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An Angel With A Single Wing


I don't know if I'll be able to find any help on this site, but I really would like any opinions or answers to anything written in my story.

First off, let me say that because of my experiences, and several other reasons, I have thought of the possibility that I may be an incarnated angel. One main thing you should know before you continue, is the pain in my right shoulder that I have had all my life. I've been told it's because of my wings, and I have considered it true. My question to you, is where is my left wing?

All of my life I have discovered and used many psychic abilities. I was born with empath abilities that I have learned to control, and have developed ways to combine them with my clairvoyant abilities. I have lucid dreams of places, events or people that I will see in the future, but only recently have I had dreams telling me of the past. It started about three months ago, I had a dream one night that I was in the clouds near golden gates that I had thought were the gates of Heaven. I was wearing white and gold armor and had two angel wings. I turned to my left to see a boy around my age wearing the same armor, with a few different details, two pure white angel wings on his back. He had brown hair and bright green eyes, and he was fighting what looked like a demon.

I had only seen it for a split second, which is why I won't be able to give a good description of what it looked like, but from what I saw it either had a full blood red body or blood red armor. As I stared at the boy, I heard a yell from my right and turn to see another demon throwing something my way, and before I could blink, what seemed to be a spear was lodged into my left wing, and I began to fall. The boy turned around to face me with a look of fear and worry in his eyes and tried to reach out to me, but was too late. I was already gone beneath the clouds and he slowly disappeared from my sight. The dream needed there, but that was not the last time I saw the boy, or the demons. I have yet to return to those gates, though.

A few weeks later, I started getting into astral projection. I shockingly was able to get it on the first try and I found myself above the ocean, with mountains behind me and the clouds floating above me, just out of reach. I had my wings again, and I wore a white dress with gold lining, not the same armor I wore last time. I looked up to find a jet black haired girl with brown eyes softly gazing down at me. She had taken my hand and was pulling me up towards the clouds. Suddenly, I felt something tug me back down and I woke. After a few more unsuccessful attempts, about a month later, I was able to AP. This time. The atmosphere was not as sirene. I was in what I perceived to be hell. I could not move my arms, and I found myself in what seemed to be a throne room, with demons snickering and laughing at me.

The sea of demons around me suddenly parted to make way for a woman dressed in a dark red gown, with horns on her head. I know, it sounds like something out of a child's imagination, believe me, I thought so too at first. She walked up to me until she was right in front of my face and then another, different looking demon stood beside her, both of them smirking. And then, I woke up from the AP and felt a searing pain in my right eye and left shoulder. My vision became dazed and all I could see was a blur of white trying to push away a blob of darkness. It continued for several minutes until they balanced out, and my vision returned, but the pain in my eye has not gone away. I feel it often, but sometimes it feels like it's draining my energy.

Sometimes the pain grows to other parts of my body, but it has never reached my left eye, as far why it is the only untouched place, I haven't a clue. When it "corrupts" several different parts, more of my energy is drained. As far as being possessed goes, I don't think I am. But sometimes in the place of my left wing, I feel a light weight, slimy and much smaller bat like wing in its place and it just feels so wrong. As far as I can tell. They were all memories, the left wing that was injured is the one I can not feel, but my right wing is still there.

Am I crazy, or I don't even know what. If any of you could offer any opinions or advice, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

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Qwanri (3 stories) (23 posts)
6 years ago (2015-10-10)

Sorry for taking so long to reply to your post but I felt I needed some time to think about it before replying. Firstly I'd just like to explain that I don't believe in demons. I understand that there are some spiritual beings who might have a negative experience and might be suffering as a result and because of this experience perhaps they might dislike but I don't think it means that they're all bad since I believe that there's good in everyone even when spiritual beings are involved. I've done a bit of research into come cultures. In quite a few cultures demons and Lucifer are seen as evil. But then satanists see Lucifer as something which represents freedom of thought and think of Lucifer as a good thing. However you think of demons and angels is up to you really but I don't think that one demon wing is a bad thing, it just depends on how you view it and what it means to you. But if you say that one wing and one eye is demonlike while the other eye and wing are angel like. To me I sort of think of the chinese symbol of Ying and Yang for some reason. One half of the symbol is black while the other half is white and this symbol represents balance and how opposites are connected. Like the Ying and Yang symbol, one half you is angelic while the other half is demonic which are both opposites in a sense. So I think your astral projection experience was all about balance. That's just what I think of your situation but what you think is up to you.
Audrey552 (17 posts)
6 years ago (2015-10-09)

It's no problem. I love communicating to others and providing guidance, even through comments on a forum post. I understand being busy as well; don't stress about replying quickly. It's better to communicate when you feel up to it, instead of doing it out of obligation.

I don't think you should come to believe that things you perceive on the astral plane are past life memories. It can happen, but it's more rare than you'd think.

Here's the issue with believing the demon capture was a past life memory: they did something to your energy systems. It's affecting you now.

If that was a past life, it would have happened then and no further into your other lives. Yes, a past experience may influence you to choose similarly in further lives, but that's the extent of its reach.

Meaning, what they did to you shouldn't affect your body now if it was a memory. Sometimes we can experience a memory so vividly that we have some physical effects. But the fact that it continues to bother you and make you feel weird, is what makes me very doubtful that this was a memory. What you're suffering from is active and needs to be healed.

