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I'm 22 years old and over the last two years or so I've noticed something weird, I seem to know things before they happen. Nothing significant and nothing impressive but enough that I noticed.

I started learning to drive about two years ago and when I had been driving a few months I seemed to just know when a car would be around a bend (in Ireland we have lots of one lane roads, so you need to stop if another car comes and pull over) I figured it was just developing driving skill to start with. Then one time I was about to pull out of a junction and I though "what if a car pulls in?" And I looked over and a car was indicating to pull in.

It was just the driving to start with but then I started to notice it with my cat too. She comes into the house in the evenings but she's quite bad for showing up so I can spend a long time calling her before she comes. In the last two months or so I noticed that I'd just sort of know when she was at the door waiting to come in. And then once about a week ago. I felt that she was there so I went to the door but I couldn't see her and then I though 'she's just around the corner, if I go out ill see her' and when I went out she was there.

I'm not really sure if this is a psychic ability or not by I want to be able to develop it if it is. My mother had some powers like that, she saw some ghosts and got feeling about places auras and I always wanted to be able to.

A few times when I was younger I'd get strong feeling about a place. There was a small rural road with a few houses at intervals and mainly inhabited by quite rough people. My parents had some friends along one end of it so we would sometimes walk down the road. I always hated the feeling of it, I'd feel really sick like when you are nervous about something and I realized when I was a bit older that there was a certain gateway that I associated the feeling with. When I eventually mentioned it to my dad he said a man had been beaten severely and left to die in that field. He was apparently a horrible person who dealt drugs and was an alcoholic.

I wonder if that means I got a feeling about the place or the spirit of the man killed.

Anyway I'd love to develop these skills if they are actually psychic skills so any tips would be great!

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