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My Experiences Part 01


I don't know how many parts this will be, it will depend solely on the stories I have to tell. I think it all started at early, I had times where I could feel someone in the same room with me, when none else was. One night in particular, I was sleeping in a bed next to my younger sister and I was dreaming being to a place like an attic with my grandmother. There was a smaller room, like a storage one, and inside was a chair. Suddenly it started moving towards me and then transformed into a person I didn't know, grabbed me by the hands and started dragging me away from grandma. I screamed for her help but because of movements issues she had she couldn't reach me, and as the person continued to drag me I woke up. The strange thing was I awoken in the direction I was being dragged in the dream, which was the opposite of the one I was sleeping. I felt really scared at the time.

Another time, I was doing homework, and as always I was spacing out, when the sound of the bus's breaks caught my attention. The sound of the breaks changed at the end with the sound of a woman screaming "Noooo...", but with no as much as an accident happening at the time.

As I grew older things like that changed. There were time that was happening regularly or not for months. One night as I was about to sleep, for some reason I felt the need to open my eyes, only to see a woman standing at the door of my room. She had sort brown hair and I think she was wearing a light orange T-shirt. I didn't saw her face, because she had already turned to go, but she vanished out in thin air before leaving.

A year after that, I was walking home from school when all of a sudden it was like I was bodily here but my vision was in other place and time. I was also walking there, and I was wearing something like a tuxedo. I was in a park, I think, at night because there we a old light oil street lamb. Near the lamb was a tree and beneath it a bench. I remember feeling like I was about to meet with someone there. I also felt it being at the top of a cliff, I could smell the sea salt, and as I looked up I saw it was a full moon. All these lasted no more than a second and after that my vision returned to normal. It felt like I was watching an old memory of sorts, except it wasn't mine. Two years later I was told by my mother that my first word as a baby was "baye" while pointing at moon. Whereas 'baye" is the french word for bay. While I was reproducing the word from inside of me I had another vision. I was at that place again on top of the cliff, and like I was zooming out of the scene, I saw that at the bottom of the cliff there was a bay.

During that year, I had realized that I was susceptible to some type of energies around me. A big part is emotions. I can most of the times feel how someone feels, even when there isn't any physical or exceptional evidence. I can feel if a person has good intentions or bad just by being in a close approximate from them. I also had started feeling the moons energy. It had affected me during the night and my dreaming circle. Depending on how the dream was, with more strange staff happening, I could tell in which faze the moon was even without checking.

Just a year ago, I had two unusual dreams, one of them having a three parts. In first one, I was in a house with white walls, wooden floor, not a single furniture inside, aside from one bed, on which I was. The dream was about a ghost being underneath the bed, but resulted in a friendly one. The strange thing was that the ghost told me there was another which was the one I should fear and out of nowhere wind started blowing against me with great fury. I started yelling "GET OUT", and started moving against the wind towards the rooms' door, which I closed behind me, and the wind felt a little less furious. So I went through the next room's door I was in, still yelling for the thing to get out, and closed the door behind me. I was now at the last room with the entrance of the house, I yield for the last time shutting the entrance door in front of me. The wind stopped immediately and I awoke, to a black shadow hovering a little above me, which vanished in a blink of an eye.

The other dream which came in three parts was a little creepier. I realize it had a pattern, it was always happening during a dream I was already in and if was with other people inside the dream, they always were trying to avert me or block if you like from going there. By there I mean there was always a hallway with white led-light on the ceiling and always flickering, like there was a problem with the electricity. The thing is that the hallway wasn't a part of the dream itself, and it was like I had to look a second time to see it. The people I was dreaming being with me couldn't see it, and when I was telling them to go that way they didn't want me to go, but I went anyway. I was moving slowly and during a flicker a man in a black torn robe appeared hovering a little above the ground. I couldn't see his face, because of a hood he had and the total shadow the hood provided to his face. The first two times I saw the hallway, before I could reach him, he vanished. But the third, I manage to grab him by the hand and uncover his face. He looked a little old, like a middle aged guy around his early seventies. I asked how he is and what he wants with me. He didn't answer, and I then I felt like I knew who he was so I asked him if he is Death, and he laid still for just a second before I lost my grip on his hand and him vanishing again. I haven't seen him since.

Ouw, that for now, please feel free to tell me what you think of all these and if anything similar has happened to you and I'll gladly answer back.

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