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My First Medium Reading


I had been working on my chakras for about a month and prior to that I was very much aware of outside energies, spirits or what have you. I could even hear them, although most times I chalked it up to me going crazy or being too high. In my adolescence, I started to sleep with the TV on to drown out the chatter subconsciously.

Once I started balancing my chakras my sensitivity increases and the voices became louder. In August 2013, I went to a Full Moon dinner with my three cousins and my uncles wife. We sat outside on the terrance. I usually smoked a lot of weed but on this particular night I could not find my stash.

At dinner I continued to hear a voice call my name but I ignored it and attempted to drink my wine. My hand kept being pushed away from my mouth, forcing me to rest the glass back down. Then my cousin 'Amy' started to talk about her deceased cousin on her mothers side. He had died prior to Christmas in a motorcycle accident. When she mentioned him I was encouraged to ground myself, so I flattened my feet and envisioned roots flowing from the souls of my feet connecting me to the ground like a firmly planted tree. As I did this I noticed I had a clear vision (third eye not actual eyesight) of him standing to my side with a huge grin on his face.

So I asked her when he had died, she answered and continued to tell us how she had yet to accept his death. She viewed things as if he was away on an extended trip. He told me to let her know it was ok to let him go because he would always be close by. Fearful, I refused and he threatened to possess me. The wind suddenly picked up. I still refused as he begged my to "Tell her!" Stubborn me still said nothing. Then items started being knocked over, plates were thrown from the table (I kid you not, I was scared!) It was then I shared with her that he was present and needed her to allow his soul to move on. He gave me certain phrases to say that only she would know of him saying as well as a pet name he had given her. Then he went next to her and whispered in her ear. When I told her where he was and repeated what he said she immediately started crying because she also heard him say it. That helped to clarify what I was saying as the truth. My other family members sat astonished and a bit creeped out but having witnessed they knew it was truth. They all at some point felt him touch them.

Once I gave her all the messages he had, they asked questions knowing I had not used this gift before. Such as; how does it work, do I see ghost, do others speak to me, etc. He hung around me the next day so excited to be able to connect with someone. At one point he went to another family member who was at dinner's home to "mess with her". He was a joker in life and it continued to be a part of who he was. She was freaked and he was enjoying every minute of it. At a point he told me to message them and tell them he loved it when they talked about him. I sent the message and was hit with "OMG how did you know? We were just talking about the last boat we were on with him" I didn't know, I was told!

Since then numerous spirits gone too soon have contacted me. Most I have had some connection with in life or am currently close with someone they may have been close to. I noticed that whenever a lost soul is mentioned they appear (not physically, I feel their presence) They love to be remembered and to hear stories of themselves. It helps them to know they are not forgotten.

My most recent encounter has been with a young father, 'Marc". His younger brother is friends with my younger brother. Marc has brought him to my home on many occasions for me to give him his messages. Out of fear, I stay silent. Lately though, I see his brother everywhere! He is determined to get his message across. Our daughters even attended the same summer camp! I've finally reached a place where I am comfortable enough to speak up, accept my fate as a messenger and help the lost souls of Bermuda. Wish me luck!

Any comments or guidance is appreciated as this is still new to me but I want to do what I'm needed here for.

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GreenScorpion (6 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-27)
Question, have you told him yet? You may have a unique opportunity to help them cross over and bring comfort to those left behind.

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