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Abilities Are Confusing & Fading


Ever since I was young I have believed in psychics and I used to believe in the Witches you see in the movies (now I am more knowledgeable about Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganism and Wizardry). I believe I have the ability of Electrokinesis. I have had this ability since as long as I can remember. I always felt that the frequency of me getting shocked and strange things happening was no coincidence. So I did research and found out about Electrokinesis. I would get shocked on everything, even things that I am not supposed to be able to get shocked on. Recently I realized my abilities were fading, I am not sure if my mom believed it was an ability or a coincidence because she even noticed the amount of times I got shocked and told me she should hook me up to the generator (jokingly) and one day I say to her "I haven't gotten shocked in a really long time." And to be funny I go to touch something metal and make a joke after it. But then I actually got shocked, it hurt more than any other shock I had ever encountered. Then to be funny I poke my mom and it did it again. And for the whole entire day, I was getting shocked on everything. Now when I was hanging with some of my friends I got my old ghost tracker (Electromagnetic Field Meter) and it senses the electromagnetic fields spirits and electricity give off. And often when I hold it it goes nuts and when my friends hold it, it doesn't. But also it won't even go off at all with me sometimes. And there are certain spots in my house where it will go off in my house. In my bedroom, and in my hallway and in a room downstairs and there are the spots here and there. So it is hard to tell if it is going off at me or my house's electricity. Or the few ghosts that roam around (yes I guess you can say my house is haunted).

Another thing, I am pretty sure I am an empath, but I want to make it stronger because it is very weak. Then a woman at a Witchcraft store told me that I was nuts, because apparently most Empaths get rid of their abilities. I have never been like that, I do get scared occasionally at spirits, but I know the consequences of certain abilities, and I know how to deal. She refused to help me.

On occasion I will have a vision or see a spirit. I had a vision of my friend's grandfather, and I made his grandmother cry when I described what he was wearing. It was like everything around me faded away, I saw him walking and pushing away his wheelchair into a room, then he walked into the same room. I felt bad that I had made her cry, but I was happy because it was like a final good-bye for her.

Though I have Deja Vu a lot. And I remember a lot of my dreams for a while, but I always forget to write them down. I just got a dream journal that I am going to start using. Though even this morning I forgot to use it and yesterday. But I have Deja Vu so much, recently not as much. But I remember having to be put under anesthesia and waking up and realizing that I had done it before in the same exact room. Problem was that I had never been in this room before. I was screaming Deja Vu. They had to hold me down. When I was done, I was screaming Deja Vu all the way to the car. Not a great example of my Deja Vu experiences but my funniest. But I have had those experiences where I know a person's face and I feel like I have met them and I just don't remember their name. When it turns out I have never met them. There is a guy that I feel like I actually used to know or something. Maybe I have met him and I just don't remember where. The first instant I saw him walking to school from across the street. I knew his name and age and I feel like I know his parents. I don't know, maybe I met him in preschool (my preschool asked me to come back every summer until 3rd grade) and maybe we were friends. I have no clue.

But I need some advice because I feel like some of the things that I experience are possibly fading (I feel my empath ability is fading even though I meditate and I try it a lot) and I feel my Electrokinesis ability fading, and I practice that a lot. How I was always sure of my ability was through getting shocked and that doesn't happen anymore. And I want to be a great Electrokinetic because I feel, that is the ability I have connected with most.

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academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
7 years ago (2015-11-07)
Hi wizard girl.


Here is an interesting website which can help you to hone your empathic skills and will introduce you to brainwave states.

Love love!

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