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Me And My Abilities!


I am a male, 16 years of age, I have known about the spiritual for years now, my earliest experience was around 1-2, or so, I don't remember them that well though.

I have been practicing psychic abilities since 10-11 years of age, of course, I quit for a few years sadly, but I am back now, and have been for awhile.

I'm not going to give out to much information on myself, as there's some people who I don't really want to know things such as.

But, I can give you basic information on my abilities, cus, why not! Its not going to come back to bite me in the butt if its just basic information, well I assume such.

I have a practioner of aerokinesis, or the manipulation of wind, its pretty good, as well as atmokinesis, but as the site doesn't like that much, I won't delve to far into that. (According to the rules).

But, let's get to a more interesting topic!

I began by using energy manipulation, when a dream/vision guided me into it.

Ever night or so, I would have a vision of myself using a ability, and it kept repeating until I, actually began researching and learning, it stopped soon after, fast forward a few years, and I hadn't done much at all yet, that's when I stopped for 3 or so years, and just got back around 6-8 months ago, and have grown in strength massively.

Now, what else can we talk about? I'm entirely unsure.

I can talk about hmm, I am currently training to increase my abilities projection wise, such as projecting to the etheric as well as the astral which is coming along nicely, but nothing else to really talk about right now.

Ask me any questions down below!:D


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Atmokinetic (guest)
8 years ago (2016-10-05)
I don't need any help right now, I'm currently in contact with others, we're all growing spiritually, and I didn't really mean to post this in a sense that I needed help, I just wanted to get a bit of information of me out there, not to make myself known to the general public, but to find something... That is on a need to know basis right now.
But, one day, I'll share what it is, not now, not until its found, and until what I like to call "The date of fate" comes to pass.
cayce17 (8 stories) (192 posts)
8 years ago (2016-10-03)
Atmokinetic, I can help you with your abilities if need be, as I too am working on training abilities. When you use energy manipulation can you actually see the energy waves, because I can and I messed with it the other day and set off the fire alarm in my dorm building and it's pretty cool once you get the hang of it, but it can also be tricky. If you want we can talk more about this stuff in more detail and I can help you with your training.

Here's my e-mail: rainashea16 [at]

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