some half-assed maybe he likes me, maybe I like him... But more of a "I want to give this a chance. Maybe I made a mistake, maybe he made a mistake, but who cares, it's not about who's right, it's about the life we can make together."

Once you make that choice, the very next choice you need to make is how logical your choice is.
If you decide you only want him as a friend, will that work? If you already have doubts now, you will have doubts in the future if you try to force him into the friend zone. It will only get worse when you find a person to date. A loose end keeping you from connecting fully with the other person you are trying to build a relationship with.
If you decide the best thing to do is to cut him out of your life, find a way to get yourself emotionally stable, and him as well... Do it in a constructive way, or put every effort into making it constructive.
If you decide he IS the one, will you move to new zealand, or will he move back?
Long distance relationships are doable, but they come with their own challenges, and their own dangers.

Once you get those two figured out, then form plan of execution of your decision... Meditate on it, follow the lines of energy, play it out. Look for the one that feels like it has the best outcome.

Finally, remember this... When it comes to the heart, there is no psychic that can be accurate. There are too many variables. Even the most experienced/disciplined empaths can not even come close to beginning to understand all the ins and outs of the human heart. There is simply too much tied into it.

For example, it might be that you are finally ready to admit your feelings to him, but he got the vibe that you weren't interested in him (Which, with how you're describing your side of it, I would guess that's the vibe he got, with a undertone of interest. In short, you're confusing the poor guy because you're confused, and it likely looks like you're toying with him to outside observors) and he might have taken steps to find a girlfriend.
If he is psychic, he might be waiting for you, but me might be in the same emotional state as you are- confused.
SO try to take any of your decisions, or anything any psychics tell you, with a grain of salt.
Allow for the human factor, and have faith that anything that happens, happens for the best.

In my experience... (I am typically that guy you described) you, the female, have three chances to be with the guy.
The first chance will be the easiest, but the guy will have you on a pedestal.

The second, he would have already worked for it and made his intentions known, and you would have turned him down once. It'll just come to a point when you need to make up your mind for him, and go for him, like he did for you. It seems to me that is the best way to go... Both people are off the pedestals, and both have put effort into the relationship. Equality.

The third chance would be the hardest for you... It would come after he not only put himself out, but if you decided to friend zone him, AND keep him as a friend, rather than let him go. The emotions will build, and he will break down... Which will make it harder on you, because you will have the knowledge that you have a active part in doing that to him. The way to help him at that point is to bow to his will. It is not a good outcome.

This situation has the potential to be either a amazing love story, or another horrible shoulda/coulda/woulda.
Beyond that, whatever choice you make in regards to this is yours to make.
Even if people tell you they don't agree with your choice... It'll be the right one.
Just find a way to make peace with your choice, and UNDERSTAND EXACTLY what it is your choice will do to the other person, or other people involved.

Good luck, and God bless.
MillyKP (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-21)
"Folks, I'm going to tell you that she was joking. "
Was suppose to say " I thought she was joking..."

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