Also, I question the location of this memory being in Heaven. Demons would not be allowed so close to the entrance if those gates truly represented Heaven. They cannot exist on that plane because they are not of Light. You should consider whether you and that boy angel (I'm going to avoid using the term 'angel' from here on out because it is not yet definitive what you are) were guarding or keeping watch on something on a different plane of existence.

I do agree with your cousin as to the intent of the dark energy in your system, though. It's what I've already told you: demons are watching. They are testing you out and seeing how much intel they can gain from you.

I would highly recommend against astral projecting again anytime soon. I'm sorry if it interested you, but you need to understand that we're in the midst of a war. Now that you're in, there's no getting out. Those demons will do as much as they can to terrorize you and worse. This is why it's so important to stand for the Light and harbor no darkness. When you harbor darkness, you invite demons and their kind to you. It's a kind of permission to them.

That's why I want to help you. Getting rid of them takes a lifestyle change, especially if you plan on progressing further spiritually.

I'd be willing to talk with you whether you e-mail me tomorrow or in a year.

Can I ask why you don't have a personal e-mail? Does your sister know you're on this site?

If you truly are part angel, your cousin is somewhat right about you having a "demon soul", though that's not quite what it is.

Warm regards,
cayce17 (8 stories) (192 posts)
6 years ago (2015-10-09)
IncarnationOfTwoSouls, first off, that's odd that you have always had a pain in your right shoulder your whole life, because so have I. I always found it weird, but I'm glad I'm not the only one.

You seem to be going through a lot of what I'm currently going through with the dreams of the past and the futuristic dreams of people. My question to you is what do you want to use these abilities for? To help people, maybe?

I also saw me in white and gold armor a few months back in a dream. Mine had a cross on the front of the armor, though.

I'd love to talk to you more about this. Please e-mail me when you get a chance: rainashea16 [at]
IncarnationOfTwoSouls (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2015-10-09)

Thank you so much for commenting! I apologize it took me so long to reply but I've been quite busy lately.

About being attacked, I had told the story to my cousin the moment it happened who also enjoys doing AP and since she knows of the other encounters I've had with angels on the astral realm, she came to the conclusion that my being attacked was not recent.

She believes that it was also a memory, but it was long forgotten. So when it reappeared in the astral plane, the memory sparked whatever they had put into my energy system back to life.

She also connected the disappearance of my wing to the demons. Her theory is that when a demon threw the spear into my wing and I fell, they were able to catch me when I fell from Heaven.

This is when they stole the wing, and replaced it with a demon's wing, which would explain the slimy and light weight wing I feel in its place.

Also, I forgot to mention thatwhen I try to recall any other memories of bein an angel, my right eye starts to pulse and it begins another attack on my energy system.

She also claims that the reason my eye was hurting was because it was replaced, like my wing, with that of a demon's and when Ithink of my past life, I am feeding the demon information.

It sounds extremely far fetched and I didn't believe her at first, but I slowly connected the dots and some of it made sense.

I regret to say that I will be unable to email you for a while, considering my elder sister has control over our shared email, but when she leaves for a few weeks in the winter to a place with no wifi, I'll be able to message you then.

I am sincerely sorry for it being so far until we can chat over email, but there isn't much I can do. If you would still be willing to chat at that time, I'd be grateful.

Also, I had chosen this username because my cousin insisted on it. Claiming it to prove her theory about there also being a demon soul residing in my human body. Strange, but I'm not good at usernames so I let her haver her little victory.

Thank you,

Audrey552 (17 posts)
6 years ago (2015-10-06)

Creative username, by the way. May I ask why you chose upon using this for the site?

Astral projection can be very dangerous, especially if you have no protection. You're not at fault for wanting to try it out, but it's vital that you understand the rules of the spiritual world and how to stay safe. It's not like the physical.

Unfortunately, you've already had happen to you what I tell students (and what my own teacher told me) happens when you project with no protection: you got jumped by demons.

A lot of people don't like to think about the idea of demons, because they envision extreme scenarios like total possession and exorcisms. But I'm here to tell you, they are plentiful and are all around us.

Why? Think of the world today. All the twisted people, all the criminals, all of the mentally sick, but more than that, all of the "average" people that hold darkness in themselves. Demons can be smaller to medium energy forms, larger ones that have rankings, as well as different types like nightmare demons or incubuses. They feed on the darkness that corrupts humans.

So if they already mess with humans in the physical, just imagine the fun they'd have when a human projects their soul out in the spiritual world, no protection, no defense at all. Just the sheer energy of your soul changes the environment, and demons that are around can smell it. Sense it. Get curious. Start watching you, start following you, getting information on you, planning.

And, through whatever methods they chose, they were able to catch you. They placed something within your energy systems that is changing you.

Your past life vision sounds very plausible, and it can be known whether you are truly part angel or not. Remember, it's possible you could be some other type of being. Angels and demons are not the only things that exist spiritually.

I think it's of vital importance that you get the dark energy out of your energy systems and heal your body (if the demons did injure you further or if the dark energy is affecting you body more than you think). I can help you with this, and I can also help you find out whether you are part angel and give you the help you've been looking for. Please e-mail me at audrey559GES [at] as soon as you can.

God bless,

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