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My daughter is a very spiritual person. She is honest and never is the type of person that makes up stuff. She does not like to talk about the things she experiences, so this is my, (her mom) experience with her.

On Tuesday, June 3, 2008 she called and asked me if I could trim her hair. I said yes. We agree to do it the next day on Wed. I called her to see if she was still coming, she said she was in the middle of dinner and could not make it. She said we could do it on Thursday. She called me when I was on my way home from work and said she could not come because of something that happened to her on Wed. Night and she was upset about it. She got quiet and then I knew. I told her to tell me. She said she went to bed and was dreaming, then woke up. She said there was a spirit dancing around her bed. She said she was scared and could not move, like she was frozen. She said there was a heaviness on her chest and throat and as she was talking to me the heaviness was still there.

My daughter has a dance team where she goes around to churches and put on dances for the Lord. She is about to start a team with some orphan girls and boys at a children's home. I told her maybe is was a spirit to help her. She said no, that is was a dark spirit, that it was bad. It was dressed in some long flowing gown and the sleeves were flowing. She felt that it was trying to mock her, or make fun or her.

She called her pastor and he told her she has to be bold. It would not come back if she was bold to it.

A month before all this happened, her ten year old daughter told her she wanted to kill herself and do it quickly. This attitude is not normal for this child. She has only lived it this house 3 months. She is wondering if it is the house.

Does anyone know what maybe going on with her?

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GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
15 years ago (2008-06-14)
I have no idea, but I would take this seriously. It seems there is a transition, a major one, close at hand, within the next decade. Attacks don't seem uncommon. My mother use to repeat often, in times of war and such things, the children and elderly get the worst of it. It was one of the few things she drilled into me. Reinforcing good stuff is good. If the daughter needs it, take her to a volunteer place and praise her for the good works. Perhaps she needs more attention. My suggestion is to tell your daughter to ask the daughter to write a dance number. Give her the tools and I know nothing about dance. It needs to be a partnership of efforts. I think her daughter may be a frustrated artist. Some people at ten are Einstein's in their own way.

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