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Black Orbs: Demonic?


My name is Michaela, I'm a 15 year old indigo light worker. For about 3 years I have been involved with the spiritual, but it was only last year that I realized myself for what I was; an indigo. A volunteer soul to aid with the light body ascension. Ok, so that's just a bit of background info. Anyway, because of my passion with the spiritual, spirits have always been attracted to me, whether that be invading my bedroom at night, following me down the footpath, interrupting my sleep, etc. And seeing as I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, empath, claircognizant, clairaliant, and clairaudient, I am able to detect these spirits. Keeping in mind I'm stronger in some points than I am in others.

I have encountered some evil spirits before. I have had one grab me around the neck when I was between asleep and awake, and then be pushed back by my protection field (auric/energy). As well as been pushed against the wall, etc. A few months ago I encountered something I had never seen before, and something I realized people did not know much about. Black Orbs. Of course there are the traditional white orbs, the red ones, the blue ones, but the black ones never seem to come up in many discussions. Every now and then I would witness a black orb dart across my room. Unlike the white orbs, of which you could only see out of the corner of your eye, I could see this orb fully staring at it.

One night I felt an extreme presence at the foot of my bed, and it kept me awake all night. Literally. I couldn't fall asleep the whole night. Every time I would drift off I would be awoken by, I presume, my own fear. So in the end I got up and went over to switch on the lamp. As I did I turned sideways and there, only a few centimeters away from my face was a black orb. It disappeared as quickly as I had seen it, literally vanishing before me. As I tried to drift back asleep for about the 20th time, I heard a male voice speak. The voice was coming exactly from where I had anticipated the black orb to be. And as I woke with a start the last thing I remember him saying was ssss. Like a sentence ending with a prominent sss. But nevertheless, it freaked me right out.

From then on I would occasionally move about my room only to turn around to find it right there, following me. But only in my room. One day I went into my room to hear this extreme hiss and snarl from where I thought it was. It was, and I can only describe it this way, inhuman.

Luckily I would sleep at my Nan's for a week, giving me time to recuperate from the trauma and sleepless nights.

As I gradually learnt, exercised, and asked help from my dad and his friend, I would continuously pour white light into my room from the safe house of my Nans'. It took at least 5 days, but we did it, finally forcing the beast from my room. I would feel it leave, and I know that all it was really intention.

I am afraid it will come back, and I know the more I'm afraid, the more I'm manifesting it, but I can't help the fear that seeps into my mind. My sense told me that it was a demonic or evil spirit, I also know that it all has to do with perception, but I would like the impression of others. What do you guys think? Perhaps I need to shift my thoughts.

I would generally appreciate any advice from my fellow spiritualists.



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Evolve31 (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-13)
I'm sorry to hear about your experience with the demons... But I'm glad I found that I am not alone in what I have experienced. I'm seeing black orbs dark quickly across the room as well. I've had some disturbing experiences with the growl from a non-human in my ear, and also a terrifying night where I was woken up to only what I can describe as the souls of the dead screaming in my ear! I feel a negative presence which I have tried to shift over the last couple of years, which this has all began.
But my spirit guides are strong on the case as well offering their protection and guidance and making themselves known in the way of blue orbs, number patterns, a feeling of their presence, white mists, and sparkles! And waking me up in the night, usually at 03:33 exactly, ha. So I feel like I'm in a bit of a battle between the world of spirits, good vs demons. I've changed over the last couple of years and so have my abilities, being able to see energy, radiation, auras, and I'm incredibly empathetic and can understand others feelings and souls, just through quick eye contact and physical presence. Although my abilities have become stronger with my intuition building all the time, I feel the universe finally has my back with the coincidences and events that have happened lately.

