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I'm Dreaming The Future


My name is Kristín, I'm 16 and my dreams are coming true and have often been coming true at least since I was 12.

The first I remember was I dreamt I was standing by a front door and I was putting something white in a bag and the door was open. I remember there were two other things I dreamt the same night that came true but I don't remember what they were but when I woke up I thought: "wow that was a weird dream" and then I forgot about it until my friends birthday party some time later. What happened was it was a pajama party and I was wearing these white pillow shoes and when it was over I called my dad to come pick me up and when he came to my friend's house he came to the front door and I went and opened and put my pillow shoes in a bag and then I had a sort of flashback of that dream which was exactly like this moment.

This has happened very often for the last years, in fact it happened about half an hour ago. I saw a snapshot of an episode from a show called "black mirror" that my friend told me about just last week and I had a flashback to when I remembered dreaming about it about a month ago or longer, both the image and the name of the show, and when I woke up I was again just thinking: "that was a weird dream" which is why I'm here because I'm kind of freaking out right now and I don't know what to do with this because to be honest I don't or didn't believe in these sort of things. I've always just sort of brushed it off and only really thought something like: "that was weird". So I'm basically looking for advice to if this is normal or a psychic thing, what does it mean, why do I have it, how can I use it, can I control it and so on.

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Boson (179 posts)
7 years ago (2016-02-19)
Hello KristinF,

I would like to say that it's possible to control the gift of being psychic. I am a living example of that. The precognitive messages don't come from nowhere - and that's the key to understand that. You need to learn how to communicate with whomever gives you the messages. It's not impossible to learn that. I don't think you have been given this gift just to create mental chaos for you. It's all about practicing, just like learning to play an instrument. In the beginning there will be off-key notes but as you get better you will be able to play beautifully. How do you learn to control it, I am sure you are thinking right now. Well, it's in meditation you learn how to control your mind and your psychic ability.

I hope that helps a little.

epoy1984OoO (7 posts)
7 years ago (2016-02-18)
watch this is the greatest illusion of all time 😆
Kazper (2 posts)
7 years ago (2016-02-17)
Hey Kristin. I experince feature dreams too. Its not control able I'm afraid:/ but its possible to learn, remember the dream that may come true:)

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