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Spirit Attaching To Me At A Vulnerable Time?


To start off, I've always been keen to my senses. Since I was younger, I've always heard stories from my mother or my grandmother of weird, unexplainable things that happened at my old house. My grandmother passed away when I was 12, (I'm now 19). I stayed with my grandfather until recently, he passed away about a month ago. He was the most important person in my life and his recent passing was very hard on me. After he passed, I moved into an apartment with my boyfriend. Never in my life have I experienced what I'm going to write.

Usually, I don't get upset or scared with spiritual stuff. My cousin always had a problem with hearing voices, being harassed or worse by what she thinks is a spirit. I have always just wrote her off, thinking she was having vivid nightmares. Until a few weeks ago. It was the second night in my new place. My boyfriend Jeff was in the bedroom sleeping and I was getting ready for bed. I walked into the kitchen and instantly froze, staring at my fridge and freezer which were both WIDE open. I know for a fact Jeff didn't open them (he had mono and didn't leave the bedroom for weeks) and even if he did, he would never just walk away with them wide open. The vibe I was getting as I stood there was the most malevolent feeling I ever had. I felt a shiver radiate down my back. I closed the fridge and went to bed, trying to rationalize why that happened. I didn't tell anybody because I thought maybe I was just crazy. Weeks later, I just forgot about it. Then one night, the same situation happened. Walked into my kitchen and the cabinet was wide open. I was home ALONE and never went into the kitchen to get anything. I didn't get scared like the first time, I just closed the cabinet and walked away. It kept happening and I just learned to deal with it. Opening cabinets and fridges never hurt anybody. Then I heard the voice. The night before my grandfather passed away, I heard my grandmas voice calling my name. It was like a whisper, and I couldn't tell if it was in my head or in the room. I didn't think anything of it. I actually forgot about that until one day I tried to take a nap. I slept for a few hours and out of nowhere I heard someone call my name again. It actually woke me up. I was confused, and a little scared. This went on for another few weeks. Then last night happened and this is why I'm writing this.

I was taking a nap. My cousin texted me and this woke me up, but I went back to sleep after that. Then, out of nowhere I heard someone say "whats going on?" So loud like it was in the room sitting next to me. I woke up immediately and stood up. My dog was staring at me like I was crazy. I stood there and the vibe in the room was so terrible I called my cousin and walked into the kitchen, trying not to cry. She answered and I explained to her what happened. As I was explaining, I turned around and the fridge was WIDE OPEN... Which means it opened behind my back within the 10 seconds that I walked in there. I froze up and felt the chill go down my back again. She kept asking me "whats wrong? Hello?" I couldn't even speak. I closed the fridge and turned back around to go in to the bedroom, and the cabinet was open. At this point I'm literally freaking out. I closed that and locked myself in the bathroom until my cousin came over. I can't stop thinking about it.

I just need guidance. I don't know what is in my new place and why it keeps messing with me. My boyfriend doesn't believe in ghosts or spirits and nothing seems to happen to him. It just feels so creepy like someone is watching me all the time. I have never heard voices in my head like that. They come out of nowhere and wake me up. I just don't know what to do. Does anybody know how to get rid of spirits?

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bsuttles3922 (2 stories) (165 posts)
8 years ago (2015-12-01)
I agree with masterofelements. Also it may also simply be a negative spirit just there to torment you. I don't think its anything worse than a spirit from what you described (though the spirit is powerful if it could affect the physical that much). Again I agree with masterofelements, if you are of faith, or if you don't mind, rebuke it in the name of Jesus or speak a holy phrase (I.e. A bible verse, a psalm, etc)
masterofelements (12 stories) (80 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-30)
Yes, it really does work. "In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave."
The spirit may be someone you know, or someone who had once lived there before, trying to claim their spot. Maybe you could look up who lived in your house before you, how long they lived there, and why they left to see if you get similiar results. I totally understand how scary it can be, but just remember that you have all power over them and that you are alive and they are not. The dead HAS to listen to the living, it is just how it is.
Take care of yourself, and just pray for comfort.
~River ❤
InfiniteSpirits (guest)
8 years ago (2015-11-30)
To get rid of spirits use the name of Jesus or a bible verse to get spirits out of your house they have no choice but to leave

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