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Angels Trying To Cheer Me Up


In 2011 I was very depressed and couldn't get myself out of my sadness. So My guardian angels were the first ones to reach out to me.

I went to a psychic fair a couple years back and a medium who did angels readings told me that I have seven or more angels around me. And that four of them are holding my spirit into my physical form, because I didn't go into my body before birth. I wanted to reincarnate so I have no issue with it. I just didn't go in when I realized what my life would be like and the family's I would be a part of. So I was scared. She then went on to tell me that my guardian angel were cracking a joke about hitting me in the head with a hammer. I was shocked I had actually been joking about that before she even told me and she laughed and said that it was now a long standing joke between them and me. She told me one of my guardian angels names, which is Samantha, she says she's a girl angel. I smiled at that. I actually had an imaginary friend named Samantha during my childhood. She said there are two more standing on either side of samantha and that they are male.

One night I was sitting on my couch and I dared my guardian angels to appear to me and weird me out. So I went outside at eleven at night. I walked down the sidewalk towards the mail boxes. I noticed a very tall figure dressed in all white. White shoes, a white long sleeved shirt, and white loose pants. Let's just say he looked very clean. He had short black hair in a kind of buzz cut. He sat with his long legs sprawled out across the side walk as he leaned on the wooden bench by them managers office. His hand were placed lazily on his stomach. He was looking down at his hands with a playful and amused expression on his face. It was as if he knew me. He was smiling. I walked past him and heard a little girl giggling beside me, but there was no little girl in sight. I immediately thought in my mind, 'way too tall and pedophile.' I finally made my way past him. I was only at the mail boxes for a minute and I didn't have anything in there. So I walked back towards my apartment. I passed the bench but the guy wasn't sitting on the bench anymore. I kept walking. As I got closer to my apartment I spotted the sparkly clean guy sitting on some steps with his hand outstretched. He was looking down and examining his hands, while smiling. I actually thought this was the weirdest thing I had ever seen in my life. So when I got inside my old apartment I started laughing. I realized my guardian angels had completed the dare. And that the little girls giggle beside me was Samantha.

Then three days later I dared them to appear again to weird me out and I walked to them mail boxes again one night. I got to the mail boxes and I heard voices speaking to each other. Then a figure dressed in all white with curly windswept hair walked backwards looking straight at me with a playful glint in his eyes. He was smiling slightly. I immediately fled the scene. It was just too weird.

On Halloween several months later I was sitting on the apartment steps outside waiting for my parents to pick me up. I was going to help the hand out candy to the children. As I sat there a figure appeared standing in front of me. He was dressed in all white. He wore a festive scarf around his neck. He had flawless features, short black hair and blue eyes. He starting talking to me. His voice sounded like tinkling bells. And I was shy and turned my head away for about two seconds. Then looked back an he was gone. No human could of left that fast. The weird thing was I still felt he was standing there with me.

One time It was thanksgiving morning and I was staying at my moms house for the holiday. My mom came down stairs with a weird expression on her face. "I had a dream where there were five guys and they panty raided your bedroom, and then you got back at them by putting a hole in their white boat, I think It was your guardian angels." she said to me. I thought this was really funny apparently they were invading my moms dreams. I went back home that night and went to bed. I dreamt I was sitting in my dads car and I was starring out the window. I heard someone clearing their throat and an angel sat there holding out a pair of my underwear in his hand. I snatched it from his hand, and he smiled at me happily. Then he disappeared and I woke up.

I was sitting on my couch in my new condo and I dared one of my guardian angels to appear to me. So about a moment later I started seeing glowing white energy in front of me and a outline of a tall white dressed male was standing in the middle of my living room leaning down and grinning at me.

Then one night I had a dream I was in a room and feathers of many colors were flying all over the place. Some got stuck to my clothes. I tried to get them off, but no avail. The scene changed and I was walking around in the men's department in some clothing shop. I stood in front a shelf of colorful otherworldly shoes and the shoes started to sing. My mouth fell open in shock. The shoes stopped singing, and I heard several soft male voices giggling behind me. I turned around and five angels were hiding behind a large row of shelves. They were peeking at me playfully and smiling.

One Time I dreamt that I was standing on a huge white stage and I was about to sing my favorite song at the time 'music of the night' and one of my guardian angels walked onto the stage and began singing. I glared at him, how dare he steal my spotlight. He was smiling and I marched off the stage and sat on the white marble staircase and I looked at my hands and started pouting. I felt him repeat the verse he just sang. I kept looking at my hands brooding a bit and I felt footfalls pounding towards me. I was lifted into he air and swung over this angels shoulder. I started giggling loudly, "hey! No fair!" and he ran up the marble steps and out of the theater into the sunlight with me draped over his shoulder like a sack of potato's.

