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Hot Fingers, Cold Body?


This is my first post, I'm trying to find answers for an experience I had a few days ago. My name is Jenny, I'm 20 years old. I've always been really sensitive to spirits around me but I can't usually see them or hear them, I can only feel them and they can project their emotions into me and make me feel exactly what they're feeling. I didn't understand it until recently, but it means that sometimes I can't figure out if it's a demonic entity or a ghost trying to express their feelings of being trapped, afraid, etc.

I invited my friend, Lauren, who is a medium but much more experienced (she is 21, but has been learning and using her skills for a long time) over to my boyfriend's house to help me figure out what I was experiencing. I've felt a strong spirit that I assumed was demonic in the crawl space/support beams/attic space at the top of his stairs entering his room since the first time I walked in. I only knew to burn sage regularly and I kept the tiny crawlspace door locked at all times. When I slept on the side of the bed facing it I would have terrible nightmares and wake up with panic attacks. I had my anxiety medication prescription increased to the maximum level and it wasn't working. I would always get cold while walking near it and scared of passing it alone.

Lauren can see spirits or blurs of them and she can hear them. She saw two white blurs walking up the stairs in front of us. When we walked up the stairs she immediately knew the energy was coming from inside the crawlspace and did not want to open it. She got ice cold all over her body, I'm so used to it I could feel the coldness but wasn't quite as phased from it, just very afraid of the energy. We used some herbs and pink salt and started lighting our candles and saying our prayers and walked around the room burning sage. At the exact same time, our fingertips specifically became very hot while the rest of us remained cold until after the spirit crossed over. (We were able to communicate together and figure out that a 20 year old girl had committed suicide or been hung from a high bar in that crawlspace but was scared to move on because of a scary man that gave her those emotions she transfered to me. She thought he would find her on the other side. I was able to talk to her and continue feeling her emotions, not long after her mom came to guide her on and we left warm and feeling refreshed.)

My question is: has anyone else experienced incredibly hot fingertips while the rest of your body was cold during an experience like this? Is there any explanation?

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lauterb (110 posts)
7 years ago (2016-02-22)
Dear Jenny95
First, stop doing by yourself or with your friend such experiences! Before you drive a car, you had to study all signs and maneuvers when driving a car. Here is the same you have to study before contacting spirits.
What you are doing right now is calling loudly "come play with me" what sort of spirits will attend to your call? Serious ones, bad ones, playful ones... You have to use your mediumship for the good, not for amusement.
Contact with spirits is an important thing and serious one, you have to find a Spiritual Center like this site in Baltimore.
I recommend you to study these 2 books for a start:
The Spirits' Book and The Mediuns' Book both by Allan Kardec
If need some help you can email me for more details: leonn [at]
Good study!
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
7 years ago (2016-02-19)
It is different for everyone.
But one can experience this hot and cold.
Each of our paths are different-but telepathy mind to mind. Emotions/feelings sensations are common when interpreting.

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