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I generally don't have your typical dream (my partner doesn't call them dreams but trips to alternate realities) most of the time I wake up not wondering which life is real and it can sometimes take me ten minutes to realise that I am awake and not still dreaming. As a child I use to have this re-occurring dream about me being older and meeting an Asian girl nothing sinister just nice clean dreams, sometimes I'd meet her in an airport and sometimes in an open field where she would be walking with her black lab, she would always be smiling or laughing and each time it was a different country and different time period, but always the same being. I am now married to a very beautiful Asian girl of 14 years and the dream has not happened in the last 14 years we have been together. When I met here she had a black lab and I really think it was the Lab that sealed the deal for both of us. It was dreaming of this girl that got me through some very dark drug addiction days and helped me see a life that I had yet to experience.

So About 5 years ago my dreams started again, this time they were very strange, end of day's type but not always the same. Sometimes I was a king, sometimes I was running for my life and other times it was just damn too beautiful to describe, but in every dream there was always a common theme time had stopped, there was no electricity, it was always dawn and I'm on my own.

In between these adventures to alternate realities a small black being or entity would appear in my room, the strange thing about it was that if any part of my body was hanging out of the bed, this entity would pull me out of my body and drag me around the room. I started wrapping myself in my bed sheets so nothing would hang out hoping it would not return, but on these times it would just stare at me from about 2 inches from my face, and I would have the feeling of floating trying to grab hold of myself but unable, screaming with no sound... At this point I would drift off into one of these dreams and sometimes I would wake up in pain from a wound in the dream that would disappear during the day.

The dreams were ok but the being had to go so I told myself before I went to bed one night that I need to deal with this thing, so on that night I heard a noise in the lounge and got out of bed, it was dawn and very surreal, the morning sun was just illuminating the inside of the house. I walked down the hall way and spotted my dogs in front of the heater, I called out to them but they looked through me and ignored my calls as if I wasn't there. I got to the front door and realized it was open; I quickly ran up to it and closed it. As I did I felt a breath on my neck and my blood ran cold, it felt like my skin was on fire; I turned to find nothing there.

I tried to turn on the lights but there was no power, I checked the clock on the wall which is unusual because I don't have one, it had also stopped. I thought entered my mind that if the front door is open then the back door is as well, I did not run or walk to the back door but flew to it. As I was pushing the door closed a force from the other side pushed it back open and I flew across the room, I pushed as hard as I could against the force and managed to close the door at that point a face that scared me; angry looking appeared in the glass pane steaming up the glass, at that moment I dropped and started meditating saying Buddha's name over and over again until it disappeared I awoke... This was 6 months ago and the being has not come back, the strange thing is a feel more at peace and more connected to my surroundings.

My in-laws think I am on a path to enlightenment because I am dreaming of the past, the future and I am able to dispel demons in my dreams while chanting Buddha, me I don't know what to think.

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Lfc88 (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2014-09-19)
Oh yeah they feel solid I sometimes mix the dream with life which can be a bit of a worry sometimes, I had a dream with this entity were he was sitting on my chest punching me in the face. I could feel the punches on my face the pressure of it but there was no pain, I am still unsure if that had actually happened or I dreamed it I know I was fully awake while it was happening I could her my wife & dogs snoring... But I still came out of it like a trance.

I haven't learned how to go i'm dreaming and be able to stay in the dream the minute I realize it I wake up and go give my dogs a kiss because they usually ignore me in my dream. I'm trying really hard...
indigosunrise (1 stories) (4 posts)
8 years ago (2014-09-18)
It sounds like you're having lots of false awakenings and lucid dreaming. Entities are finding ways into your dreams and trying to communicate with you. If you are conscious in your dreams, always remember to stay calm! If you panic, it can heighten the situation. Stay calm and call our to the higher-source, or Buddha. Remember that nothing can really harm you as long as you trust in good and pure things.

If you feel best sending your intentions out to the Buddha, ask him to guide you through safety and love. Maybe sleep with protective crystals, like obsidian or amethyst.
Love1st (guest)
8 years ago (2014-09-16)
And by "solid", I mean almost more solid and real than they feel in this life in an eerie way.
Love1st (guest)
8 years ago (2014-09-16)
Just keep praying and meditating to the higher creative force in all of us. You were being attacked by negative entities, but I don't know why. If the attacking quit, then that is usually a good sign. Just don't forget to pray and meditate. Don't be afraid because you are strong enough to handle the situations God sends to you. You have a right to your own body and soul,too, if that makes sense?

Also, do your dreams feel "solid" like reality? Usually, mine don't but once or twice they have. That's when I noticed the difference because I was confused at that point in my dream because it felt more "solid" than it should have in a dream and I wanted to know why (still in my dream). That's the only major thing that clues me in on when I'm dreaming or not. Also, in "replications" of places of familiarity, usually something is off or in the wrong place. Not sure how to explain the "off" feeling, though.

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