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Seeing Lights, Visions And Body Control?


As a child I used to see a lot of things that I could never quite explain. Over time these experiences became less frequent, however one thing remains and I'm not entirely sure if this is just a trick of the light or not. I've always been able to see light coming off of people. It's usually a white or pale yellow colour. It just happens without thinking. When I notice it, it becomes more prominent. Sometimes I've seen light blues, but it's always very bright. It's like a silhouette of light in the shape of their body, and it'll move around them a little bit. I've looked into auras, but I'm not entirely sure if this is the same thing?

While I was at university I experienced a few things that I could never quite explain, maybe some of you could help me with this, too? There was a few incidents when my body felt like it was being pulled violently towards something or someone. This would happen at night when I was sleeping, but I'd wake up and it was like my whole body was tense and I was resisting the movement. My body would jerk and twitch and lift up. Not float, but I was pulled into an almost sitting up position. It just felt like there was something pulling me. Could this be a series of horrible dreams or was it something else? Do any of you have similar experiences with this?

There was another strange occurrence of incidents that I also didn't understand. I used to wake up and see these dark wispy shapes of a human standing over me. I had something similar happen as a child, but it was like a series of bright figures followed by dark figures that "came to visit me" then. This time I felt as if I was being warned about something from them. I have no idea why I felt like it was a warning. It just did. Could these too be dreams?

I hope this is appropriate to post. I'm new here so forgive me if I've done something wrong.


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EmmLou (1 stories) (11 posts)
7 years ago (2016-01-12)
Seeing the light surrounding others is perhaps your gift, or seeing through the 3rd eye. Do some more research. If it's a gift before learning to embrace and use also firstly learn to stop or close. As you may open up without being able to protect yourself. You may also be seeing others spirits. When this happens listen carefully to any inner voices you may hear! No necessarily your own, you may have the gift of reading people, thoughts! The feeling of being pulled, is someone doing this to your spirit side. They are trying to maybe get your attention. Flow with it, they may be trying to show you something. Write down what you see, feel. Go back to it later when your subconscious has worked it all out.
CosmicStorms (1 stories) (3 posts)
7 years ago (2015-10-06)
I'm not sure what the other things were, you'll have to wait until somebody more experienced then me comes on, but I am pretty sure what you saw was an aura 😊

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