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Lights Flickering, My Inner Energy


Two years ago during the summer I was sitting at my school waiting to get picked up by my mom. I looked up and noticed the school lights flickering. I don't know why but instantly I tried to trigger three of the lights to turn on which were completely off at the time. I looked at the three and was concentrating pretty hard just to see what would happen, if anything would. To my surprise and shock all three lights suddenly turned on.

On another occasion I went into a department store and was looking at perfume I could see from a distance that the light over head of the display of perfume was fine. I got closer to the display of perfume and the lights started flicking and wouldn't stop and it got stronger and stronger. As I walked away the lights went back to normal. I don't know what it could be I thought it was very interesting and it didn't scare me at all. I'm wondering if it is some sort of ability and what the name for it would be?

I was also speaking to a girl who could sense people's energies and when she shook my hand she said I had a deep strength within me. She said she could feel that I was very strong. I also had a lamp in my old bedroom and it too would also flicker every time I sat down to use my computer. It wasn't a defective bulb either because I had recently changed it. I am wondering if there is something I could do to develop my ability if that is even what it would be considered. Or if anyone else has experienced this. I also had a weird situation when I was a teenager where my grandmother started saying weird things to me and also my mother.

When I asked them the next day why they said those things they said they did not. I definitely do not have any kind of disorder and to be honest that kind of did freak me out because it seemed as if other people were speaking through their bodies. Which to me I thought was impossible. Now I'm not even sure what to make of that situation.

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Roxanne1106 (1 stories) (7 posts)
10 years ago (2014-10-26)
What if this happens in your presence and you don't mean to? I'd never heard of slider until now. When it was happening to me, I thought my house had electrical issues and I moved.
I was very young and living alone for the first time. I slept on my couch because yes, I was still afraid of the dark! So I slept on the couch with the TV on usually. One morning I arose and pulled the string on the ceiling fan so I could see. I got 10 feet from the fixture and they went out, all 4 bulbs. As I made my way back to the light I felt scared. As I lifted my hands to pull the chain again, they all popped back on like nothing happened. On a different day, all bulbs would dim and glow an amber hue but not fully go out. This lasted for 20 seconds and freaking me out! I get close to it and they pop back to normal brightness. The TVs in both rooms would turn off usually in the middle of a movie. Every time I was alone. So I moved. I've not had light fixture issues like before but the TV has turned off on me and it's not the same TV! Other than that, nothing. I should mention my old residence was across the street from the cemetery my dad and his parents are buried in but I don't know if that matters. I moved 2 miles away. Then last night for the first time ever I awake at 1am and cannot sleep. My eyes are open and I am stirring. 3 bright, consecutive flashes of white light happen about 4 feet in front of me. I investigate to make sure it's not someone outside with a flash light and I heard nothing and saw nothing. Last time I talked to my husband and then a friend about it, I'm certain they think I'm losing my mind. I know these things happened!
MSmith82 (3 stories) (55 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-21)
Well from what I know it is known as the SLIder (Street Lamp Interference) ability. Which means that you can mess with any light at will. Those that possess Electro-Kenesis can also do it but, it is much harder and takes more energy. The EK ability will allow someone to drawl electricity from electricals and use them for other means. EK is what I have. For a SLIder like yourself you might find it fun to mess with the lights on a phone or radio. It is fun to see others reactions to it. Just be careful that you don't pop any light bulbs like I do sometimes.
LibraDragon (6 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-18)
Hello Astrea87 some sites says this ability is called slider. But could be other ability. I hope you find your answer.

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