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Since I was a child I was able to sense people's intentions but people called me moody; because it made me feel bad about what they thought or felt about me. And one time in high school I saw a book about palm readings and I started doing it after reading about 5 pages of the book and I realized every time I close my eyes I saw an "event" in a way and I would describe it to the person in front of me and they would be shocked and surprised and I truly thought I was imagining these things.

One of the girls in high school back then and I told her I see a loss in her future and I had migraines and confusion and about 3 days later she told me her grandfather died and it was completely my fault and I stopped doing it. And up until 2 years ago (after I came to the US) now I do it and its still works! And I am always correct reading events in people's pasts that affected them enough to stick to them if that makes sense.

The thing is when I do it, it causes such confusion and I start getting into my own head feeling clouded and out of touch when it comes to my self. And I know what I'm about to say is strange but as if the negative things and the negative energy transfer to mine. And I like doing it, It helps me with my life to know who's a friend and who is a foe but I hate the effects of it. So, what I'm asking is: how can I be able to read people without them affecting me? Also, is it weird that I only see the bad events or bad traits?

Also, I cannot help the feeling that there's a veil and I can see a little through the darkness but I can't be rid of it and after all the things I see from people it feels that it takes over and I get within my own head and completely negative and it makes me want to isolate and stay away from people.

Thank you and I would appreciate the advice or other's experience with this kind of thins,

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