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Stoke Of Light


All my life since the age of 4 I can see things, hear things and had experienced some stuff. From seen shadows that follows me to been lifted from my bed. But now I can only see and hear the shadows and decided to ignore them for my own protection, I guest because since I don't pay attention like when I was 16 teen they can approach me like they use too. Also I pray for them to stay away. But since my grandmother and my father see things too I really don't mind at all is like part of my daily life. But the thing is, do you know orbs, I can see them in there corlors, white, yellowish or blue. A while back I was talking in my cell, it was like 1 in the morning or earlier near midnight and suddenly a large yellow mass appeared before me, it was round, very big as a tire or so and it wasn't translucent like the other ones I had seen. Instead of floating pass by me it pass through me, it was weird because it felt like a strong force of luke warm wind, it was so strong it glue me to the bed and when it at last passed I bounce from the bed. In the time from when it pass through me I could not move or breathe, my husband who was talking to me by the phone was worried about the fact I left the words I was speaking unfinished. I had to take a big breathe before talking to him again and telling him what had happened. He didn't believe me though. Since then is has been like a new world to me because I can see more things than before and I can hear the shadows calling me, but I fear the shadows, but I didn't fear the orb or what ever it was. Since the shadows tend to hurt me and did stuff to me I can say or will not say. There are some other stuff that happened to people when they were around me that are at least to them weird or unexplained, but the one experience with that ball of light that hit me was or is one of the weirdest things that had happened to me. I wanted to know if someone had experienced the same. I really don't know what to think, I'm a Christian so is hard on me to believe but also I can't deny because of my experiences, that are in fact too many. I don't know if is relevant or not to mention that in my family history, from the side of my grandmother, they practice white magic or witch craft. My grandma told me to be aware of spirits that will seek me and to try not to respond to them before she died. Also I can talk to my dead family in lucid dreams and they had warn me of things that would happen just for me to take precautions and indeed they did happened, my daughter is alive because of one of those warnings. I can see ghost if you call them that but don't interact with them because of my grandma. As she told me they tend to follow me. Also after what I told earlier I can sense things more precisely. For example when an incident is going to happened and when some other people try to predict something I can tell if is a lie even if is via tv, is not like a feeling but like an awareness of what they are saying. Sorry I can explain well the sensation or intuition. Also there are the shadows that I can see everywhere I go, but to me the ones I can sense are bad ones more like demons of some sort, the other ones are not black or disfigured. I really don't know what to think about myself because of my believes, but also I can't deny it because of my own experiences.

And sometimes I don't feel well entering some buildings, it's like a force that prevent me to enter and my body feels heavy and it gives me headaches. Sometimes I force myself to do it and enter but sometimes is just too strong and the ill feeling is unbearable.

Thank you for your time and attention. Also sorry if I use the wrong board to explain myself and some of my experiences. Have a great day.

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Pennies4U (46 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-21)
Orbs that pass through you are imparting strength and energy.

I have had that happen to me.

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