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Angelic Presence?


Today, something strange happened during the class. I sometimes get a feeling like I should know something about someone and I just focus on that person and his/her aura so I could sense how they feel at that moment even though I always feel this storm of emotions so I can't focus on one person at the time.

I did that with my English teacher, she was really sad because of something that happened a year ago but that's not the point, while I was focusing on her and her feelings, I felt a strange presence when I saw two figures standing in front of me, I couldn't see what they were but I'm sure they were male, I couldn't see them because of all of that light that it was surrounding them and I suddenly started to feel protected and happy, I can't stop smiling since I felt that and saw them.

But the thing is, it started to hurt and I had to pay attention to what my teacher was saying, and after I blinked and kind of came back to "reality",it started ringing in my ears, like they were leaving. So I was wondering, was that an Angelic presence or something else? I have heard there are 3 Guardian angels or I'm wrong? I hear ringing in my ears very offer after meditation. I don't know if its all in my head but I could use some help.

And one more think, I would be thankful if someone has an advice how to act or what to do while feeling that presence, it sometimes makes me feel so loving and loved that I just want to lay down with it and be like that all the time because I know its harmless, but sometimes, I feel another, negative presence, maybe (if its an Angel) that Angel is mad at that moment but it still won't harm me.

Thank you, love and peace:)

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