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Before I get into my recent experiences I would like to say that I'm a 25 year old highly sensitive woman. I've always been extremely sensitive and empathic. I also want to say that my experiences initially started because I was taking the drug Ambien but I've been long off of it since and my abilities have only grown. Also, please excuse my use of hallucinations as my story goes on (I'm not sure what else to call them).

A couple of years ago I started taking Ambien for some sleep problems resulting from my Fibromyalgia. When I started taking the Ambien I started having some hallucinations; the drug was helping with my sleep though so I continued taking it. After a little while spirits started showing themselves to me trying to get my attention. The best way that I can really describe what they look like is as if they're under an invisibility cloak that you might see in the Harry Potter movies or whenever they show something that is supposed to be invisible but you can still see it (I hope that makes sense). They would come to me in all different shapes and sizes. At one point there was a fairy like creature, there was also a very tall statuesque man that would come to get me to talk with them. I couldn't hear them saying anything other than a few times where I heard them say something but didn't comprehend it. I could feel their energy when I would touch them or they would touch me. Because of that touch and energy is how we would communicate. I was able to ask them yes or no questions and they would answer by touching one of my hands that correlated to yes or no. I have a journal of all of the experiences as well as the questions and answers. I would also see spirits in my bedroom. When I would go to sleep I would see a black man sitting next to me. I also started experiencing Astral Projection and one night when I opened my eyes I saw that I was as high as the top of my dresser which is about three feet higher than my bed. As I became aware I floated back down. One evening I was in my room and I was writing down my experiences and I had my door open about a foot and a half and I saw a spirit with a red aura and he stuck his hand on the wall and the entire wall stretched like a band of rubber and when it snapped back the walls started circulating around me. This lasted for about 3 minutes and when it stopped the entire room tilted on its side. It wasn't that that experience scared me in fact it was quite interesting but my mind definitely needed a break.

I stopped the Ambien for quite a few months and my Fibromyalgia pain was starting to get worse from not sleeping. Since the Ambien did help with the sleep before I decided that it was the best thing for me at that time. I took the Ambien the first night and nothing happened, the same for the second night, but the third/last night that I ever took the drug again was horrific for me.

That night I experienced hallucinations of a man screaming at me and trying to murder me with different instruments. The hallucinations looked very similar to what I knew from before but now I was starting to hear things too. I decided to just try and close my eyes and then when I did that it felt as though the bed started shaking like crazy and I could hear my boyfriend screaming at me at the end of the bed to wake up. As soon as I opened my eyes I saw that my boyfriend was sleeping peacefully next to me. That night I had a panic attack.

The last time I took Ambien was over a year ago, but the hallucination haven't gone away. I've done so much research of what else this could be but my symptoms are too much to diagnose me with an illness. I've also seen doctors about this and they don't know what this is about. As I've been dealing with all of this I've started thinking that perhaps the drug awoke something inside of me that has caused me to start changing in a way. I'd like to mention a bit about what's happened since I've stopped the drug.

The hallucinations happen every day and are constant throughout the day. Although, they get the most intense and worse at night. The most common hallucinations I get are either of someone screaming at me to wake up or screaming for me to help them. They also usually ask me if I can see them or hear them once they see that I've noticed them. The other scenario that happens probably the most is where a spirit will act as though they're killing me. I've had spirits decapitate me, shoot me, stab me, drill into my head and limbs, be set on fire, etc. I can feel the energy which can be painful, as though I'm experiencing the death. It's not as painful as actually going through the situation but the energy is very strong. I also will have small children sit or stand by my side of the bed at night and I've had them ask me to come with them.

Last fall I went with my family to Italy and there was a girl where we were staying who said she had died back in 1916. She was very sweet and we became friends while I was there. I had been trying to ignore everything but these abilities seem to be growing stronger. Two nights ago I was meditating and a spirit appeared to me, he said his name was Sam and that he had been my friend from when I first started having the hallucinations. As we began communicating I got a clearer picture that he was the same friend that I had had in the beginning. He was very silly, but sweet and he had a red aura this time.

I'm starting to be able to communicate easier with my mind, but I'm still having a hard time with understanding everything these spirits are saying. I can hear some of the things but then the other things they say it's like I'm wearing a hearing aid and it starts to go out. So I'm not getting every bit of information which is frustrating. My feelings and intuition have also started to grow intense as well as my sense of energy, and I'm starting to see more auras clearly.

I apologize for the lengthy story, but I really could use some help right now with all of this. I've been praying a lot for guidance and looking to the internet as well but I'm not finding anything helpful for my situation. I can't talk to any of my loved ones about this because they find the psychic world to be potentially dangerous. The only person who supports me and thinks that I'm finding my gifts is my sister, but I could really use support from others as well.

I really appreciate any help anyone can give me. Thank you.

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GeorgiaMOM (guest)
9 years ago (2015-02-03)
To start with I believe you are an empath as well. The pains inside your body could be from the people around you or the spirits. Either way, you need to do some energy work and protection work on yourself and your home. This should give you some space to get a better hold on all the experiences and pain your having.
The auras you are seeing surrounding others are around you as well. Energy work is in a basic sense, is building yours' up around you for protection and control. Some visualize blue, others white, others the full spectrum of the rainbow. You will determine that one for yourself as you start working on your own aura. Just sit in a safe quit place in a comfortable position and close your eyes and visualize yourself standing their. Then visualize your aura. I being an empath, I visualize any other emotions within me that I have picked up during the day inside of my body as a cloud of a different color. Then mentally I'll say, with each breath I release all energy that does not belong to me. I won't stop until all is removed, thus the reason for giving the energy color. Then I visualize my energy/aura growing around me, larger and brighter, with a light that shoots from my head strait to the heavenly Father's throne, so to fill me with His light. Afterwards, I take a long bath in Epson or sea salts. This helps me to control what I absorb and what others take from me. Emotionally stressed people can take energy from you and leave you feeling drained, and sometimes in pain. Disabling headaches, weakness, drained with pains of pins and needles all through out your body. Along with emotions of anger, sadness, frustration, resentment, jealousy, and others which you have no reason to be feeling. This can really make you think your going nuts. I've also felt physical pains from accidents that others have had too. Which are really painful and can get quit serious if you don't know what to do, especially if you have high BP. Just give this a try and see if it helps. I think you are going to be quit surprised with the results.
Blessings to you and your loved ones from above.

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