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Losing My Empath Abilities?


About a year ago, my friend told me that she could see and interact with auras and my immediate response was "Me too!" As soon as I said it, I corrected myself, "Well, I can't see them, but I can feel them." Up until that point neither me nor my friend knew anything about auras, energies or chakras.

I came across the term 'empath' a few months later and reading the first article I found about what an empath was, I felt as though someone had written the article about me. I had been referring to myself as someone with an "empathy disorder" up until that point, trying to convey that I understood what people were going through to a scary degree. Some of my earliest memories are not wanting to step on the grass because I didn't want to hurt its feelings. I would spend entire days as a young kid feeling things like I had had a spouse who had died or I just lost my job that I had no method of explaining.

The older I became, the stronger my empathy got. If I was around people with mental disorders, I would have the symptoms of disorders. I could tell you exactly what any person/living creature was feeling and details about those feelings. When my friend accidentally got pregnant, before anyone or even she knew, I missed my period and I began having morning sickness and thinking about having a baby. When I met my boyfriend, a soulmate of mine, I felt all the past lives that we had been together and I heard his aura whisper "I love you" to me. I will also feel nauseous around certain people and immediately get a headache, which was unexplained until I was with my friend one day and she informed me that those people have a lot of pain in their auras.

I could go on all day about experiences I have had with experiencing other peoples experiences and emotions. Perhaps I am using the wrong word to describe it, but the characteristics of an empath describe me to a tee and I am certain that what I can feel is other people's energies. Different emotions would feel differently on energetic level and with my friend who can see auras, we began to learn more about energies this last year, although we still have much to learn.

I recently moved away for university and have been here little over a month. Everything is going well, but I seem to have lost the majority of my empath abilities and it scares me. I can no longer feel other people next to me and when someone talks about an event or a feeling, I am sympathizing with them, not actually experiencing it myself. I feel like I am blind; it's terrifying to suddenly have lost this ability and I have no clue who to ask about it. If it is temporary (Which I desperately hope it is) I have no idea how to make it come back, why it left and what is happening. I would really appreciate help, advice or guidance from anyone who is knowledgeable about empaths and clairsentience. Thank you so much for reading this.

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