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In Memory Of Miss Rowena S. We Will Meet Again


I met Wena when we lived in Mississippi through a mutual friend. He wanted us to meet because he knew that we would like each other. When we did meet face to face, we hit it off right away. Wena was a very beautiful girl. We would just hang out and enjoy each other's company.

One morning when I woke up my step father told me that Wena had been killed in a car wreck the night before. The wreck was so horrible that it was all over town within a very short amount of time. There were four people in that car and they all died. People were going just to look at the car and we were no exception. We wanted to see how bad it looked.

When we got there, as we were looking at the car, Wena started talking to me and to confirm the things that I was hearing I started asking questions and I also told my mom what was going on. Wena told me that everybody else was killed on impact. She said that she was sitting behind the driver and after the wreck she tried to get out but couldn't. She told me that if I would look I could see that she tried to get out because there was blood on the button that locks the door. I did look and there was blood on the inside handle as well as being on the little pull up thing that unlocks the door from the inside. She was sitting behind the driver and that was the side with the least amount of damage. There were four people in that car.

They had been at a going-away party for a district manager of a major pizza chain. Somebody in the car was wearing a baseball cap. The cap was still in the car along with someone's entire scalp still in the cap. There was skin and hair mixed with blood on the pieces of glass and a lot of brain matter. Out of the four in the car, Wena was the only one that could have an open casket funeral.

Momma and I went to her wake and her funeral. While I was looking at her, I was trying to see any obvious signs of injury. The only thing that I saw was that she had a cut over her left eyebrow and on the right side of her top lip. About a month after she died I had an encounter with Wena. I was in a sleep like state. I was sitting on what looked like a loveseat that was against the wall, facing the door. It looked as though when she entered the room to her right was that of a bar and it was like a hole-in-the wall kind of place. She walked over to me and we hugged and sat down and started talking. When she sat down next to me, there was a scar that had formed in her left eyebrow and there was a scar on her top lip. As we talked, I said to her that I didn't mean any harm, but she was dead and I knew that she was dead because I was at her wake and funeral. She said, yeah girl, I know-it was a trip.

I asked her if she minded if I asked her some questions. She said that no she didn't mind. I asked her what it felt like to die and I asked her if dying hurt. She was sitting to my right side and she turned towards me propping her left knee on the loveseat and said girl let me tell you. I remember every single thing vividly until she said girl let me tell you. I remember nothing else of that conversation. I can only assume that she told me but it wasn't meant for me to know, so I still don't know.

In that accident the driver drove under the back of a parked 18 wheeler. The driver of the truck was still inside asleep. The police had to wake him up to have him move the truck so t

They could get to the car. This story is dedicated to my friend Miss Rowena S.

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GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-12)
I don't know why she came to you, perhaps because she liked you. I tend to be a simple person, but sometimes simple answers are right. I don't really believe in accidents, they seem to have extra energy to prepare them.

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