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Weird Experiences Over The Years


I'm fourteen years old but I've had a few strange experiences over the years.

When I was nine years old, I became interested in the paranormal because of a friend who claimed that she could see ghosts and would always do those arm raising tricks. Later on during a weekend, I was sitting next to the table in my dining room picking off the heads of dried anchovies since my mother wanted to cook them. I dropped an anchovy onto the floor, and I thought that I would pick it up as soon as I was done with the others. However, in my peripheral vision, I saw that the anchovy had been flung and fell perfectly back into the pile on the table. I checked if any of my family members were near me but I was alone, and I checked if it was the exact anchovy that fell to the ground, which it was. At the time I wasn't afraid, but curious and amused at how that occurred.

As nine-ten years old, I've had experienced sensations of feeling heavy. Wherever I would go, such as when I was on the computer I would feel a heavy feeling on my head, as if someone was pushing down. I was perfectly fine, healthy, but it continued. Whenever I went to sleep which was alone, I felt as if something was constantly moving my bed; surely it could've been me since the mattress was old, but even if I lay very still, it felt like something else was moving. I checked for anything around my bed but nothing was there. Thankfully for any reason, I don't experience this anymore.

Also, I had the experience of weirdly receiving items that I also had thrown away. One night I found this frog toy and I asked all of my family members who it belonged to, and they all didn't know, which was bizarre. I played with it for a while and then decided to throw it away. Months later, I find the exact toy in a storage bin my family keeps. I threw it away again.

I had kept a rock as a memento from an amusement park, but I decided that it was useless and randomly threw it over my neighbor's fence. The next day, I saw it laying on my table! It made me question my sanity and if I really threw it over the fence. But I decided to ignore it and once again threw the rock over the fence.

When I was twelve-thirteen years old, I've had attempted meditation, lucid dreaming, and astral traveling. I've only lucid dreamt about three times, which involved not doing much and becoming too excited for anything interesting to happen. I've never experienced astral traveling, but sleep paralysis. I do know that there are scientific explanations for sleep paralysis, but I just want to include how horrible the hallucinations were, where I felt like I was being choked (even after I woke my neck was sore) and when I saw my bedroom wall I saw a humanoid shadow--I also mentally heard incoherent speaking/cussing. I'm not very religious but it ended soon after I said a prayer. I've never experienced another after that one.

There was also a time where I meditated at around 11 PM, and my sister was in the same room using the computer. I opened my eyes and was very calm and unfocused, but suddenly in the corner of my eye next to the edge of my bed, I see a woman who was in a monochrome color; she was wearing a long gown/dress, long dark hair, and her eyes reminded me of a fish, no pupils but light reflected. She wore a straight face looking at me. She disappeared as soon as I looked directly towards her. Hallucinations, maybe, but I still can't believe it.

Another time when I was thirteen years old, I was about to go to sleep. At this time, I had learned about spirit guides and believed that I had at least two. I went to bed and closed my eyes, when suddenly I had vivid vision of a clear, white butterfly fluttering its wings on someone's finger--seeing this was somehow soothing and after it ended I had to quickly tell my family members, who dismissed it or disbelieved it. After that I've felt that the butterfly is an important symbol to me somehow.

Today, I usually experience "coincidences." I want a burger? Mom comes home with McDonald's later. Looking at tiramisu online? Suddenly get tiramisu pound cake the next morning. Craving something sweet? Dad comes home with donuts. Testing this, I strictly stated in my mind, "Show me a starfish." About an hour later I was watching a TV show and I see a starfish in the corner. It usually only works with mundane things, but I wish that could work with money.

I also frequently experience number sequences! This is a large thing for me, at least once every day do I get a number sequence. I usually get it when I'm checking the time---I always get the sequences 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, and sometimes 11:11 or 10:10. It's so strange to be mere coincidences.

Thank you for your time for reading this. I just honestly want to vent my experiences because it's so unusual to me and no one around me believes me much.

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Nanabug0508 (5 stories) (17 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-14)
This is neat. I was discouraged to use my dreams in such growing up had very old school strict religious views that we were taught to believe. I have had lots of things that I think is like dejavu whatnot but it's also been pointed out I may have a gift. I do not know where all this going to lead me but I'm going to write my story out get some input. Good luck and Continue searching for answers.

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