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eleiriel (guest)
9 years ago (2015-11-29)
Femonique, your angels sound awesome! I enjoyed reading your experience with yours. I especially like the part where they woke you up to see the news about princess Diana's death. That's really cool.

I remember a couple years ago I had an obsession with sock puppets, don't ask me why:) and my guardian angel Nathaniel appeared in my dream sitting on a wooden bench and grinning at me, his long legs stretched out, and holding his sock cover foot out at me and then I walked over to him and lay my head down on his foot. It was pretty random. I think my guardian angels were laughing at my love for sock puppets.
Femonique (1 stories) (5 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-29)
Mine are like me, singular wit with a sarcastic or even haha funny twist at times.

Flashy lights I've seen off and on my whole life, but I've never seen an angel that I know of, up close and personal. I read a book called Angel Stories, and me, being the big chicken doody that I happily admit I am, when it comes to folks yelling at me or just magically appearing or something. Well, I guess my funny angels know I'd die of a coronary should they just pop in, so they normally don't startle me... (nerves were shot as kid and it took a long time for me not to jump at my own shadow) Anyway, In one of the stories an angel was always kind of mean and bossy with this gentleman who claims to be a prophet or something. Yeah, no thanks...don't want my angels appearing out of nowhere, berating me, and especially don't want 'em yelling at me, like the prophet guy's yelled at him.

Every time I say "I see flashy lights" to someone, they tell me to get a brain scan because it could be a tumor. I tell 'em it's the slowest growing tumor in recorded history... LOL Anyway, my flashy lights usually start in my peripheral vision. It looks like shiny metallic silver, kind of outlining this jagged circle thingy. It usually stays kind of small. However, when visiting a friend over a year ago, who just happened to live close to electric lines, a cemetery, and the airport, the flashy light that appeared started to grow. I mean, this thing loomed over me! Me and my chicken doody self, yelled that I couldn't hear or see and to please go away. Finally it subsided and headed off into another realm or where ever Flashy lights go when they ain't hanging with me.

The next night another flashy light as I was driving down the road. Are you kidding me? I was upset, cause already being a chicken doody, please know it's distracting when I am not driving down the highway... So I got really upset and yelled at it to go away and it subsided... That is... Until I had to stop at the corner store to grab something before I got home. It started looming at me in front of the guys at the counter and other customers. I nearly passed out and of course, no one could see, but lil ole me. Pay back? Gee, you think? LOL

Came home after I recovered and had a fit at nothing I could see. I went on and on for about an hour, and I just don't yell... Ever. LOL Endangering my life to give me a message? Really? Guess who lost their flashy light sightings for over a year? If you guessed "me", give that contestant a prize!, cause you'd be right. I had zero flashy light sightings until the other night. It was on one side and then the other for a while, but I wasn't able to pick up on any specific messages or anything like that. Maybe they just pop in when I ain't paying them enough attention or something? My flashy lights know I love 'em and always appreciate their efforts with me, cause I am dense and yet they still try with me. They make me laugh at myself mostly.:-)

Now, having said that, they will graze my arm or my leg, and kind of cause a slight goose bump sensation now and again. One of 'em even slapped my foot to wake me up when I was asleep and in order to see the breaking news when Princess Diana died in that crash years ago. My Flashy Lights are awesome, helpful, and even corny! LOL
eleiriel (guest)
9 years ago (2015-11-28)
Recently I saw white glows flashing beside my bed out of the corner of my eyes. I see angel glows. The other night I saw one of my guardian angels light forms standing on the left side of my bed by the window after I had a hard time visiting my parents who abused me when I was younger. I couldn't see the angels face this time. I knew they were trying to let me know they are here for me.


I was asleep last night and I dreamt that I asked my guardian angels, "what am I?" And I heard a male voice laugh, "you already know what you are elizabeth!" And then I looked at my phone in my dream and saw a song and album appear on there called earth angel. The album cover had a picture of a greenly dressed angel on it. A female voice started singing. Then I heard a female voice sing to me, "stay in bed until the morning!" I think it was my guardian angel Samantha. Then I was in a living room and I felt angels following me around invisibly, "why are you following me around you sock puppet." I growled. Then I heard male angel voice laugh, "did you just call me a sock puppet?" He said. I replied, "no you are imagining things." He kept following me, "you just called me a sock puppet! Thats a great honor!" It felt like he was skipping happily behind me. Then I woke up. I think it was my guardian angel Luke. He seems to visit me in my dreams the most.

