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Seeing Ghosts


A little about me. I was a very young when I started seeing and hearing "ghosts" at night. I thought everyone could see ghosts and it was normal. But later was told that I was not normal and I became very scared so I shut it off for a very long time. But spirit will still try to communicate with me. I am still a little afraid of the unknown. I've been watching psychic tv shows and read about it on the Internet. And I do not want to be afraid anymore. I want to face my fears and learn how to use my gift. So I am learning how to develop my abilities. Maybe one day I can use my gift and help spirits or loved ones by healing them so they can move on. Who knows?

I am at my in-laws when a spirit visited me early this morning. A young girl said, 'There is going to be a guy in a black mask.' Something like he is watching this house. I replied, 'I cannot hear you!' She repeated the same thing over and over three times. Her voice got even louder and clearer for me to understand. She also showed me a vision of a man wearing a black ski mask grabbing onto me. But it wasn't me. It was like seeing through someone else's eyes like a movie scene. It scared me very much. And so I lost communication with the young girl. But a couple weeks ago, I heard a male spirit in the house. I was wondering if it was linked and why was she warning me? Is she warning me about the event that happened years ago? Or is it a warning for me, me? Or is it going to happened in the future. This uncertainty is bugging me. The vision was very much real.

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PsychicMedium14 (4 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-13)
If you want to allow your psychic abilities to grow further, meditation is the best way to start. Ask your spirit guides for help if you feel stuck. You can shoot me an e-mail frenchgirl214 [at] if you want me to help also.
PsychicMedium14 (4 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-13)
Hi LizardB, it sounds to me like the girl in your vision was warning you to be careful of this male spirit. I have had some very vivid visions myself to the point it felt as though the scene was happening to me. Was it a vision of the past that she showed you?

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