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I Hear Voices Very Often And My Dreams Drive Me Mad


Since I was young I've established that I have some ability with seeing spirits or hearing them. Lately I've tried getting psychiatric help because I read that hearing voices and seeing things might have to do with psychological problems. I've heard so many things and seen plenty, so posting it all on one post would be difficult. I'll describe some of my experiences though.

I've often heard a voice that I'm sure is a male one. I have a feeling that it's the voice of a demon, or an unfriendly spirit. I'm not sure which, but he tends to whisper things to me, mostly while I'm lying down before falling asleep. Although sometimes I can hear it during the day. Often I hear the muffled murmurs of more than one being, others I hear the male voice clear as day, sometimes he is muffled. It has spoken things like "It's a secret", my name, "Help me", and other things that I cannot remember. I also recall this voice telling me to kill myself, and speaking to other unheard beings.

I have also seen a few things. Just tonight I saw my cat who has been dead for a while now. I have also felt his presence in this house, along with others. Sometimes these things come to me in my dreams. I have had a dream recently about my deceased cat where I was hugging him and giving him comfort. This dream made me feel warm inside, as if I knew he was safe and calm. Other things consist of times on my school bus last year where twice I saw spirits. One was an elderly man sitting on the curb of a street, wearing a hat. When I rubbed my eyes and blinked a bit, he was gone. Another time was when we were in a sort of traffic jam and a van went in front of our bus, nearly missing us, along with another car. I watched someone run in front of the van right before it moved quickly in front of our bus, crashing into them. He was a dark haired man and if I remember correctly, he screamed as he was hit. I looked back and he had disappeared.

I often cannot tell my dreams from reality nowadays and I have kept hearing the voices, they've only gotten stronger. Now I have meds for this, and they help. I'll continue to post my experiences, I suppose. For now, I'll be leaving. I'm not sure if I do have psychological issues, but since I've been prescribed this medicine and it works I may.

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