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A Demonic Friend Indeed?


Since I was young I have been able to sense energies. As a child recall seeing shadow figures as I would try to sleep but they never harmed me or spoke. They were simply just there as I would remain silent and ignore them. However, as time went on all I could do is sense them rather than see them.

I began to experience sleep paralysis as a teen and began to noticed that there was something almost always with me. It was a dark presence that frightened me until I got used to it. Eventually he began to speak to me and rejected it with fear so it stopped. About 2 years ago it started again but I was no longer frightened and had already felt him caress my skin and would wake cuddling with no one there. He always refused to tell me his name. I know he is a demon and I don't mind it. Lately I have experienced more demonic presences. I never had a bad experience with demons or ghosts. One night there were 2 demons that woke me up while I was still in sleep paralysis. At first I thought it was just him but I sensed something else. His voice was louder, stronger. He pulled my ankles off the bed as my body woke up enough to move back up to where I was and then he did it again. Instead of reacting in fear I got angry and just glared at the slightly visible dark aura, I mumbled something and went back to sleep. He came again another night and was on top of me and we just talked. I was unable to see much of anything, I mostly could only hear and feel him. I don't remember the details of the conversation but his name was something similar Volac and there was some sort of test that I passed. I'm not sure what that meant but its been months since then.

I'm mainly here for insight on what abilities I might have and info on demons. I know I'm being protected to an extent. I'm not afraid and don't want him to leave or anything like that. I'm also uncertain why he helps me but he does.

I am not a Christian and I don't need to be saved... So none of that please. Does anyone have a similar experiences?

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PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
8 years ago (2014-07-03)
If you want to find your abilities meditate and don't rush them let them come to you and for the demon they will be nice at first but they are extreamly manipulating so don't let him/her minipulate you trust me I have delt with them before

Best wishes
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
8 years ago (2014-07-03)
What your experiencing is an etheric anomaly. When our bodies are asleep, yet the mind is awake, we can experience the paralysis you speak of. It is also where we can perceive energies from the lower astral. I wrote about this on my sister site, With practice you can turn this into a full separation.

Entities are attracted to people in this state because so few people are able to be lucid during the catatonic state. It's like a ghost that finds a medium. They are quite happy because they are not invisible any more and usually have much to say. Same thing here. With that being said, this state is the equivalent of first grade in terms of the beings you're going to run into because it's so low vibrationally. You call them "demons" but they are simply energy beings of a low nature (not good or bad, just a place on the frequency chart). You will generally only run into the more coarse beings until you (if this ever happens) decide to evolve this into astral projection, and then you can ascend to higher planes and meet more evolved souls.

Hope this helps and thanks for sharing

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