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Strange Lights And Music


Strange Music/Light

I have had several psychic experiences within the past few years that I cannot get a grasp of. I am not able to confide these experiences with my mom or brothers because they are close-minded and not interested in psychic or paranormal ideas.

My first big experiences began after my grandfather (my mom's dad) passed away. He lived a long, healthy life but no one could see his death coming at all. It was strange because we were going to see him for New Year's Eve, and my mom randomly said "we need to see your grandfather because I think this might be his last New Year's Eve." He seemed oddly distant that night, and had a very bad accident which caused his death. The year was difficult for me because his house that I grew up in had been sold to a complete stranger and I couldn't listen to any Celtic music without tearing up. I did have a few dreams in which I was in a room with my Grandfather and he was just sitting there looking at me. Neither of us spoke a word, and he just looked happier than ever. It only took two dreams like that to convince me he was in a better place.

These experiences continued over the years, into more astounding ones. One day I was sitting on the couch watching a video that had Clair de Lune playing in the background. I was having a great day, but the song suddenly made me feel overwhelmingly sad. I immediately thought of my grandpa, and how much I missed him. I never stopped to think about why I was sad at that moment. A few weeks later, I was having a conversation about classical music with my mom while she was driving. I told her about Clair de Lune and how it made me sad, thinking of my grandpa. Then, my mom paused and gave me a weird look and I wondered if I had said something offensive. She asked me, "how did you know that was your grandfather's favorite music piece?" She then told me about how when she was a little girl, and was taking piano lessons her father always made her play that music when he was around. I was so shocked; I did not even know what to think.

In the past year, even more strange things began happening. I had gone to see a psychic/medium for a reading and she immediately acknowledged my grandpa was in the room. I remember bits and pieces of what this person said, and whether or not they were accurate. I remember the one thing she did point out was that, I had a ball of light around my stomach area from my "angel guides". It wasn't until I had pictures taken of me, then these lights started to show. In one picture, I was in the woods pointing at the sky and there was a huge orb of light right next to my stomach where she said it was. There was nothing in my camera, and the sun was out that day, but no reflections. This light showed up in another picture as well, I am perplexed and haven't shown anyone.

I would like to hear your thoughts/ideas...have anyone experienced anything like this? Your thoughts?

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Candy_Jane (4 stories) (18 posts)
10 years ago (2014-09-09)
Hi foxglove, I think your grandfather wanted you to tell your mom about the music piece so that she could get a sign from him. 😊 I really enjoy Celtic music, although I do not always listen to it often. I hope you develop your abilities more 😊 Best wishes. Peace, love, and light. ❤

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