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Why Am I Seeing Ghosts?


I will be 14 in one month. Prior to this I never even thought about ghosts and barely had an interest. Let me start from the beginning. In October of 2015, I started sensing presences and seeing thing flit around out of the corner of my eye. I started to think I was losing my mind. Over the course of a few weeks, I began to see large people shaped orbs, and lots of energy floating around everywhere. Then the energy and orbs were accompanied by flashes of images in my mind when I closed my eyes. I made the mistake of telling my parents and they though I was making it up to get attention. In December, I started seeing shadow people move across rooms and stuff. I was so confused. At first I thought it was in my mind or I was going crazy, which is a very upsetting to a 13 year old. At the end of December, when I closed my eyes and there were no ghosts around, I would see a picture of an eye in my mind. Sometimes it had rainbow colors in the part around the pupil, or it would have the galaxy in it. Only when I closed my eyes though. A couple days ago, I saw small purple spheres floating around my mom. I've seen lots of these over the course of my life time, but I never knew what they were until a few days ago when I googled it because I thought my retina was detaching or something. It turns out they're orbs. Anyway, so I am sooo confused and with my parents just thinking I'm making it up doesn't help any. I don't know if I am crazy or really clairvoyant. Also, I should mention I can't hear the ghosts talk or anything.

Another interesting experience I've had: I touched an old coin from 1853 and I got tons of images flashing in my mind of a battlefield, a black guy with a blue cap, and an eagle. Things like this have happened a few times now.

Also, I've been having very vivid dreams and lucid dreams many times the last week or two. And when I don't lucid dream, there are little hints to tell me I am. For example, last night there was "Dream" written on my hand. I didn't know it though.

A few weeks ago, I had a dream I died. I literally felt like I was dying. When I died, I saw a golden light and my dead grandfather, among others who I recognized in the dream but I don't now. My grandpa said to come along and I told him I wasn't ready. I soon realized that being a ghosts was pretty fun. I could move stuff around and scare people. Oh I should probably mention that when I died I stayed away from my family. Anyway, so my power to move stuff was really strong when I was around strangers. But, when I went back to my family, I couldn't move stuff anymore. I tried so hard but it didn't work. When I woke up, I realized that my dream meant that if I didn't accept who I was around my family, my abilities would weaken.

Interesting experiences, huh? My mom and grandmother were psychically in tune but never saw ghosts. I did nothing to trigger this and never had any past experiences with the paranormal, except for right after my grandfather died. Me and my brother had clocks by our beds. After he died, our clocks would go crazy. The time would change. Like 5 minutes later it would change by like 5 hours. This went on for a while and I asked who ever it was to stop. They did and I had no problems with my clock ever since. This happened 3 year ago. Lately I've decided that dead people are more trustworthy and there for me than the living. I've decided that even if my parents can't accept me, I would never give up seeing ghosts, if that is what's happening. Any ideas on if this is normal or not? And if I really am seeing ghosts, why am I the only one in my family?

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darkassassin92 (1 stories) (215 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-15)
I am atheist but I am highly interested in the paranormal. It was on January 18, 2016 we were on our way to church and I smelled incense on the railroad tracks before the church weird. My dad thinks it is supernatural.
ghyalunk (2 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-31)
Thank you to everyone who has helped! You guys are awesome 😁 It means a lot to me! 😁 😁
Katcleo (2 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-14)
You have a special ability to see entities that is outside our dimension. I started seeing entities when I was in 3rd grade and definitely scared the hell out of me. Then it never stopped. I keep seeing ghosts everywhere. Premonitions here and there. But eventually, with meditation, you'll be able to control the energy that you are giving to this entity. Your ability is very strong, therefore, you can control them. Focus, meditate and listen to your instincts. I don't tell everyone my extra sensory perception, because I know it's not acceptable in today's society, I always stay in a low profile when it comes to this. So be careful who you confide with. They might think otherwise. People with special gifts has a deeper understanding of life, and I'm glad my close friend of over 10 years possesses the same ability as I am.
Quenn (1 stories) (9 posts)
9 years ago (2016-01-10)
Sometimes our abilites can skip generations. You don't have to be born a psychic or medium either. Your dream about your parents could be representative of them not believing you can see ghosts. If you want to know more email me. Adkerin91 [at]
cayce17 (8 stories) (192 posts)
9 years ago (2016-01-09)
ghyalunk, maybe your abilities are evolving into something else that's becoming something different compared to your families abilities. If you use a lot of emotions in one day at the same time; this is what jump started my abilities, or so I thought, then your abilities can transform into something more powerful or just transform by doing that.

If you need help controlling these abilities or anything, here's my e-mail:

Rainashea16 [at]

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