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I Can See Through Time With My Mind 2


This is Ivy I would like you to read my first story (I see through time with my mind).

It's all about my experiences.

But I just have a few questions

I can see the future.

Sometimes this can happen through dreams but it only happen to me while I'm fully awake.

I was wondering can you see the future too?

Do you think that mankind was a test from some other lifeforms?

And how do you think man kind was made?

I think we are just a test from some other life form...

I really think we are not using 100% of our brain because not everyone can see their future.

There is only 2 ways a human can see the future,

Either his/her mind is connected to the universe someway somehow

Or this is not the first time we are living this life but we just can't remember...

How do you explain that?

The past... It just don't add up...



There is only two ways to explain the different cultural beliefs.

1- they actually have different gods that a different race.

But if so how was the world actually created?

2- or all of these gods belief could be stories implanted in our brain for faith so that we would not want destroy our life or others.

Sorry about that but I know someone is able to answer my question and that person might or might not be on Earth but as Evolution goes by we will find the answers to our question. Knowledge is the key and technology is the second key.

Life is so amazing. We could be a test from some other life forms that have discovered the secret of life itself.

I mean, why just us? Do y'all think something is stopping use from using 100% of our brain?

I think so because if we was one of the first living being in the universe we wouldn't have a limit. Unless if physics blocks all that.

But who am I. Just a kid with a lot on his mind.

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