eleiriel (guest)
9 years ago (2015-10-16)
Last night I was laying in bed and their was a bright white flash of light above my blankets. I had a really bad day yesterday and I thought my guardian angels hated me. Then suddenly I heard a male voice talk in my ear, "we don't hate you." I fell asleep a little while later and dreamt of three angels dressed in white sitting outside as I stared out the window at them. I made my way outside and sat down in front of them. One of them stared at me in the eye. He was very tall and had short blond hair. I think it was my guardian angel Luke.
eleiriel (guest)
9 years ago (2015-10-07)
Angels always seem to leave feathers for me to tell me stuff. Whenever I get a black feather I'm warned of something bad that is going to happen soon. Something that causes me pain. I used to find a lot of black feathers and shortly after bad things happened. When I find a white feather usually it means the angels are protecting me presently. I talked to my guardian angel Luke last night through my clairaudience it was fun! He interacts with me the most out of all my guardian angels. And mean yeah the others interact with me a lot too. But Luke acts like an caring older brother to me.
eleiriel (guest)
9 years ago (2015-10-05)
I was laying in bed the other night I dared my guardian angels to appear again and weird me out. A couple minutes later I felt myself being nudged on the bottom of my leg by someone nonphysically. I then fell asleep and when I woke up I had to go to the bathroom and I opened my bedroom door and peeked towards my stairs. I heard someone walking around and saw a glowing white light. I thought someone had broken in. So I went back in my room and held my bladder. Man I really had to go. So I decided to brave it and opened my door and walked downstairs. No one was down there. Both my locks were still locked. No one had broken in and I still have all my stuff. I think angels completed the dare. I like playing games with them.

I recently fell asleep and dreamt of five big plastic bags of feathers.
One was filled with many yellow feathers
One was filled with many orange feathers
One was filled with many purple feathers
One was filled with many blue feathers
One was filled with many pink feathers.
It was a lot of feathers.
Then I felt someone walk by me. Like an angel. I called out, "merry Christmas michael!" A male voice answered back, "merry Christmas elizabeth."

A few months ago I fell asleep and dreamt I was sitting in this big room on a chair and I felt someone walk into the room someone tall and big. And I immidiatly found my guardian angel Luke's hiding spot. Where he was hiding invisable. I turned to him and said playfully, "help me Luke I'm scared!" Then I heard luke laughing. I pounced onto Luke and cried out mischievously, "help me or I'll pounce on you like an otter!" He stopped laughing, "Okay. Okay shhhh!" He said trying to quiet me. I turned in my chair and noticed Michael sitting in a chair across from me. He was starring at me. I only blinked. He spoke, "why do you want to lose weight, your already skinny?" I replied grinning, "I lost weight last night." He stared, I thought mentally and playfully, "kiss me!" I was smiling widely. Michael looked confused, "why would you say something like that?" I laughed, "I say that to everyone Michael even Luke!" I turned to where luke was and squinted mysteriously. I smiled and waved at luke. I turned back to Michael and bounced up and down in my seat., "you like a dog he said." And he got up and left the room. Suddenly the scene changed and I was in a living room and pheobe, Paige, and Piper from the TV show charmed were stuffing their faces with cookies and junk food. They were all greasy and dirty. It was like they hadn't showered in days. I felt someone behind me and I saw Michael again. He cracked a joke, "arnt they supposed to be saving people?" He raised his eyebrow and walked out the door.
Michael had been wearing a suit and tie and a wine red dress shirt. He was big and muscular and had short light brown hair and blue eyes. He feels like an older brother energy to me, I'm not attracted to him at all. In my dream I was joking with Michael. And he joked back:)
eleiriel (guest)
9 years ago (2015-10-05)
This morning I was laying in bed. I'm usually scared at night worried someone might break into my home. I lay there asking for archangels and angels to protect me. Then I felt someone brush the side of my face lovingly and I began to see white sparks and white glows flashing in various parts of the room. I turned my head towards the wall because I saw movement and there was an angel standing against my wall with his wings down. They usually don't appear to me with wings.
Qwanri (3 stories) (23 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-28)
That's so cool. I don't really see them glow. I mostly just know/ feel that they're there. Or otherwise if a spirit wants to let me know it's there I'll get a mental image. Someday though, I'd like to learn how to see them more clearly.
eleiriel (guest)
9 years ago (2015-09-23)
[at] qwanri, yeah they have a pretty adorable sense of humor. I often times see outline of them glowing in my condo sometimes or other places I'm at. I see glows of other people's guardian angels too. And one time I actually did see someone else's guardian angel standing with a mother and child. But that is the only time I saw someone else's fully. I befriended the ones who watch over me.
Qwanri (3 stories) (23 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-23)
That was an enjoyable read and actually made me smile. Sounds like you have some awesome angels.

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