My point is, I can see the black orbs. It's incredible. But I'm concerned it's a demon trying to become present. I've fought off the last one. Had the nightmares and seen the figures, and felt the presence. I'm trying to understand this world as it's quite new to me.
Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-11)
Maybe you are practicing the occult, or communicating with spirits. That attracts bad spirits. Also meditation opens you up to all the spirits of the universe... I suggest you close some doors. Pray, fast, read bible and psalms, and PRACTICE the bible as much as you can. Good luck. God bless+
Philomena (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-26)
fizzlepopbang ~~~~> check this out:
Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-11)
I would be interested to hear if anyone has heard that wearing gold jewelery raises your vibration? In a meditation I was told to wear gold and I have not researched it, but I wear it now. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I feel for you, that is very scary all that you have experienced! It is in your power to control it though I believe. If you fear, have negativity in your life, your thoughts, your emotions, you are susceptible. Although I know it's in my power to deal with these negatives, everyone is susceptible at one point or another, so I use things like wearing a cross, sleepiing with a bedsight light on, my bed linens are all whites and creams and the walls and furniture are cream coloured, I ask for protection before sleep and know that you are protected, and knowing that it's in your power not to fear these things... Also trying to live a pure life, meaning clean body, mind, the words you speak, how you treat other people, how you allow others to treat you, down to the food you eat, all of it helps but it's a way of life that takes time to adopt and no one is perfect at it. As you have so many abilities, I would think you need to find this protection of yourself otherwise you would just be bombarded all the time with negative entities, so it's up to you to learn how not to fear and surround yourself with positive and love and light in as many ways as you can.
Hope this helps!
TheOtherSide (1 stories) (19 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-11)
I agreed with both Anne V and sophia... These dark shadow figures are dangerous beside in life they poss bad characteristics like Anne have said. Once in death, they feed on negativity and that is how they have more power until you are so weak, you will give up on life. Dont let this happen! The fear is the number one tactic it uses to play or mess with humans. Anne did tell to remain close relationship with your father and continue to have positive attitudes, especially when you are down. How you could get rid of fear is doing the loving-kindness meditation. YOu could research that on youtube and it will show you how. Do that and imagine you bringing love and compassion for the dark entity. This will eventually demolish your fear towards it. It will take time and support from your father to get through this. ONce you got this down, no entities will bring fear in your eyes again:) Good Luck!
Sophia13 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-17)
I can't stress to you how important it is to trust your own instincts when it comes to spiritual matters. It is concerning that you have been seeing black orbs and that you are being harassed and tormented. I strongly disagree with AnneV comment that what you are experiencing is a 'low human' - I do agree with you that it is demonic.

I too have witnessed black orbs with frequent occurrence a couple of years back, so you are not alone. The black orbs often would come from the floor/ceiling/walls - often bull rushing me. They came in varying sizes - 2 cm to 20 cm.

We did have significant other paranormal events such as hearing voices of a male and child - sometimes mimicking my child's voice and vice versa. Seeing spirits in transparent and human form (could see prior to this), half body solid black cat, black shadows. Grey and black mists appearing, both of us had nightmares (one very memorable and scariest was seeing the lower torso of a half "beast" rise up next to my bed).

We both experienced being pushed, shoved and thumped by an unknown force. I personally and frequently experienced my hair being violently tugged back or to one side. Keep in mind that these experiences developed gradually over a period of a year.

I did seek other spiritual people, however what we were dealing with terrified and tormented them as well and abandoned us. I went to my birth religion to seek help which helped significantly in dealing with the problem. My experiences may not happen to you and I pray that you are kept safe. Keep talking to your dad; discuss your fears with him as well.

AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-05-09)
Most "demons" are just low level humans that have passed on and still want to participate in the physical in their warped and twisted way. Where do you think men who rape, kill, molest and torture go? I guarantee you It's not the higher astral planes. They reside in the very low astral plane which vibrationally, is rather close to the physical (call it hell, the lower astral, it doesn't matter). When we sleep, or alter our consciousness through meditation or other contemplative work, we then enter the realm where these guys live and unless you know or 'can' ascend to the higher astral, you'll continue this occasional contact. That's why we can sometimes feel their effect of hearing them, being attacked and so on. Evil men don't just vanish or become good when they die. They persist in their undeveloped stage well into the afterlife until their next incarnation. And why do they bother you? What creep isn't interested in a young girl? You're a perfect target.

Of course you're afraid. Who wants to be grabbed around the neck when they sleep?

It doesn't matter if "that" one comes back. There are millions of undeveloped souls hungry to prey on anyone who is susceptible. They are all around us. Instead of living in fear, and thereby attracting them, continue on with your light work, clearing your room, and raising your own vibrations so that you are less of a candidate. It or something else has not yet returned so don't create an environment suitable for the host.


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