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Hain: My Spirit Guide


Before I start, I'm 18 years of age and have seen auras for 12 years. I found "Hain" in my "dreams".He has flaws... Like he might not be a Spirit Guide. He has cold back eyes, like a demon. He doesn't speak but shows me numbers, name and colors. My family don't believe in the superntural but since I Have "Hain"i believe.

Now on to How I met Hain. I was sleepng in my old apartment, being 16 I never slept. When I did go to sleep it was for 2 minutes. I opened my eyes and saw a man shaped figure, not perfectly shaped.It's eyes glowed a weird greyish-black color. I almost yelled but thought it's a dream so I closed my eyes. I saw the word OPEN and a darkish-red aura which I use as death or spirits. I asked the blobish-man questions and he didn't answer. I just gave up and went back to sleep.

Hain is strange and sends me numbers and names of my relatives. He helps me through things. He told me exatly how my 4 month old cousin was going to look. I'm confused by most things. He follows me, but no one else sees him somehow. He watches me sleep too. I'n guessing if he is a "Spirit Guide" he is a messed up one.I've tried searching for anything named "Hain". Angels, Demons or any creature who can possess or follow someone. I've asked my parents to do a history of our family search. None have ever known or been part of my family named "Hain".

I feel "Hain" is at least something strange. He spiked my Psychic abilities and knew when my grandpa was going to die."Hain" also sares my 10 pets. He also drains me of energy so I sleep more. I need help, Does anyone know what "Hain" might be if not a spirit guide?

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joni437 (27 posts)
9 years ago (2014-07-28)
It sounds like Hain, is your shadow self, like you are a grey, which if you do your reading on Star Wars Wikipedia you can read about them... That is what we get if we aren't able to cross over and see into the light... Actual white light, where truth resides. To be more present of the light within you, you must always come from a place of love, even when it seems undeserving... Try not to judge others, be always helpful and nurturing... Volunteering helps calm the weird. Peace to your life and calm ❤
jodenx12 (70 posts)
9 years ago (2014-07-26)
To me, this "Hain" sounds like a Neutral Being. Something that isn't entirely evil but nor much good itself. It holds an attachment to you upon a motive it pursues, but ultimately having to do with you. Have you ever had dreams with "Hain" in them or feeling like he has been inside of your dream? If so then it means its connection to you is deeper than what you have already began to tell us.
Parrot1234 (4 stories) (39 posts)
9 years ago (2014-07-24)
How do I contact my spirit guild? I would really need someone to help me for whatever I am.
hellothere96 (1 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2014-07-24)
I just looked up the name Hain. Please look at this link:!onas-ritual/cl15

Good luck!

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