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Last month, I read a book called "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini. It's a very good book, by the way. Much recommended! This was for literature class at school. Our literature Teacher had composed this "study guide" for us which was essentially a booklet with all these questions about the text, and when we finished a chapter we would answer the questions in the booklet corresponding to the chapter that we had finish.

I was about half of the way through book, when I got bored and started flicking through the study guide ahead of where I had read up to which I really shouldn't had done, because I started reading questions which started giving away the ending of the story line. One in particular was about this boy who I hadn't read of yet, named Sohrab. The question regarded his suicide attempt, of which I was still to read of. I quickly shut the study guide knowing that I just ruined a moment in the story, because now I knew about it. So then I'm reading the book, anticipating and looking out for the part where Sohrab attempts to kill himself, and finally I get to that part where his uncle finds Sohrab's bed empty, and I already know that he's probably somewhere half dying. The reader later finds out that Sohrab has cut himself and lies in a tub full of water in the bathroom.

So then I go back to my study guide to answer the question, and went flipping through the pages, but oddly enough couldn't find the question. I asked my friends if they knew which page the question about the suicide was on and they told me that there wasn't a question about the suicide. And it made sense, because the study guide only went up to chapter 22 as the teacher hadn't completed the study guide past that and the suicide event was in chapter 24, so it couldn't have possibly been in the study guide. Yet I "found out" about the suicide, and had anticipated it while continue reading the novel.

This seriously made me think, and freaked me out as well... What do you guys think about this? Could it have been a "psychic" moment? I mean, when you think about it, how on earth could I have read words on paper which didn't exist in my study guide at all.

Thank you for reading!

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Katie (guest)
14 years ago (2007-09-19)
that's strange lol but good in a way cause your getting ahead of others lol 😊If it carries on you can get a better grade in your work.
forsaking_mercy (1 stories) (1 posts)
14 years ago (2007-05-21)
Just the part about how I had 'foreseen' an event in the book, anticipated it, found it but then went to answer the question that never existed is pretty creepy.
Probably one of my more major psychic occurances. What do others think?
peace_angel (4 stories) (18 posts)
15 years ago (2007-04-20)
that's pritty intoresting. It could well have been psychcic or even could have be a message from your mind or just your imagination. What do you think. Rainbow blessings. Peace

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