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Dream Shadow


Lately I have been having some major issues with sleep paralysis and Spirits.

It used to happen when I was younger but it stopped once I started meditating and learning about a lot of the supernatural things that are out there.

Back then the entity was always on top of my chest and I was never able to wake up, yell for help, or move. I would break the bond after a good fight or if someone would physically touch me in any way.

But now its different. The spirit isn't on my chest it hides in the shadows. I know when it is near and when it will attack.

Right before it attacks I always gain control of the dream and am able to fend it off in the power of my higher self.

And now just 2 days ago the most amazing/tariffing thing happened... I had the dream again. I was with a friend talking about nothing when I Saw the spirit. It would jump from shadow to shadow I could see its massive claws and its skeletal head with its razor sharp teeth.

I crashed my hands onto the wall the shadow spirit was on and I nearly lost my self but I remember the Pain, the suffering,

Anger, and most of all the loneliness. It then told me its name and turned into a shadow of a little girl with long straight hair Named Elisa. After that I told her its not time yet baby girl hold on I will be along soon. She then walked to the door and waited for me. (Note: She is still a shadow on the wall.) I turned to my friend I was talking to before she came and told him that I had to leave. Then When I left I woke up.

Now I still see her and feel her presence.

She is with me everywhere I go and I am unsure yet of what it means.

If anyone has any idea of what this means please enlighten me.

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